Kathy Griffin Calls Congressman “A Queen” In D-List Lobbying Effort

Kathy Griffin has brought her Bravo show to Washington, D.C. to lobby for repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but calling House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) “a queen” is getting her the perfectly calculated attention she likely wants to bring to the issue.

Griffin told Roll Call’s gossip columnists Emily Heil and Elizabeth Brotherton “I’m meeting with this big queen named Jim Clyburn” and bragged “I’m going to be the first person to ever walk into his office and go, ‘Hey, girl!’”

But in a town where even her gays don’t necessarily find Griffin’s shtick funny when it comes to politics, there’s been some blowback by the oh-so-serious LGBT power bloggers.  Joe Subday at AmericaBlog said “I get that she’s a comedian (I’m a fan), but lobbying is actually serious business, especially on LGBT issues. Yes, it’s funny to you and me when Kathy Griffin insults members of Congress by calling them “big queens.” It’s a dumb way to lobby on DADT.”

John Aravosis, also at AmericaBlog, chimed in on the comment page of his blog, calling it ” idiotic to choose someone like her for a high profile job on a serious issue like this. Invite her to your dinner, sure. Don’t invite her to Congress to represent us. It smacks of either HRC self-promoting or desperately trying to show the community they’re doing something. Either way, not good.”

The D-list celebrity is in town to promote and film her show, while appearing at a Thursday rally coordinated by the  gay A-list organization Human Rights Campaign, a frequent target of the blog power set.  In addition to filming on Capitol Hill, she’s recorded a robocall and is producing a HRC-arranged public service announcement dealing with DADT.

Geraldo Rivera, Sean Hannity Take Top Spots On Sunday

Cable news ratings, March 14, 2010: Check out the highlights, and see the full ratings below:

• The Sean Hannity 9pmET repeat on Fox News just cracked 300,000 viewers in the A25-54 demographic for the most on cable news Sunday night. Geraldo Rivera’s 10pmET Fox show was #1 in total viewers.

Check out all the ratings below, and leave your own thoughts in the comments:

Fox News CNN MSNBC CNN Headline News
5 pm 216 74 145 68
6 pm 220 121 212 64
7 pm 207 100 168 42
8 pm 224 111 186 78
9 pm 300 133 179 52
10 pm 243 93 166 127
11 pm 248 112 222 130
TOTAL DAY 257 123 144 107
PRIME TIME 256 112 177 86
Data by Nielsen Media Research. Live and same day (DVR) data.
Fox News CNN MSNBC CNN Headline News
5 pm 944 377 303 257
6 pm 1124 442 341 238
7 pm 1111 421 403 195
8 pm 1106 426 507 256
9 pm 1050 533 420 203
10 pm 1168 470 335 284
11 pm 755 402 494 300
TOTAL DAY 948 427 326 259
PRIME TIME 1108 476 421 238
Data by Nielsen Media Research. Live and same day (DVR) data.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Shows Candy Crowley & Himself As Neanderthals

Have you ever wondered what Anderson Cooper or Candy Crowley would look like if they were neanderthals? Of course you have – I mean, who hasn’t? Thankfully, the smart producers at CNN have given their viewing audience what they want – a realistic portrayal of CNN talent done up as though they were early cavemen. Finally! The amazing and relevant video is below. Also, in other CNN related news, prime time ratings continue to slump.

Studios, Operators Spending $30 Million To Promote Movies On Demand


Several cable operators and movie studios are teaming together to launch a $30 million marketing and promotion campaign touting the virtues of movies on demand.

The three month, multi-media campaign titled “The Video Store Just Moved In” will shine a spotlight on the burgeoning movie on demand category, according to operator and studio executives. The campaign, which began last night (Tuesday) with a spot on Fox’s American Idol, will focus on the fun and ease of ordering and watching top theatrical movies at home as compared to trudging out to rent movies from the local home video store, according to campaign officials.

The campaign launches as more studios are debuting top box office titles via on demand at the same time they hit video store shelves. Over the last two years there has been more than a seven-fold increase in the number of day-and-date titles offered to digital cable customers nationally, according to VOD content aggregator In Demand. More on Multichannel.

