Breaking: David Shuster Suspended Indefinitely From MSNBC (Update)

Mediaite has learned David Shuster has been suspended from MSNBC, effective immediately.

This comes on the heels of a report Friday he had filmed a pilot for CNN – for which MSNBC said he would be “punished appropriately.” He met with MSNBC President Phil Griffin yesterday afternoon.

An MSNBC spokesperson tells Mediaite: “David has been suspended indefinitely.”

Shuster has been suspended from Twitter as well, after MSNBC deemed his exchange with James O’Keefe inappropriate. He was also suspended for two weeks in 2008 for his “pimped out” comment about Chelsea Clinton. With his contract up at the end of 2010, we’ll see if Shuster ever returns to the MSNBC line-up.

An interesting wrinkle to this is Shuster has a new executive producer, Gresham Streigel, who came over from Fox News and Glenn Beck earlier this year. MSNBC confirms Streigel remains EP of both hours.

We’ve also inquired if there will be a temporary replacement for the two hours Shuster used to anchor.

> Update: Today the anchors will be Contessa Brewer at 10amET and Ed Schultz again at 3pmET. This is, however, not the permanent line-up.

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Yawn, Someone Is Trying To Kill The White House Press Corps…Again

Why is everyone so determined to kill the White House Press Corps? Last year Ana Marie Cox wrote a much-passed-around op-ed calling for the dismissal of the group altogether. Cox argued that all too often “the White House briefing room is where news goes to die.” Ouch. Now Lloyd Grove at the Daily Beast is taking aim wondering whether “the White House press corps teetering (possibly tweeting) on the brink of obsolescence?”

If so it may be the longest death throe in history. The crux of the problem, naturally, is the Internet. It is providing the President with far too many ways to circumvent the fourth estate. Says Grove:

At the very moment that social media and enhanced technology are proliferating and gaining audience share by the tens of millions, giving President Obama powerful interactive tools to communicate directly with the public, the old media are in a world of hurt.

Uh huh. Get in line? What Grove, and the number of reporters he talks to, including Mark Knoller (who does not RT Robert Gibbs: “I rewrite them and I put them in context, because it’s not my job to give him access to all of my followers.”) and Jake Tapper (who does not like the White House flickr stream: “That’s not photojournalism; it’s hagiography.”) fail to note is how much more relevant this same technology has made them. UPDATE: Tapper writes to clarify: “I have no problem with the WH flickr feed and I like all the behind-the-scenes shots. What I don’t like is WH photojournalists being blocked from attending, say, a bill signing, with the WH arguing its official photograph is the same thing.”

Point being, how many out there were aware of Knoller pre-Twitter? Not that many I (sadly) bet. Same goes for Tapper, but to a much larger extent since I would be more than willing to bet Tapper slid (temporarily) into the This Week chair based on primarily on his online presence. Which is growing thanks to the very smart decision live-tweeting of show he has initiated in the last few weeks. Other morning hosts should be taking note.

If anything, I would argue that the Internet has made the White House Press Corps more relevant. Now the public has access to real time eyes and ears in a way that was impossible prior to the advent of Twitter. There is nothing irrelevant about that. In fact, I’ve always suspected it’s the White House that spends a lot of time scrambling to keep up.

Breaking: Large Earthquake Felt In California (Video)

Is 2010 the year of the earthquake? An earthquake measuring 7.2 struck Baja Mexico just a short time ago and shortly thereafter one measuring 4.1 struck Northern California. The first was felt in downtown Los Angeles the second in San Francisco. As has become the norm with breaking news, it was first reported on Twitter. Boing Boing’s @XeniJardin tweeted: “HOLY CRAP that was a looooooonnnnggg roller of a quake here in Westside LA!” at 6:48pm.

According to NYT media reporter Brian Stelter “CNN in full-fledged breaking news mode already. Fox on phone with L.A. correspondent. MSNBC in tape.” Video of CNN breaking news below. Check back for updates as the story progresses.

CNN Correspondent Confuses Which (Black) Anchor She’s Talking To

Look, mistakes happen. This one just happens to be a little more cringe-inducing than others.

Here’s what happened. T.J. Holmes is filling in for Rick Sanchez today – CNN correspondent Jeanne Meserve has a report. Except, she keeps calling him Don. Like, Don Lemon.

She started her report with, “Don, we’ve’ heard about this woman…” and closed out the same way. Holmes joked about it directly after. “Yes, I’m T.J., it’s alright,” he said. “She knows who I am, it’s okay.”

Is it though? Here’s what Holmes tweeted during the next commercial break:

Here’s Don Lemon:

Check out the video (edited to show beginning and end of the segment):

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Mark Knoller: Keeping The White House Honest

CBS radio correspondent Mark Knoller, a favorite around these parts (and an Office Hours guest) is getting his stipple picture due in the Wall St. Journal today.

Knoller, who in the last year has found a rather perfect niche on Twitter for his presidential facts and trivia (not to mention straight up reporting) has apparently been a well-known figure in the White House for many years for just these reasons. So much so that when there is a dispute between the White House and Knoller’s numbers the White House generally defers to Knoller. But here is my favorite part:

Mr. Knoller helped earn President George W. Bush his reputation for frequent trips outside Washington, counting that over two terms Mr. Bush made 77 trips to his ranch in Texas, spanning all or part of 490 days; spent 43 full or partial days at the family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, and 487 full or partial days at the presidential retreat in Camp David, Md.

Mr. Bush, gripping Mr. Knoller for the obligatory photo at a holiday party one year, told the first lady, “Hey, Laura, this is the guy who counts it as a vacation day when we get to Texas on a Friday night.”

“No, Mr. President,” Mr. Knoller says he responded, “I would have noted that as a partial day.” A former Bush administration official confirms: “If Knoller said it, it’s true.”

These things add up, so to speak. If you’re not already doing so, follow Knoller on Twitter here.