Fox’s Outnumbered Not Thrilled With Trump’s Mueller and Sessions Tweets: ‘Kind of Ridiculous’

On Fox News Channel’s Outnumbered on Monday, the hosts and guest, Fox Business anchor Charles Payne, discussed the Special Counsel investigation at length, and at one point expressed some exasperation with how President Trump is handling things on Twitter. Co-host Lisa Kennedy, in the clip above from Fox News, asked Fox’s Melissa Francis what the impact might be if it turns out, in the end, that Robert Mueller has nothing and the President is exonerated. Francis says that the investigation would have served its purpose because, after all, the point was to find out what happened. She also referred back to a previous discussion with The Weekly Standard‘s Andrew McCarthy, a former prosecutor himself, pointing out that the President’s Tweets are just antagonizing the prosecutor for, assuming Trump is innocent, no reason. “He says the president should stop tweeting because he is trash talking and antagonizing Continue reading "Fox’s Outnumbered Not Thrilled With Trump’s Mueller and Sessions Tweets: ‘Kind of Ridiculous’"

Trump Tells Hannity He’ll Campaign for GOP ‘6 or 7 Days’ a Week Ahead of Midterms

President Donald Trump reportedly told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he plans to campaign “six or seven days a week” for Republicans ahead of the all-important midterms. Trump said this to Hannity on the Fox personality’s radio show, according to Politico who flagged the quote: “I am going to work very hard, I will go six or seven days a week when we’re 60 days out and I will be campaigning for all of these great people that do have a difficult race and we think we’re going to bring them over the line.” Yet, in another case of there is a tweet for every Trump claim, here is Trump kvetching Barack Obama was busy campaigning when he should have been doing more presidential things, like dealing with Hurricane Sandy.

Disney Severs Ties With Director James Gunn After Unearthed Offensive Tweets

Disney has severed ties with director James Gunn after offensive tweets referencing pedophilia and rape and other controversial topics were unearthed. According to Deadline, which reported on theGuardians of the Galaxy director’s Disney demise:
In the latest shocking #metoo development in the entertainment industry, Gunn was severed from the Marvel Comics Universe after a slew of social media posts he wrote before getting Guardians of the Galaxy surfaced. According to Fox News, they were posted because Gunn is an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump and the effort was to knock him down a few pegs.
“I like when little boys touch me in my silly place,” one tweet read, according to Deadline. Another one read: “The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped and it’s like ‘whew this feels great, not being raped!’” “The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James’ Twitter feed
Continue reading "Disney Severs Ties With Director James Gunn After Unearthed Offensive Tweets"

WATCH: Kanye West’s Nonsense Gets Everyone Killed in SNL’s A Quiet Place Parody

Saturday Night Live tackled Kanye West‘s recent antics with a sketch ripped right from a horror flick. A Kanye Place parodies hit movie A Quiet Place and features a cast of characters unable to stay quiet in the wake of Kanye’s nonsense. “Kanye just tweeted,” a character played by Donald Glover says. “He said he would have voted for Trump.” “Oh, come on, Kanye!” Kenan Thompson‘s character finally says breaking the quiet. He gets eaten by a monster. Then, it happens again. Aidy Bryant‘s character reacts to Kanye’s nonsense lyric “poopity scoop” and gets eaten. Finally, another succumbs to West’s TMZ slavery tantrum and gets eaten too before Glover’s character heads to a bunker and obsessed with Kanye’s distractions becomes a monster snack. Watch above, via NBC. [image via screengrab]  

Did Farhad “Unplug”?

Last week we spoke with New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo after he published an article titled, “For two months, I got my news from print newspapers. Here’s what I learned.” He wrote that, earlier this year, "after the breaking-newsiest year in recent memory, I decided to travel back in time. I turned off my digital news notifications, unplugged from Twitter and other social networks, and subscribed to home delivery of three print newspapers.” It was a crash diet.  Lots of healthy analog, and just a little digital — podcasts, email newsletters — for dessert. Farhad found the experience so uplifting and liberating that he was moved to evangelize. He told Bob during their conversation, which you can still listen to, "I boiled it down into three Michael Pollan-esque prescriptions: Get news, not too quick, avoid social." The only problem was, according to analysis by Dan Continue reading "Did Farhad “Unplug”?"

#MAGA, Hannity, the Wendy’s chicken nuggets guy, and 2017’s other Twitter-topping people and topics

The Twitter of 2017 might best be remembered as the platform for the U.S. president’s morning complaints and (un)diplomatic sparring, followed by, nesting ground for Russian troll accounts. (Other notables: Uneven or even bad enforcement of policies, congressional testimony, pushes into livestreaming…) @realDonaldTrump’s tweets were not, however, among the top most retweeted on Twitter in 2017, according to Twitter’s year-end data. The global honor went to — wait for it — the kid who really wanted a year’s worth of free Wendy’s chicken nuggets, and was told directly by the brand he needed 18 million retweets to secure the prize (he sadly got 3.6 million, but also the nuggets). Second place went to former president Barack Obama’s Nelson Mandela tweet (1.7 million).

Twitter Erupts Over 280 Character Tweets: ‘140 Characters Closer to Armageddon’

“It’s What’s Happening” will now be happening at twice the character-count, as the social media platform Twitter finally increased the length of tweets from the original 140-characters to a doubled 280. This afternoon, the official Twitter management account excitedly stated they are “expanding the character limit!” However, Twitter users — or, at least, a lot of them — did not sound off with the same level of enthusiasm when the news broke. Many prominent figures who use the platform blasted the new 280-character limit, citing concerns that the new length will take away from the speed and character of Twitter. Others just want an edit button already. See a number of reactions to 280-characters below: