Anti-Fur Protesters Disrupt CNN’s Black Friday Live Broadcast

CNN Anti-Fur ProtestersThere are some things you expect to see on Black Friday, and some you don’t. CNN’s Poppy Harlow experienced the latter this afternoon, when anti-fur protesters hijacked her live report outside of Macy’s.

Harlow was standing in midtown Manhattan, where a record 7,000 shoppers crowded at 4 AM this morning to take advantage of Macy’s Black Friday sale. While interviewing two bystanders—tourists from Wales—she suddenly found herself competing with a group of sign-wielding animal rights activists, who were shouting “Don’t buy fur!” at the assembled masses as they crept into Harlow’s frame.

Harlow didn’t seem too phased by the interruption. She acknowledged the mob, then tried to drown them out by talking even louder. Her interviewees followed suit until Harlow finally admitted defeat: “Deb, I will send it back to you, as it has become pretty wild here behind me,” she told her colleague in the CNN Newsroom. Maybe the protesters were so agitated because they heard about those banned PETA airport ads. Video from CNN below.

Black Friday Shoppers Waste No Time In Delivering Cliche Stampede

Combine a crowd of holiday-stuffed bargain hunters, the lure of first-come-first-served monster savings, a stunt midnight start time, and a standard-sized set of doors…and you get the annual recipe for a “Black Friday” stampede.

Cut to Buffalo, New York, where the clock struck midnight, prices plunged, and an oversized throng tried to squeeze through the doors of a Target store. “It went from controlled to a mob in less than five minutes and it just got nasty,” one shopper told WIVB-TV, which reported one person injured seriously enough to be transported to a hospital.

When officials heard the screams they ran over right away to help.

Shopper Rich Mathewson said, “It was a lot of angry people just jumping in after we waited patiently for a long time. It actually started way before that people started getting angry at everybody.”

After it happened, one man bent over in pain, but he took off into the North Buffalo Target store seconds later along with everyone else.

Ah, the spirit of the season, right?

Watch it, from WIVB:

In Boynton Beach, Florida, no stampede at the Walmart for Black Friday–just a guy armed to the teeth:

Boynton Beach police said they arrested Christopher D. Scott, 49, just after midnight today in a checkout line at the Walmart at 3200 Old Boynton Road.

Scott is charged with three counts each of carrying a concealed firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

Officers had been doing an extra patrol at the store because of the large crowd seeking early bargains.

A police log said Scott wore a .40-caliber Glock handgun with a 30-round magazine in a holster at his hip, as well as two concealed knives and a “pepper grenade.”

UPDATE: President Obama Needed 12 Stitches After Being Hit In Lip During Basketball Game

Update: The lip-elbower has been revealed! Scroll to the bottom to find out who hurt Obama.

First it was flying books, and now it’s flying elbows. The White House has just announced that President Obama was injured today while playing basketball. After being hit in the mouth, the President needed 12 stitches in his lip.

“We all know Washington can be a tough town,” said Fox News anchor Rick Folbaum while reporting on the incident. “The kind of town where you can get a fat lip if you’re not careful.” No kidding!

From The AP:

WASHINGTON — The White House says President Barack Obama has received 12 stitches in his lip after being hit during a pick up basketball game.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says the president was inadvertently struck by someone’s elbow Friday.

The president received the stitches in the doctor’s office on the ground floor of the White House. Obama had traveled to Fort McNair with a group of family and friends for an early morning game of basketball.

And here’s some more information from the White House Press Office:

The elbow to Obama’s lip “happened in the fifth of five games they played.”

The offending player, who remains nameless, “turned into POTUS, who was playing defense, to take a shot when the elbow hit the President in the mouth.”

Some of the players in today’s 5 v. 5 game–”none of whom were responsible for the elbow” to the president’s face–included Obama’s nephew Avery Robinson, Obama’s assistant Reggie Love and Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

The Press Office is now saying that Rey Decerega, the director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, is the ball player who accidentally elbowed the president. Here’s what Decerega had to say in an unapologetic statement:

“I learned today the president is both a tough competitor and a good sport. I enjoyed playing basketball with him this morning. I’m sure he’ll be back out on the court again soon.”

Fox News’s report on Obama’s injury is below:

Dan Abrams Discusses Unresolved Thanksgiving Murder On Today

Mediaite founder and NBC Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams was working early this morning when he showed up on Today to examine the nuances of a murder case, one that’s been unresolved since Thanksgiving of last year. The case, which has both eyewitness accounts and a confession of guilt from the alleged murderer, should’ve been “open-and-shut,” but a number of frustrating circumstances have prevented a trial date from even being set. Abrams acknowledged that while the situation was unfortunate, especially for the victims’ family, death penalty cases always require patience.

He assured NBC viewers that, while justice will be served eventually, our judicial system is designed to ensure that extra care is applied to capital offenses.

In death penalty cases, things take longer. The bottom line is you need to have the right defense attorney, who knows how to handle a death penalty case. You need to have a judge who’s handled a death penalty case. That’s one of the issues here.

