Commenting on a Conference? Blog it? No, YouTube it.

I spent some time today going through a random selection of the videos of presentations, tweets and blog commentary about the Personal Democracy Forum conference held last week in New York City.  Sort of goes from the insightful to the inane to the downright snarky.  Kind of expected.  But then I happen upon a little nugget, something different.

Here’s Natali, a conference attendee (and senior editor at, who after the first day, and before dinner I presume, wants to provide a little of her own commentary on the conference.  What’s unusual is that she admits to forgoing a blog post, saying that it’ll take too much time, and she won’t need to “obsess about content, wit, structure, grammar and all that stuff.” (Emphasis added.)  And instead she does a video post “to throw it all out there.”

It’s engaging.  Natali’s camera-friendly and thoughtful.  The video post is part commentary, part confessional.  Natali does another video post about the second day.  In it, she admits to playing hookey, attending only the first half of the day, and going for an afternoon jog in Central Park.  (BTW, it rained cats and dogs later in the afternoon.)

Is this the beginning  of a new trend?  Speaking is obviously easier than writing, especially after attending an event, when you just want to do a “brain dump” with friends.  And with making a video post on YouTube so easy now, I’m wondering if we’re going to see more of this.

Michael Wesch on the Anthropology of YouTube

Michael Wesch, a cultural anthropology professor at Kansas State University, gave an extremely well received talk at the recent Personal Democracy Forum.  High quality video of his PDF 2009 talk is not yet available, but below is a longer talk he gave to the Library of Congress entitled “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube.”  While a bit long at an hour, it is worth blocking out the time to watch.

I loved this Lev Grossman quote that was included in presentation:

“Some of the comments on YouTube make you weep for the future of humanity just for the spelling alone, never mind the obscenity and the naked hatred.”

Start watching the video and I bet you’ll make it through the whole thing.

Vid-Biz: iPods, Watchmen, Nielsen

iPod Lineup to Get Video? Whispers of a video camera and pictures of a new case with a camera-friendly hole have blogs buzzing. (TechCrunch) Speaking of i-video, check out this Guide to Video on the iPhone 3GS; exposure, focus, and the “jelly” effect are some of the sample topics discussed in this comprehensive breakdown of video on the device. (the automatic filmmaker)

Watchmen Director’s Cut Leaked to Torrent Sites; version for the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release now online, but since the movie basically bombed, does it matter? (io9)

Nielsen: Video Stats on Tots; among kids ages 2 to 11, 5.1 million boys and 5.2 million girls watched online video in May, but boys watched more streams and spent more time watching videos online. (emailed release)

ViralHeat Comes Out of Private Beta; social media measurement tool scans sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter to see what brands are being discussed. (TechCrunch)

Mobile DTV is One Step Closer; the Advanced Television Systems Committee raised the ATSC-Mobile/Handheld standard to “proposed standard” status, which should keep it on track for being approved by the end of the third quarter. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Jay Leno Wins Cybersquatting Case; a U.N. agency finds Texas man misused “” to direct traffic to a real estate site. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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