It’s mostly older people who watch TV news. Can Netflix and Facebook change that?

If they build it, will the young viewers come? 2018 is likely to finally be the year that more Americans get news online than from TV (we were almost there last year). Right now, it’s primarily an older crowd that watches TV news: 58 percent of those over 65 often get news from cable, for instance, versus just 10 percent of those 18 to 29, according to Pew. But — young people have to get their hard news video somewhere, right? (Uh…right?) Enter Facebook and Netflix. Twin reports yesterday: Facebook is launching a hard news section on its Watch portal (as Campbell Brown had previously suggested at Recode’s Code Media conference). Axios’s Sara Fischer reported that “Facebook is in touch with both legacy and digital-first news publishers to test a daily video feature that would run for at least a year,” and content would need to be at least Continue reading "It’s mostly older people who watch TV news. Can Netflix and Facebook change that?"

WATCH: Two Penguins Find Camera in Antarctica and Manage to Take Painfully Adorable ‘Selfie’

It’s a really good idea to leave cameras filming where penguins can find them, because they take really delightful videos. According to ABC News, Eddie Gault, a member of the Australian Antarctic Program, left his camera at the Auster Rookery, a penguin breeding ground. And two penguins sidled up to it and put all your best Snapchat vids to shame. The Australian Antarctic Program shared the video today, saying that “it didn’t take long for the naturally curious birds to seize the opportunity for a selfie.” Philosophical distinction: A selfie is technically defined as “an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks.” This writer, for one, believes the term refers solely to a still image, so there’s no such animal as a “selfie video.” Discuss. [image via screengrab]

For social publisher LittleThings, Facebook’s “prioritization of friends/family content over publishers was the last straw”

The happy-news-focused, video-dominant, Facebook-dependent publisher LittleThings has some unhappy news. After four years spent accumulating more than 12 million followers on Facebook, doing a lot of video programming (including investment in Facebook Live shows), and building a team of 100 employees across the country, LittleThings is shutting down and laying off all its staff. The closure, announced on Tuesday and first reported by Digiday, is in large part a result of Facebook’s latest news feed changes that re-emphasized friends and family sharing and de-emphasized passive consumption of video. (LittleThings had also been crossposting its shows onto Facebook’s new pet section Watch, though wasn’t monetizing that video, according to Digiday.) LittleThings CEO Joe Spieser and president Gretchen Tibbits wrote in a memo to staff about the company’s closure that Facebook’s news feed changes were “catastrophic” and led to a 75 percent drop in organic traffic for the publisher. “No Continue reading "For social publisher LittleThings, Facebook’s “prioritization of friends/family content over publishers was the last straw”"

With Left Field, NBC News is experimenting with VR, mixed reality, and other new story forms

The future of video at NBC News isn’t at 30 Rockefeller Plaza — it’s at a co-working space off Union Square. NBC Left Field, a 12-person experimental video unit, launched last July with a simple but strategically vital mandate: to experiment with new ways of reporting, producing, and delivering video news, with a special focus on the habits and preferences of younger news consumers. It’s one part digital video unit, one part emerging technology incubator. The unit’s early projects offer a glimpse of what that future might look like. In a recent video about the reality of New Year’s resolutions, Left Field used Tilt Brush, Google’s virtual reality 3D painting technology, to illustrate points in real-time. The video is a follow up to a similar “mixed reality” video that explains the neurological roots of outrage, which was broadcast on Facebook Live. Other videos have recreated the moon landing, tried Continue reading "With Left Field, NBC News is experimenting with VR, mixed reality, and other new story forms"

InVID Wants to Help Journalists Debunk Fake Videos

Since the panic over fake news erupted after the U.S. election and spread into Europe, a number of fact-checking and content verification tools went into development. But there are still few tools dedicated to video verification. InVID, a three-year collaborative project based in Europe, aims to change that.

Denis Teyysou

The goal of InVID, which launched in January 2016, is to help journalists discover and verify newsworthy content on social networks, says Innovation Manager Denis Teyssou. The team’s first project is a video verification browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox. The plugin is designed to be like “a Swiss Army knife,” in the way that it combines several tools in a single unit, he said. It’s being funded through Horizon 2020, a European program that provides funding to innovative projects. Several groups are involved: the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Modul Technology, the Universitat de Lleida, Exo Continue reading "InVID Wants to Help Journalists Debunk Fake Videos"

DigitalEd: Motion Graphics for Social Media

Title: Motion Graphics for Social Media Instructor: Kylos Brannon, Assistant Professor, American University Simple Effective Motion Design for your Social Media Campaign You’ve seen moving ads on your social media feed. Creating your own well designed animations including text, shape, photos and video is easier to achieve than it appears.  Find a way to spice up the campaign for your business, film, nonprofit, or event.   What you’ll learn from this training:
  1. How to create a layered ad
  2. How to animate your ad using a “build” with Photoshop and Premiere
  3. Plan a series of ads that you can schedule for maximum exposure
  4. Tips for easy preparation of your videos and photos
  • Slides
Who should take this training:

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