He clarified that though the seemingly glacial pace of this particular murder case wasn’t necessarily justified, it’s still a product of our legal system. Abrams also touched upon the fact that this comparatively open-and-shut case would suffer further delays if the defendant’s team puts up an insanity defense, as it is expected to do.

After weighing the merits that an insanity defense would hold in this case, he ventured that even if media attention were to expedite the legal process, the case would likely remian unresolved for another year.

Watch the NBC clip below for more of Abrams’ analysis of the unsettling murder case.

Dan Abrams On Today: When Does Bullying Become A Crime And How Do You Stop It?

These days, with cyber bullying and anti-gay bullying consistently getting headlines, many parents are wondering what, if anything, they can do to protect their children. Dan Abrams, Mediaite’s founder and NBC’s Chief Legal Analyst, went on Today this morning to give some advice on how to differentiate between regular bullying and a criminal action and what the possible repercussions are.

He used an example of an insulting text message when asked what a parent could do:

“When it’s something like ‘You’re a loser,’ probably not much. But, when ‘You’re a loser’ comes nine, ten, twelve, fifteen times a day on Facebook, on email, on Twitter, et cetera, then it can become harassment. So there is that line to cross between simply saying ‘I don’t like you’ versus ‘I’m now harassing you’ with my belief that I don’t like you.”

When asked what parents should do in these situations, Abrams suggested that they act as if they’re the child’s lawyer and are talking about what’s in the best interest of their client. He pointed out that, many times, children are reluctant to do anything and sometimes the parents will have to be “aggressive.” However, he pointed out an interesting alternative parents can use before going to the authorities, school officials, or the parents of the other child. He noted that sites like Facebook have specific guidelines against bullying and that, sometimes, the easiest method is to contact them.

Check out the rest of the advice as well as information on some of the new anti-bullying laws that states are putting in place in the clip from NBC below:

Bristol Palin “Is Such A Hooker,” Sandra Bernhard Shrills To Joy Behar

If you didn’t know any better, you might think that Dancing With the Stars is one of the most polarizing issues in America today. It’s inspired conspiracy theories, threatening mail, and gunfire. You can now add name-calling to list: on a recent visit The Joy Behar Show, comedian Sandra Bernhard commented on Bristol Palin’s post-DWTS activity thusly: “She is such a hooker!”

Bernhard’s comment came after she learned that the young Palin swung by Behar’s day job, The View, the first morning after “losing” DWTS (she placed third). Behar explained that such media appearances are a show-business custom. Bernhard, however, wasn’t done riffing. “She’s supposed to be the spokesperson for abstinence yet wears Candies shoes,” she mused. “These are like total hooker shoes.”

And that wasn’t the end of Bristol’s footwear problems. Rebecca Dana of The Daily Beast took offense to the idea that Bristol Palin is a hard worker, as Behar says her friends have suggested. “Chick is dancing in, like, Keds,” she exclaimed. “She abandoned the high heels, even. This is not a hard worker.” Then, perhaps inevitably, Dana jammed into the discussion a Sarah Palin diss: “[Bristol] worked about as hard for Dancing With the Stars as Sarah Palin did learning her geopolitics.” Or about as hard as it must’ve been to come with that joke?

Watch the women play the part of “mean girls” and trade all-too-easy “jokes” in the HLN clip below (H/T Newsbusters): Reposts Anti-Obama Article From The Onion, Doesn’t Mention It’s A Joke

Most people recognize The Onion as the Peabody Award-winning satire machine that it is. Some people, however, don’t. Which is why we get a story like this every few months. Of course, it’s sometimes easy to mistake an Onion article for the real thing since the writers make sure to skew as close to their targets as possible. It also doesn’t hurt when real news outlets reprint the satirists’ work and decide not to let their readers know it’s a joke, as Fox Nation did today.

Yes, the Fox Nation editors were apparently so enamored with an Onion piece from today entitled “Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail” that they reposted the first two paragraphs in their culture section with nary a sign as to its fictional nature. The only clue that this wasn’t real (besides a quick peek at your inbox to confirm that Barack Obama hasn’t been emailing you) was a link at the bottom instructing readers to go to for the real story. This tiny link was, unfortunately, not enough for the vast majority of FN readers. At least, that’s the way it seems from the comments section.

Here’s a sampling:

“If this story is correct, that he did send out this email, it is very concerning about his current state of mental health. I am surprised he would be allowed to send something like this out and if he is not functioning very well why there isn’t some attention being paid to his current state.”

“Hey, you fraud: Get out. Your presidency is an affront to the exceptionalism of America. Pathetic loser.”


In fact, at the time of this post’s writing, you have to scroll through 20 comments to find someone who realizes the story’s fake. Five comments below that there’s actually someone (sarcastically?) saying they emailed The Onion for confirmation on the story.

Whether Fox Nation reposted this story without a disclaimer accidentally, as a prank, or because of something more sinister, we’ll leave up to you decide. However, Fox Nation should be aware that, sad as it may be, not everyone is familiar with the brilliance that is The Onion. And for every one of my aunts who forwards me this article today, I’m going to be very, very angry at them.

Here’s a screenshot of the post before it’s (hopefully) taken down. Click through twice to get full size: