White House Defends Meryl Streep’s ‘Thoughtful, Carefully Considered’ Speech About Trump

Regarding Meryl Streep‘s five-minute speech against Donald Trump from last night’s Golden Globes, we’ve heard from almost everybody! We’ve heard from Tomi LahrenMeghan McCainBilly EischnerKellyanne ConwayJedediah BilaJoy Behar, and yes, even the President-elect himself. There’s no more room for any other opinions, okay? No mo — Oh, wait. There’s room for one more. Watch above to see President Barack Obama‘s press secretary Josh Earnest call Streep’s barnburner a “fairly straightforward exercise” in basic First Amendment rights. The Obama White House has spoken and Meryl Streep “was delivering a thoughtful, carefully considered message that she believes in deeply.” [image: screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

Trump Claims Washington’s Dress Shops Are Sold Out Ahead of Inauguration. This is Not True.

trump-9Last night, after Meryl Streep ripped into him during her Golden Globes speech, President-elect Donald Trump spoke with the New York Times’ Patrick Healy to give his response. Besides stating that he was “not surprised” because Streep was a Hillary Clinton supporter, and stating that he never mocked a reporter for his disability, Trump also made the following observation about whether celebrities would be attending his inauguration.
“We are going to have an unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout for the inauguration, and there will be plenty of movie and entertainment stars,” Mr. Trump said. “All the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It’s hard to find a great dress for this inauguration.”
Well, this apparently comes as a surprise to shopkeepers in the Washington-area, who state that they have plenty of gowns on hand still. The Washington Post decided to fact-check this somewhat off-hand remark and found that Continue reading "Trump Claims Washington’s Dress Shops Are Sold Out Ahead of Inauguration. This is Not True."

WATCH: Here’s a Montage Of All the Times Trump Said He’s Building a Wall Mexico Will Pay For

A few days ago, Mexico’s former president Vincente Fox tweeted out that his country isn’t paying for the proposed southern border wall that Donald Trump boasted about as he campaigned to become President. Fox has made it clear that Mexico definitely won’t be paying, which Trump seems to finally believe, according to a report that says he’s asking Congress to fund the building of said “big, beautiful” wall. With what looks like a(nother?) reneging on how the wall is going to be built looming, online news purveyors The Young Turks decided to put together a montage of all the times Trump insisted that yes, he would have a wall built, and yes, Mexico would pay for it. In the video above, the montage starts at :31 and rolls for a full two and a half minutes. After the montage finished, host Ana Kasparian had a few words for the voters Continue reading "WATCH: Here’s a Montage Of All the Times Trump Said He’s Building a Wall Mexico Will Pay For"

Joy Behar Bonks Trump For Going ‘Tit For Tat’ With Meryl Streep

Last night, “overrated“/highly decorated actress Meryl Streep dedicated her acceptance speech for a lifetime achievement award to tearing into President-elect Donald Trump, which earned her a steady stream of praise and rebukes. The praise came from those happy she was using her voice to promote the Committee to Protect Journalists and hold the PEOTUS accountable; the rebukes were from those who want to keep entertainment and politics separate. Unsurprisingly, both sides were represented on today’s The View. Jedediah Bila resurrected a talking point she’s used in the past, saying that people from any political background should be able to enjoy entertainment without feeling singled out or lectured to. She said that she thinks Streep is “a Continue reading "Joy Behar Bonks Trump For Going ‘Tit For Tat’ With Meryl Streep"

REPORT: Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Will Be Named Senior Advisor to the President

A senior official for President-Elect Donald Trump has said that the mogul’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been given a role in the mogul’s upcoming administration. NBC News reports that they received confirmation about this from an aide involved in the transition team. In recent days, there was a lot of media speculation about whether Kushner might sell the New York Observer in order to join the upcoming administration. Kushner has been advising Trump during his transition, though it has prompted concerns about Trump’s potential business conflicts of interest. Kushner is married to Trump’s daughter and business partner, Ivanka Trump. [Image via screengrab] — —
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Politico’s Co-Founder Calls Breitbart ‘Very Smart,’ Says He Doesn’t Endorse Them

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-12-31-51-pmMike Allen is often described as one of the most powerful journalists in D.C., so it makes sense that Breitbart News is hyping up a compliment he gave them. Here’s a headline that’s currently featured on their site: “Mike Allen: ‘Very Smart’ Breitbart News Sees Business, Tech, Media, Politics ‘Colliding and Converging’.” The site is extremely controversial, though, which is why other journalists and news consumers are so shocked that Allen praised it. Recently, they’ve been lambasted by the police for making up a story about Muslims attacking a German church and were penalized by Kellogg’s with ad revocation because the ideology featured on the site wasn’t “aligned with [their] values as a company.” Breitbart is commonly thought of as a broadcasting hub for the leaders of the alt-right. Here is what Allen said during an appearance on the site’s SiriusXM show to promote his forthcoming project, Axios:
Continue reading "Politico’s Co-Founder Calls Breitbart ‘Very Smart,’ Says He Doesn’t Endorse Them"

Chris Crocker Reprises Iconic ‘Leave Britney Alone’ Performance in Honor of Trump

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-10-28-29-amAn Internet icon has reprised the role the made him famous, all in the name of ridiculing the President-elect. When you expand President-elect Donald Trump‘s tweets, you’ll usually see a few names near the top of the replies that you are familiar with. There are people on Twitter who have dedicated themselves to responding to him with lightning speed. It’s their whole schtick. One of the names, however, might be a little more recognizable than others, but maybe you can’t quite remember where you’ve heard it. That name is Chris Crocker and while he’s known today as a Trump agitator on Twitter, he rose to prominence in 2007 when his tearfully-vlogged plea for the American public and press to “leave Britney [Spears] alone!” made him an overnight sensation. Remember that? The tagline has been a popular refrain in pop culture for nearly a full decade now.