Conservative Twitter Crushes Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry Dream: She’s ‘Even Less Native American’ Than Average American

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Monday released the results of her DNA test along with a video about her family, aggressively pushing back against President Donald Trump‘s relentless mocking of her questionable claim to be of Native American descent. It was a big splash at first, but it wasn’t long before it became clear she far from laid the questions to rest. As usual, Twitter was the place to follow the story. In perhaps the most amusing (and least fortunate, if you’re a Warren fan) turn of events, the Boston Globe, which broke the story, had to issue a correction already, and it highlighted the inherent absurdity in the question, and the numbers being discussed, as the Daily Caller’s Saagar Enjeti pointed out.

Trump Says He Spoke to Saudi King About Missing Journalist, Sending Mike Pompeo to Meet With Salman

President Donald Trump announced on Twitter Monday morning that he had spoken to Saudi King Salman about the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi, a prominent Saudi dissident, has been missing since he entered the Saudi consulate in Turkey on October 2. Turkish officials have accused a team of Saudi agents of killing and dismembering Khashoggi, and said they have proof which they shared with the U.S. Trump has been hesitant to condemn Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally his administration has worked to build closer relations with. Trump’s Monday morning tweet made sure to note that Khashoggi, a U.S. resident, was also a “Saudi Arabian citizen.” “I am immediately sending our Secretary of State to meet with King!” Trump added, referring to Mike Pompeo.

CNN’s S.E. Cupp Smokes Michael Avenatti on Twitter: ‘No One is Threatened By You’

Lawyer Michael Avenatti obviously believes in the strategy of using Twitter “beefs” to boost his profile, and seems to focus a lot on fighting with women. Recently he tried to go to war with Megyn Kelly, and today he attempted to take down CNN’s S.E. Cupp. But unless losing all the time is the point of the beefs, that strategy doesn’t seem to be working out for him. When he went after Megyn Kelly, it ended poorly. Perhaps he forgot she was a fiercely successful attorney before becoming a powerful media figure. In the case of S.E. Cupp, the results were about the same, with Avenatti humiliated rather quickly. Avenatti was set off by Cupp’s op-ed at the New York Daily News this week where, along with other advice for Democrats, she suggested the party stop “being stupid” and “recognize Michael Avenatti for what he is: a
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Kanye West Says Jack Dorsey Working on ‘Reprogramming’ Twitter to Allow People to Remove Followers and Likes

Kanye West live streamed a 10-minute video of himself on Saturday night, in which he claimed that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he was working on reprogramming Twitter to remove followers and likes. In a live stream video on Periscope titled “Mind control” — which you can watch above — the rapper, producer and designer spoke out about his controversial appearance in the White House alongside President Donald Trump. He pushed back on his critics, accusing them of trying to control him and offered criticism of social media — even invoking Ayn Rand. West also revealed that he had spoken to Dorsey earlier on Saturday. “[Dorsey] said they’re working for the next four months on reprogramming to allow people to take off the followers, and allow people to take off the, you know, take off the likes. Because that works against your self-worth,” West said. “The beauty you have is Continue reading "Kanye West Says Jack Dorsey Working on ‘Reprogramming’ Twitter to Allow People to Remove Followers and Likes"

Washington Post Reporter Apologizes After Falsely Connecting ‘Right-Wing Anger’ to Gabby Giffords Shooting

A reporter for The Washington Post took some heat Friday for peddling the unsubstantiated narrative that places blame on conservatives for the 2011 shooting of former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ). For years, folks in the media have suggested that the rise of the Tea Party and specifically Sarah Palin were responsible for the assassination attempt of the Democratic congresswoman despite the fact that there was no evidence that proved there was a political motivation by the shooter. But that didn’t stop WaPo congressional reporter Paul Kane from echoing such rhetoric. For obvious reasons, he was criticized by right-wing Twitter.

Worst Reporter in D.C. Deletes Terrible and False Tweet Boasting About Kanye West Being ‘Born Impoverished’

Washington, D.C.’s resident Yahoo Answers plagiarizer Benny Johnson, now inexplicably employed at the Daily Caller to put red circles on photos, tweeted a wrong and apparently racist tweet while defending rapper and Donald Trump supporter Kanye West. “A black man, born impoverished & into a broken home, works his way into a multimillionaire global pop star, fashion guru & cultural icon,” the Daily Caller reporter tweeted, before writing that liberals call West “mentally ill,” a “token negro,” say he “can’t read,” and “attack his dead mother,” all because West “dares think politically” and meet Trump. Anyone who actually knows as much about West’s career as Johnson pretends to knows that the rapper was not born in poverty. West was born middle class to two parents who had careers. They divorced when West was a small child, but his mother — an English college professor and his
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