Taiwanese News Service Covers Al Gore Sex Scandal With…A Cartoon

Some of you may remember in January when a news report from Taiwanese NMA News went viral in America. The video featured a retelling of the Conan/Leno war as told through what looked like the animation of a Playstation 2 game. Well, if that was NMA’s Steamboat Willie, then they have now produced their own Fantasia in a truly amazing version of the Al Gore sex scandal from 2006. Check out the video after the jump but, be warned: your mind will be blown.

This video teaches us interesting information about the case. Sure, many of us already knew that the former Vice President was accused of “unwanted sexual contact” by a massage therapist in Portland, Oregon, but did any of you know that Gore shoots fire out of his eyes when he doesn’t get his way? After the way the 2000 presidential election turned out, it’s no wonder we have such a global warming problem.

So, if you found the Al Gore sex scandal fascinating but thought it would be more fascinating if it starred characters from The Sims, watch the video. You will not be disappointed.

(h/t Breitbart.tv)