Say What? ThinkProgress Likens Gorsuch To ‘College Boyfriend,’ Scooby Doo Villain

2015-04-06-YouTube-RT-Millhiser Ian Millhiser, a senior fellow at the left-wing Center For American Progress, posted a series of bizarre Tweets on Wednesday about Neil Gorsuch that likened the Supreme Court nominee to a variety of fictional creatures. Millhiser gradually got more specific about his Gorsuch as pop-culture villain comparisons:

Kristi Yamaguchi Tells Nancy Kerrigan to ‘Break a Leg!’ On Dancing With The Stars

kristi yamaguchi
In what seems to be a classic case of forgetting who you’re talking to, Kristi Yamaguchi had an interesting choice of phrase when wishing Nancy Kerrigan the best of luck on the current season of Dancing With The Stars. The former figure skater (and DWTS champion) took to Twitter today to tell the other former figure skater to “break a leg!” Of course, in addition to her Olympic and world medals, Kerrigan is known because she was attacked after a practice session at the 1994 U.S. figure skating championships, and had her leg broken. Predictably, Yamaguchi is getting roasted for her choice in words.

William Shatner Has Launched an Epic Twitter Campaign to Get The Bachelor’s Nick Viall off Dancing With The Stars

william shatner Nick Viall is competing against several other stars and dancers on this season of Dancing With The Stars, but his biggest opponent so far seems to be not on the show, but on Twitter. William Shatner has launched an epic, and, if we’re honest, pretty bizarre campaign to get him voted off the show. Before, during, and after Monday night’s premiere, Shatner was extremely busy trying to get people to vote for anyone else so the former Bachelor would be booted.

Former Guardian Journalist Blasts #PrayForLondon, Says ‘Bloody Stupid Beliefs’ To Blame for Attack

2015-10-29-BBC-Hartley_Brewer British commentator/journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer blasted calls for prayer in the wake of the London terror attack in a Wednesday post on Twitter. She also pointed the finger at religion for the incident: Twitter users subsequently lashed out at Hartley-Brewer, who is an atheist. However, the former Guardian journalist doubled-down on her remarks in a series of tweets:

‘I Thought He Was Gonna Cut Somebody Else’s Program, Not My Program’: Cenk Uygur Checks Up on Disgruntled Trump Voters

The Young Turks‘s Cenk Uygur dedicated a recent segment to the “buyer’s remorse” of some of Donald Trump‘s voters. Specifically, he looked at Americans who voted for Trump and are recipients of Meals on Wheels, a program that benefits the elderly and disabled and stands to lose funding under Trump’s proposed budget plan. Trump’s administration has called the plan “compassionate,” but Trump voters who rely on Meals on Wheels found, like those who benefit from the Affordable Care Act, that they might have voted against their own interests. To highlight that, Uygur played a clip of a woman interviewed by CBS who has relied on Meals on Wheels since she had a stroke. She said she voted for the current president because she “was under the influence that he was Continue reading "‘I Thought He Was Gonna Cut Somebody Else’s Program, Not My Program’: Cenk Uygur Checks Up on Disgruntled Trump Voters"

Donald Trump Jr. Responds to Being Memed by Comparing Himself to Salt Bae

People noticed something in The New York Times‘ profile on Donald Trump Jr. In the main photo in the article, he seems to be seated in a pretty uncomfortable position. So, of course, the photo immediately became a meme. Then, someone noticed that this isn’t the first time the President’s son has had some trouble sitting:

‘Trump Numbers Dropping is Significant’: Ann Coulter Hits Trump For Focusing on ‘Obamacare Lite’

coulter On Twitter this afternoon, one of President Donald Trump’s earliest and most vocal supporters took some shots at POTUS over his dropping job approval ratings, suggesting it’s because he’s focusing on the wrong things. Responding to former Mexican President Vicente Fox mocking Trump for his ratings, conservative author and provocateur Ann Coulter first noted that Trump’s poll numbers are generally not accurate. However, she then went on to sound the alarm on the latest polls, calling them “significant” as it seems to show Trump is moving away from being himself.