GOP Strategist: “Whiny” Chris Christie’s Snowpocalypse Absence Inexcusable

Not even a charming week in Disney World could temper New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s curmudgeonly disposition to the press, as he greeted them upon his return unapologetic about missing this week’s snowpocalypse and generally disgruntled that his judgment was questioned. The grumpiness was reciprocated on CNN by GOP strategist Ed Rollins, who chastised the governor for being “whiny” about the criticism after not “being there.”

Christie answered the criticisms in a press conference today, where he explained that he had been “on the phone” with many in the administration– and many in the press– and that he refused to cancel his children’s “Christmas present.” The excuse that both his plans and those of Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno to travel to Mexico this week were long in place did not sit very well with Rollins, who, while admitting to be a “big Christie fan,” found the need to go to Disney World insufficient:

“I’m a big Christie fan. He’s a role model of a lot of Republican governors who are coming in. In time of crisis– and this snowstorm has been a crisis, whether it’s in New York City or New Jersey– you’ve got to be at the helm. And I’ve seen many many governors and mayors in the past destroy their careers by not being here.”

He added that “to come back and be whiny about it and dismiss it” didn’t help his cause, and fellow guest Hilary Rosen agreed. “Disney World is open 365 days a year,” she quipped, and added that, to her, the most outrageous part of Christie’s behavior was his application for federal grant money to help with the snowstorm. “All of the sudden he wants a bunch of money… he’s such a hypocrite,” she curtly concluded.

The two (along with host Suzanne Malveaux) then debated Christie’s fate as a viable 2012 candidate, and the possibility that this Florida excursion would hamper it. Looks like the governor has a decent amount of damage control to do.

The debate via CNN below:

Local TV Station Reminds Us Not To Shoot People In The Face This New Year’s Eve

It has occurred to us that, perhaps, not all of you are familiar with a custom practiced in several little pockets within the U.S. on New Year’s Eve: that of firing a gun into the air to commemorate 1874’s Great Battle of Terrible Decisions. This tradition is especially prevalent in Miami, Florida, where local news outlets are doing their part to gently inform would-be murderers that firing bullets into the air might not be an intelligent course of action in places where gravity still has pull.

This year – as Riptide 2.0, The Miami New Times‘ blog, points out – the city has harnessed the panty-melting charisma of rapper Pitbull to teach kids and stupid adults to eat a balanced breakfast, say no to drugs, and refrain from raining bullets down upon their neighbors’ faces and pets.

“One Bullet Kills The Party” is the name of this years campaign, masterminded by City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, and the poster features, for some reason rapper Pit Bull. Yep, Pitbull just sitting their with his eyebrow cocked while a giant bullet prepares to crash down on a crowd of dancing revelers. [sic]

Additionally, local stations like CBS4 have reached out to viewers with valuable safety tips, including “When you fire and shoot a bullet into the air, that bullet is coming down.”

In Philadelphia, Joe Jaskolka, a man who is now wheelchair-bound thanks to a wayward bullet fired one New Year’s Eve, spoke out at a press conference, urging locals to use guns for their intended purpose of blowing up small woodland creatures or scaring misbehaving children.

And in California, a local man wrote to the Santa Monica Daily Press inquiring about gun laws, asking “What are the laws regarding shooting guns into the air? Will the police investigate each call they receive about such activity?” The answer, in a nutshell, was “STOP IT.” So, tonight, please celebrate responsibly by keeping your guns at your bedside, where they belong, and getting blackout drunk on the subway instead.

Watch the report from Miami’s CBS4 below:

Latest Way Obama Will Ruin America: Giving Back Manhattan To The Indians!?

With so many rumors of how President Obama will eventually send this country hurtling into the fiery abyss of Socialist Gay Muslim Hell, you have to forgive us if we missed one. However we don’t want any of our readers to feel left out during any New Year’s Eve “How is Obama going to kill America now?” party games, so we’re circling back to bring you this doozy from earlier in the week: Did you know Obama is going to give away Manhattan to the Indians?! He totally is!

It all started when Obama announced that the United States would support the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People which was adopted in 2007 but opposed by President Bush. The trouble started when people read the Declaration and noticed some suspicious wording in Article 26:

“Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired.”

Soon, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association was worried this meant Native Americans were gonna start snatching up parts of America and WorldNetDaily’s Eugene J. Koprowski extrapolated that to mean that Manhattan was up for grabs.

