The View Has Wacky, Intense Debate About the War on Christmas – in August

President Donald Trump talked about the war on Christmas at a rally in Tampa Tuesday, which was weird. Then on Wednesday, The View talked about the ethics of saying “Merry Christmas” for seven minutes, which was weirder. For some reason, the ladies on the panel latched on to this particular Trump talking point from the Tampa rally, in which he claimed everyone says “Merry Christmas” because of his campaign. “It’s July, why are we talking about Merry Christmas?” Sunny Hostin asked. And that should’ve been the end of it, right? But it wasn’t. “I worked on Fox for years and the war on Christmas is a real siren song to people on the right,” Meghan McCain explained. “I have never once said ‘Merry Christmas’ to anyone anywhere and been told that I offended them, so I always thought it was a little ridiculous.” “But it is something people Continue reading "The View Has Wacky, Intense Debate About the War on Christmas – in August"

Trump Wishes Troops a ‘Very Merry Christmas’: ‘We Say Christmas Again Very Proudly’

Since winning the presidential election last year, Donald Trump has declared victory in the so-called War on Christmas, claiming that people are now once again allowed to say “Merry Christmas.” And it doesn’t appear he’s going to let this claim go anytime soon. In a video conference with troops of the five branches of the military, the president let them know several times that he was wishing them a “very, very Merry Christmas.” He then made sure they knew that he was the one who brought the phrase back. “We say Christmas again very proudly,” Trump boasted before once again telling them to have a “very Merry Christmas.” Reading from a piece of paper on his desk, Trump further stated that they were primed to Continue reading "Trump Wishes Troops a ‘Very Merry Christmas’: ‘We Say Christmas Again Very Proudly’"

5 Ways Trump Can Win the War on Christmas

Donald Trump vowed to end the War on Christmas during last year’s campaign, but now that he’s in the White House, what has he really done to roll back the annual PC onslaught?

Yes, he’s declared it okay to say “Merry Christmas” and his online store is selling $45 dollar Christmas hats, but surely his supporters were hoping for something a little more aggressive.

If he really wants to show them he’s serious, here are 5 things he can do right away.

1. Foreign elves have been taking good, Seasonal American jobs for far too long. Convince Santa to move his workshop from the North Pole to Indianapolis.    

2. Pledge $1.5 billion in supplemental military spending to finally bring NORAD’s Santa Tracker into the 21st century.


3. Revitalize the coal industry to really stick it to those kids on the naughty list.


Continue reading "5 Ways Trump Can Win the War on Christmas"

Watch a Bunch of Religious Leaders Say ‘Happy Holidays’ in New Ad Running on…Fox News

Fox News viewers Monday morning were subjected to a new commercial on the network that likely drew fury from an audience that is no fan of the phrase “happy holidays.” The ad, from the Polish National Foundation, features a series of religious clerics from five different faiths — Roman Catholic, Jewish, Polish Orthodox, Muslim, and Lutheran — thanking the “people of the United States” for helping establish democracy in the country 28 years ago. The Polish religious leaders take turns expressing their own religion’s holidays in their respective languages before all proudly declaring “Happy Holidays!” To regular viewers of Fox & Friends — a show on which the war to save Christmas is being waged on a regular basis, and “Happy Holidays” is seen as the ultimate rallying cry of the godless opposition — the ad will likely feel somewhat out of place. I had to do Continue reading "Watch a Bunch of Religious Leaders Say ‘Happy Holidays’ in New Ad Running on…Fox News"

Jesse Watters Stuns Florida Mayor Suing a Family Over Christmas Lights

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.27.23 PMFox News’ Jesse Watters visited the city of Plantation, Florida, where officials are suing a generous family who turns their home into a must-see light extravaganza for the community each year. The spectacle, complete with hand-made lights and a life-sized carousel draws several hundred visitors per day; the home owners told Watters they use the community-gathering tradition to raise money for charity, estimating $10,000 since they began the display. “The wonderful hearts that these people have to do all this for their community is unbelievable,” Santa Claus said in an interview with Watters. But according to local residents, city mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic wants to charge the homeowners and profit directly from their work.
Watters cornered the mayor outside a grocery store, asking the representative to explain the lawsuit against the Christmas display. The look of near-panic on her Continue reading "Jesse Watters Stuns Florida Mayor Suing a Family Over Christmas Lights"

Fox Analyst on San Bernardino Shooting: ‘Is It a Literal War on Christmas?’

Peter JohnsonFox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. speculated on the motive behind the murder of 14 people in San Bernardino Thursday, wondering on Fox & Friends whether the shoorters were literally waging war on Christmas.
“I don’t want to come to any hasty conclusions at this point,” Johnson said, “But if you look at the dots, if you start to connect them in a way that’s rational and reasonable and not political, based on simple things we know about terrorism, simple things we know about criminal justice then it leads… inescapably to that one horrible conclusion: terror.” “Is it based on politics?” he postulated. “Is it based on religion? Is it based on hate? Is it a literal war on Christmas?” [Image via screengrab]
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Trump Says Everyone Should Say ‘Merry Christmas,’ Forgets His Own ‘Happy Holidays’ History

Donald Trump today declared he wants to see more “Merry Christmas” and less “Happy Holidays.” He said he loves Christmas and doesn’t want to spend money at places that say “Happy Holidays” and promised that if he’s president, everyone will say “Merry Christmas.” Guess how long it took for people to discover some hypocrisy on Trump’s part. First, here’s the video of Trump’s comments:
Now, back in 2012 Trump tweeted about this subject too: But… He also shared what others tweeted at him without correcting them: