This Is The Face Of A Man Who Was Arrested For Marinating His Cat

Earlier this week news broke of a man in Buffalo, NY arrested for cruelty to animals. His specific crime? Keeping his cat locked up in the trunk of his car covered in oil, chili peppers, crushed red peppers and salt. Police reports claim that Korkuc admitted his intentions to cook the cat because it had been “mean” to him. Well now we know what he looks like. Watch the following clip for the reaction of his friend stunned by the news. Whoa.

Writing for the Buffalo News, Jay Rey reports:

When Buffalo police pulled over a car driven by Gary L. Korkuck on Sunday night, they heard a cat crying from inside the trunk. Officers investigated and found Navarro in a cage “marinating” in a mixture of crushed red peppers, chili pepper, salt and oil.

Korkuck, 51, of Cheektowaga, had adopted the cat from the SPCA in May. Korkuck allegedly told police the cat was “mean” to him, and he didn’t want it anymore because it was “possessive, greedy and wasteful.” Korkuck was charged with one count of cruelty to animals.

“We’ve heard of some really bizarre stories, but nothing like this,” said Gina M. Browning, the SPCA’s director of public relations. “It’s clearly not someone who was in his right mind.”

Navarro was turned over to the SPCA, and since his story appeared in The News, the domestic short hair has become somewhat of a local celebrity.

Fortunately, the cat has now found a new home and a new name, Oliver.

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Ben Quayle Says He Only Wrote For Raunchy Website To ‘Drive Traffic’

Welcome to the Internet, Ben Quayle! Or perhaps, welcome back. Quayle, you will recall, came to the broad attention of the Internet yesterday when his campaign ad, which declared President Obama to be the “worst president in history” went viral-ish. Looks like that may just be the beginning of his Internet fame…or infamy, depending.

According to Politico Quayle may be getting in some hot water for past behavior on the Internet. Apparently the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle was once a contributor to “Dirty Scottsdale, a raunchy, sex-themed website that covered the club scene in his adopted home town before morphing into the national gossip site” Gasp!

I suspect that in another ten years (maybe less with the pace of things these days) revelations such as these will be so common place as to make nary a ripple in a pols candidacy — however we are not there yet. Quayle is now denying that he did anything raunchy — earlier he denied doing anything at all and then apparently thought better of battling the Google.

At first, Quayle denied the claim, telling POLITICO Tuesday that he “was not involved in the site.” But hours later, after blogs, news websites and other media picked up the story, Quayle told several Phoenix TV stations that he had posted on the site “to try to drive some traffic.”

He continued to maintain, however, that he did not post under the pseudonym “Brock Landers,” a reference to the name of a porn star in the 1997 flick “Boogie Nights.”

No word on where he was trying to drive the traffic exactly. Meanwhile, Quayle is suffering also from some more mundane political problems. Namely, he is the product of insidery Washington, most of his fundraising has come from those circles, and the children who appear in his ad to demonstrate his family values are not his own (he doesn’t have any children). That last one is just amateur…Quayle is young enough to know that Facebook has made misleading personal info nearly impossible. Stay tuned, Quayle has yet to reveal how he intends to “knock the hell out of Washington.”

Charlie Rangel’s Birthday Fundraiser Sounds Like It Was A Blast

Just two days after his jaw-dropping 30-minute speech on the House floor regarding his pending ethics trial, Rep. Charlie Rangel was back in New York to celebrate his 80th birthday with a politically star-studded fundraiser.

Despite the fact that his birthday was in June (and, you know, those ethics charges) everyone seemed to be celebrating in good spirits – including Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Rev. Al Sharpton and Rangel himself.

Bloomberg joked: “I know a few people couldn’t be here tonight, because as they tell it, either they had to get a haircut unexpectedly, or they were sure they’d have a headache. But Charlie, as you know, they were with you as long as they could be.”

Sharpton turned his attention to the media in attendance. “You have started and executed a political execution, but stay tuned for the political resurrection,” he said, to cheers from the crowd.

When Rangel got to the microphone, he noted “this damn sure ain’t no funeral!”

Here are more details from Politico:

Rangel’s campaign said it had sold out the event’s roughly 800 tickets (though slightly fewer than that attended). Guests munched on buffet-style meals of beef, seasoned vegetables and risotto (there was also a Kosher table). Rangel blew out candles on a massive birthday cake.

