With a big Amazon streaming deal, Berkeley’s journalism program is building a new revenue stream

When it comes to video, it’s a seller’s market for content creators. Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu are locked in a race for content, opening up new revenue opportunities and distribution channels not just for big companies but for smaller production outfits as well. It’s a opportunity that the University of California, Berkeley, hopes to take advantage of. In 2015, the Investigative Reporting Program at the University’s Graduate School of Journalism formed Investigative Reporting Productions (IRP), a nonprofit production company to develop original, one-off journalistic documentaries and docuseries. In its latest move, the organization, which was formally recognized by the university earlier this month, inked its first big distribution deal with Amazon, which said it wanted “first look” rights (meaning that it gets to see new ideas before any other company) to the projects coming out of the organization. It was a big first for Amazon, Continue reading "With a big Amazon streaming deal, Berkeley’s journalism program is building a new revenue stream"

Sharing skills, Vox and ProPublica are teaming up on video production

Over the years, ProPublica has tended to “stick to the things that we know how to do well,” according to Eric Umansky, the nonprofit’s deputy managing editor. One of the areas where it doesn’t have much expertise is video. Vox, meanwhile, has built up substantial reservoir of knowledge when it comes to Internet videos that focus on complex or difficult topics, and it’s begun to look at new ways to partner with other outlets to spread the impact and reach of its video coverage. On Monday, the two organizations announced that they’re teaming up to hire a joint video producer on a year-long appointment (because of the limited-time nature of the job, they’re calling it a fellowship) who will work with Vox’s video team to create videos based on ProPublica’s reporting. “[The person who’s hired] will have the ability to learn from the Vox video team’s culture and be Continue reading "Sharing skills, Vox and ProPublica are teaming up on video production"

Mobile Journalism Isn’t Just Producing Content. It’s Knowing How Mobile Content Affects Engagement.

Story Highlights
  • Mobile analytics are good. Understanding how mobile structures affect mobile analytics is better.
  • Teaching the production of good mobile video is only a part of mobile journalism.
  • Stories with a photo or video followed by pages of text don’t inform scanning mobile users.
If you made it to this sentence and keep reading, that’s due, in part, to your specific interest in mobile and/or journalism. But if a scanning user without such an interest encounters this topic as one in a variety of topics, the structure of this post plays a critical role in user engagement. Researching and teaching mobile journalism to undergraduates since 2011 has provided me with more insights into engagement than any book or webinar could. An audience analytics class later convinced me that the best writing or video alone may not engage the largest mobile audience possible. Complicating the teaching of mobile journalism is “best practices”
Yaros Class
Continue reading "Mobile Journalism Isn’t Just Producing Content. It’s Knowing How Mobile Content Affects Engagement."

DigitalEd: How To Make Social Videos with Impact

Title: How To Make Social Videos with Impact Instructor: Sara Snyder, Freelance Multimedia Journalist Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to produce and edit compelling video for Facebook and Instagram. The social video market is booming. And as the industry grows, who better than you to take your client’s storytelling to the next level? In this tutorial you’ll learn what it takes to make videos that can excite, explain, and entertain in a tight timeline that’s suitable for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Get ready for an action-packed class. Attendees will get an assignment and learn first-hand how to produce and edit a social video within a tight timeframe. Along the way, you’ll learn how to optimize your production workflow for any platform with consideration for resolution, aspect ratio, and titling, so that your audience will WANT to watch your stuff until the end. Students will leave with Continue reading "DigitalEd: How To Make Social Videos with Impact"

Shocking! Video Captures Small Airplane Crash Into Power Lines Outside Seattle

A Seattle driver’s dashcam captured remarkable footage of a small single-engine plane crash in Mukilteo, Washington yesterday. Fortunately, Seattle area police reported no serious injuries. According to the Seattle Times:
The crash was reported at Harbour Pointe Boulevard Southwest and Mukilteo Speedway, according to a department tweet. The single-engine plane crashed about 3:40 p.m. shortly after taking off from nearby Paine Field airport. Police say several cars were damaged in the crash and a subsequent fire. Traffic on Mukilteo Speedway is blocked. Community Transit said it is rerouting buses on routes 113, 417 and 880. The Snohomish County Public Utilities District reported the crash caused a widespread but brief power outage in the area.

Imagine a world without dash cams…so much less compelling video to watch. Watch the footage above courtesy of ABC News.

3 Video Producers on 5 Tips on Setbacks and Success

Being a video producer and editor at a digital media company is both challenging and rewarding. From dealing with breaking news to planning out feature stories, producers have to face their successes and setbacks with an open-mind and innovative spirit. StoryHunter spoke to 3 video producers to get their take: Jesamyn “Sam” Go, the Managing Editor at MSNBC; Vivian Tang, the Editorial Manager and Producer at All Def Digital; and Sadie Bass, the supervising producer at Great Big Story. This piece first appeared on the StoryHunter Video Strategist blog. Here are five takeaways from how they handle the hectic life of the newsroom:

1. Take pride in your own and others’ success.

Sam Go: The biggest success to me is finding and discovering talent. In my years as an editor and manager, I’ve positively influenced the company by helping find and hire the right people — some of them while Continue reading "3 Video Producers on 5 Tips on Setbacks and Success"

RJI Futures Lab #190: Animated GIFs for News

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of the GIF file format. Although GIFs are often used in a lighthearted way, Public Radio International’s global affairs program “The World” uses looping GIF animations as conversation starters to help tell serious news stories. Steven Davy, multimedia editor at “The World,” tells us how they do it. Reporting by Sarah Sabatke, Rachel Wise and Jessica King.

Examples shown in our report: You’ll find more examples from “The World” on PRI’s Giphy page. Rachel Wise is an editor at the Futures Lab at the Reynolds Journalism Institute and co-producer of the weekly Futures Lab video update. RJI Futures Lab web bannerThe Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Futures Lab video update features a roundup of fresh ideas, techniques and developments to help spark innovation and change in newsrooms across all Continue reading "RJI Futures Lab #190: Animated GIFs for News"