Is Glenn Beck Secretly In Charge Of Obama’s Media Schedule?

I kid! Glenn Beck is not actually running President Obama’s anything schedule, nevertheless, he apparently wields a great deal of influence on the decision making of the Obama administration. At least when it comes to making decisions about the media. This from this morning’s Playbook:

President Obama sits down at the White House this afternoon with Bret Baier, anchor of Fox News’ ‘Special Report’ and former chief White House correspondent. A White House official: ‘Many of the falsehoods and myths about health reform gained traction with Glenn Beck and others on FOX, so the President is returning to the scene of the crime to make the final sale. As we have said, we will work with Fox where it serves our communications interests, and this does.’ The interview is sure to have a huge echo effect because of past White House criticism of Fox, and is a creative way to break through the health care white noise. Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer offered the interview to Baier on Monday.

So, President Obama is sitting down for an interview with Bret Baier because Glenn Beck (and, you know, others) have been pedaling falsehoods. Why not just call the Mao phone direct? I kid! But seriously, it’s an interesting admission of how much power Beck wields over the President’s media agenda that his name would get specifically dropped by a White House official. This is not the first time, the White House has made public its dislike of Beck before, but this is the first time I recall them publicly admitting taking action as a result of him.

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CNN Highlights Anti-Israel Tweets During Rick Sanchez Show

CNN’s Rick Sanchez was an early Twitter adapter, and his new show Rick’s List is based around the growing social media platform.

But yesterday’s program highlighted the danger of Twitter unfiltered – some questionable anti-Israel tweets were highlighted in the lower third during a segment about the conflict in the Middle East.

Politico’s Ben Smith has the story (and the video, embedded below) of the segment and questionable tweets. They ranged from “Israel is greedy” to “Israel is boss and USA, simply an obedient servant? Jewish lobby runs America.”

While Rick’s “lists” use Sanchez’ Twitter lists to highlight “experts” in their field (for example, “mid-east” or “education”) there are also the generic Twitter segments where anyone can participate. And with the crowd-sourced tweets gracing the bottom of the screen, CNN can occasional run into some dicey territory. Of course, some would find even these tweets completely legitimate – they’re pointed and represent one side of the argument, but besides appearing in a news segment about Israel they simply show one person’s opinion.

This isn’t the first time audience participation in the program has ranged into the potentially offensive, with a voicemail segment featuring an anti-Arab call.

Sanchez apologized recently on-air for his Hawaii tsunami (non-tsunami) coverage – will he address this on air?

Check it out:

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‘Deem And Pass’ Latest Evidence Everyone In Congress Is A Hypocrite

Remember the other week when the political phrase du jour was “reconciliation” and Rachel Maddow spent not a little amount of time illustrating how the Republicans who were in an uproar over the “nuclear option” were actually total hypocrites who had had no problem implementing the procedure when it suited there aims? Well, looks like the shoe is currently on the other foot (color us shocked).

Karen Tumulty at Swampland highlights some flip-flopping on the House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s part when it comes to applying the ‘deem and pass‘ (or ‘demon pass’ which is what tends to roll of the tongue). Here is Hoyer in the NYT today:

The House Democratic leader, Representative Steny H. Hoyer, also defended the maneuver on Tuesday. “It is consistent with the rules,” Mr. Hoyer said. “It is consistent with former practice.”

Here is Hoyer in 2003:

When the Republican leadership reported a self-executing rule providing for the adoption of the $82 billion plan over 10 years and an almost trillion-dollar plan over 20 years, accelerating the increased child tax credit for low-income people families, we didn’t even get an opportunity to vote on the bill itself except by reference in a self-executing rule. What kind of lack of confidence does that display? What kind of process in pursuit of effectiveness does that mean that we are adopting? What kind of demeaning of democracy is the objective of efficiency resulting in?

Perhaps he is now attempting to answer his own question? Meanwhile, Politco is reporting that using the ‘deem and pass’ method on such huge legislation “could raise constitutional issues sufficiently credible that the Supreme Court might get interested, as it has in the past.” Just writing that sentence down is exhausting. Anyone else feel like the closer we get to this the farther away is actually is? Video below of Hoyer talking ‘demon pass’ on today’s GMA.