But why would Obama give up Manhattan? That’s the only part of New York that’s been snow plowed! Well, Koprowski knows the dangerous truth:

“Obama’s interest is personal. He noted during the 2008 presidential campaign he was officially adopted by the Crow Nation, an Indian tribe in Montana, and he was given an Indian name.”

The guy’s a Secret Indian too?! Man, people always say Obama is too aloof and elitist to be a man of the people but it seems like he’s secretly a member of every religious group, political party, and Boy Scout troop in the country! Impressive.

Last night on Countdown, Sam Seder (in for Keith Olbermann) gave a run down of the whole situation. Here’s the clip from MSNBC:

2011’s List Of Banished Words Includes Palinisms

Fox News Channel this morning went over a list of words and phrases that one is not to use in the new year lest one wishes to die a long and horrible death. Released today, Lake Superior State University’s 36th annual “List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness” is compiled using the public’s own input regarding words and phrases that they find “so over” (BANNED). Among the phrases is modern-day bard Sarah Palin’s infamous creation of the word “refudiate” – a portmanteau combining “refuse” and “repudiate.” Another one of Palin’s go-to phrases – “Mama Grizzlies” – also managed to make the list.

Other banned words and phrases include “viral”, “epic”, “fail” (and, thus, we suppose, the phrase “EPIC FAIL”), and “I’m just sayin’” – basically, all terms often used online by people who fail to properly socialize offline. Using “Facebook” and “Google” as verbs were also deemed much too obnoxious, even though both sound so much nicer than “stalk” or “aggressively avoid work.”

Our vote goes to the use of “namaste” by people who have just discovered Mommy ‘n Me Yoga as well as “you look tired.”

Grab Your Remote! 2010’s ONLY TV Shows Worth Watching For Busy News Junkies

With 24/7 cable news channels providing endless intellectual stimulation and enjoyment, who has time to squeeze in any non-news shows? Below I submit for your consideration a list of the absolute ten best entertainment programs in 2010 that are definitely worth your attention in 2011. Not only will a commitment to these justifiably buzz-worthy shows guarantee that you will be a hit around the water cooler (if you can find one to talk to people at), but more importantly, investing in these shows will provide you with worthwhile distractions, and if you’re lucky, an occasional impetus to go out and seek to be more productive in every day life.

Although some studies suggest conservatives and liberals prefer different shows, I dare say the shows on this list can unite everyone across the political spectrum because quality is quality. And quite frankly, in my humble opinion, if the show isn’t on the list below, it ain’t worth watching! Disagree? Defend your overlooked show in the comments. Here we go, and be sure to scroll below each of the pictures to see my rationale for these can’t-miss picks . . .

1. Mad Men, AMC (1 of 11)

This great achievement is completely deserving of every accolade it receives. In its strongest season yet, we witnessed Don Draper’s marriage crumble and take Don’s confidence down with it. The season was certainly about Don’s self-discovery, but a much simpler question persisted throughout: was Don capable of finding happiness? An unexpected marriage proposal to his secretary at the end of the season provided him with such a fleeting moment, but in Mad Men’s world, where characters are never truly content, happiness is viewed as merely a welcome distraction from answering the larger question: what is one’s purpose?

This season the women dramatically step up their game too, as strong-willed Betty, Peggy and Joan masterfully portray the discontent of women not satisfied to live by the norms expected of them in 1960’s society. Dealing with such weighty issues easily puts this show in a class by itself, and even if none of the characters find happiness, viewers certainly will be happy for the chance to experience such rare and thought-provoking entertainment.

Memorable Quote

“I hope she knows you only like the beginnings of things.” -Don’s spurned girlfriend cries to Don about his new fiancee.

Harry Smith Signs Off At CBS’ Early Show

CBS debuts its yet-again-revamped Early Show on Monday, and that meant a moment of reflection and farewell for Harry Smith this New Year’s Eve.

After two tours totaling 17 years on CBS’ early shift, Smith signed off at the end of his final show Friday, describing his major emotion as “one of gratitude, absolute gratitude.”

On Monday, new co-hosts Erica Hill and Chris Wragge will attempt to rescue CBS’s morning fortunes from last place.

CBS says Smith will stay on at the network, serving as a correspondent and fill-in anchor for CBS News.