The event had been plagued by bad news and expectations of weakened attendance in the leadup to it. Even the headliner, Aretha Franklin, had to cancel thanks to an injury. Dionne Warwick filled in and sang a few songs, including “That’s What Friends Are For.”

That what friends are for, indeed.

Joe Scarborough, discussing the party: “I’ve always liked Charlie, he’s an American hero, his story in the Korean War. He’s guilty as hell, but it was very moving.”

Happy birthday Charlie! What’d you wish for? Here’s Morning Joe’s segment on it this morning:

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John Edwards Would Prefer You Don’t See His Sex Tape Deposition

The trials of John Edwards continue. Literally and figuratively. Today’s newscycle is such that Edwards debacles may seem like a bit of a distant memory, but the philandering former Presidential candidate is still in court tangling over access to the sex tape he allegedly made with Rielle Hunter, his former mistress and mother of his child.

Edwards, it seems, would prefer the public not view the tape. It’s worth noting this is not actually his court case. The battle of the sex tape is being waged between Hunter and former Edwards’ aide Andrew Young who penned a tell-all book about his former boss’s bad behavior earlier this year. Short version. Young has the tape in his possession, Hunter wants it back, Edwards doesn’t want the media to know his thoughts on the matter.

From ABC: “Edwards’ attorney is asking that if his deposition is videotaped that it not be released to the media unless it is shown in court and becomes public record. He’s also asking that questioning be limited to custody of the videotape.” I’m going to hazard a guess this is not going to end well.

Bill O’Reilly Has Bieber Fever, Wants Water Bottle Thrower Arrested

The chyron writers on The O’Reilly Factor got a chance to write the name “Justin Bieber” last night, as Bill O’Reilly devoted a segment to the teen pop star getting hit in the head with a water bottle at a concert.

FNC host Juliet Huddy joked about it, but O’Reilly got very serious about the incident.

First of all, in the video below you’ll see Justin Bieber getting hit with a giant water bottle (or maybe a regular-sized water bottle and just a tiny head). Either way, O’Reilly thinks it looks like a turkey.

“A fan obviously is trying to shut this liberal child down. He’s from Canada but he’s part of the Hollywood elite now,” said Huddy, laughing. “This is a conspiracy.”

But O’Reilly wasn’t joking – Bieber could get hurt! This thrower should be arrested. Also: “He looks like Ringo Starr when Ringo was eight. Look at the hair on the kid.”

First Lady Gaga, now Bieber. Maybe O’Reilly needs to start up the “Factor Summer Concert Series.”

He closed the segment saying “Hang in there, Justin, man!” Check it out:

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Soccer’s Premier League Gets ESPN Mobile Apps, U.S. Web Streams

ESPN corridor

With the world’s richest soccer league, England’s Premier League, kicking off this weekend, mobile and online are set to play a bigger part than ever this season. ESPN (NYSE: DIS) and Perform Group are launching new pay-for apps, while ESPN has secured more rights to show live matches on TV and online in the U.S..

—ESPN is launching ESPN Goals, a free iPhone and Android app with news and live scores plus, for £3.99pm or £29.99pa, including mobile video highlights within minutes of scoring. ESPN recently outbid BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) for these mobile video highlights rights for the full season, running for three seasons from this weekend.

—ESPN is also sub-licensing live U.S. multimedia rights for up to 74 matches per season, from U.S. TV rightsholder Fox Sports. Matches will be shown across ESPN2, ESPN Deportes,, and ESPN Mobile TV, another three-season deal., the former ESPN360, is now considered ESPN’s third live channel, but internet-only, available to around 50 million customers whose ISPs have a licensing deal with ESPN.

—Back in the UK, Perform Group is launching iPhone, Android, Ovi and Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) 360 apps for 16 Premier League, Football League and Scottish Premier League clubs, with video highlights, interviews, live scores, audio and commentary, tables and stats, priced £2.39pm, £6.49/qtr or £24.99pa. Perform had already launched apps for Spurs, Sunderland and Newcastle.

Perform already holds numerous online sports rights, runs pay-for VOD sites for 79 Football League clubs and sells ads for and FLInteractive.

ESPN entered the UK a couple of seasons ago, when it bought two packages of 23 live TV matches, but this season it has only one package. It’s also acquired rights to archive matches for VOD, but has not yet announced how it will exploit these.