Unite the Right Rally Deemed a Dud: More Lime Scooters Than White Nationalists

As Unite the Right protesters descended upon Washington, D.C. to commemorate the one-year anniversary of their 2016 Charlottesville, VA rally that turned deadly, it turned out that only a couple dozen showed up. Reporters on the ground immediately took note of the diluted support on Sunday, tweeting out photos and videos in which police appeared to far outnumber white supremacist demonstrators. Counter-protesters came out in greater numbers, marching through the capital under the watch of heavy police presence, which monitored the crowd to keep any flare ups in check. Jason Kessler, who was in D.C. leading the Unite the Right rally, even admitted his efforts fell flat, according to Mediaite’s Caleb Ecarma. Check out the first-hand accounts and reactions below:

WATCH: Furious Baseball Player Replaces Umpire With Garbage Can in On-Field Meltdown

A minor-league baseball player had a major-league meltdown on Monday night during a confrontation with an umpire. Brennan Metlzer of the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks got extremely indignant when umpire Mike Jarboe called a third strike on him during an at-bat in his team’s game against the Chicago Dogs. Redhawks manager Michael Schlact had to restrain Meltzer as he went on a profane tirade against Jarboe before getting ejected from the game. But even after getting tossed, Metzger wasn’t done. He came back onto the field with a trash can from the dugout, put it behind home plate and told Jarboe “go to your home” before storming off. Somewhere, Lou Piniella is smiling. Watch above. [Image via screengrab] — —
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WATCH: Hundreds of Goats Have Infiltrated an Idaho Neighborhood and Nobody Knows Why

Everyone hold up – there were 100 loose goats in Boise, ID today and there’s video to boot. According to Boise’s KTVB, eyewitnesses reported the herd showing up early in the morning and chewing on people’s lawns, nearby trees, basically everything that goats like to eat — which is LITERALLY ALL THE THINGS. KTVB reports that Animal Control got involved by bringing one solitary truck. Guys, there are 100 goats here. We’re gonna need a bigger truck. About an hour and a half after the Great Goat Invasion of 2018 began, a bigger truck courtesy of We Rent Goats – because Boise, ID – came Continue reading "WATCH: Hundreds of Goats Have Infiltrated an Idaho Neighborhood and Nobody Knows Why"

CNN Confronts QAnon Conspiracists at Trump Rally: ‘You Say Stuff That Doesn’t Mean Anything’

What is QAnon? Not even its strongest supporters really know. CNN’s Gary Tuchman bravely took to a rainy parking lot in Wilkes-Barre, PA to interview the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe Trump outside one of the president’s rallies. The question on his mind: What is QAnon, which he posed to those waiting to enter the rally who touted signs and donned T-shirts with Qs on them. In the main, it’s a right-wing fringe movement based around a string of nuts conspiracy theories, ranging from wacky tales about the Deep State to claims Tom Hanks is one of the leaders of an underground ring of Hollywood pedophiles. “It’s a shift. I can feel it coming,” Trump supporter Timothy Rasmussen told Tuchman. “Some call it the great awakening.” “‘QAnon’ is the people that believe in what Trump’s trying to do to change our country,” another supporter added. Tuchman asked Continue reading "CNN Confronts QAnon Conspiracists at Trump Rally: ‘You Say Stuff That Doesn’t Mean Anything’"

WATCH: Rick Santorum Hilariously Derails CNN Segment by Mishearing the Word ‘Tarrifs’

Look, it’s hard talking politics on TV. You’ve got to have all of facts together, you need to make sure you’re articulating your points well…and then you have to make the best of things when accidents happen because of technological snafus. Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum had an accidentally-funny moment today on CNN while he was participating in a discussion about GOP midterm candidates rushing to fall in line with President Donald Trump‘s agenda. At one point, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow asked Santorum if that strategy would really work for candidates trying to get the vote from constituencies that have been hurt by the president’s tariffs. Apparently, the feed for Santorum wasn’t coming in clear since he couldn’t tell Harlow was asking him about tariffs. And that’s when things fell apart.
Harlow: Rick, could the tariffs complicate all of that? Santorum: Did the what complicate all of that? Harlow: Continue reading "WATCH: Rick Santorum Hilariously Derails CNN Segment by Mishearing the Word ‘Tarrifs’"

WATCH: Uber Driver Launches ‘Disrespectful’ Passenger Into Fountain in Manhattan

This crazy video was posted to Facebook last night, and it shows an Uber driver throwing a man into a fountain in front of the Hilton Midtown in Manhattan. It was captured by a passerby. “Fuck this shit! Don’t disrespect me like that,” shouts the driver to the man he throws. “The fuck you think this shit is! You rich fuck!” The person who caught the incident and posted it on Facebook, Kara Flagg, explained the backstory in the comments section. “Ok so here’s the things you didn’t see leading up to this. The big dude was totally right for doing this,” she wrote. “He was a driver for the little guy. When he was in his truck he kept telling the little guy to stop disrespecting him in his vehicle. Politely and sternly.” That warning went unheeded, apparently, and things escalated. “The little guy kept going and Continue reading "WATCH: Uber Driver Launches ‘Disrespectful’ Passenger Into Fountain in Manhattan"

Kevin McCarthy Demands Twitter Ban House Candidate Who Called Melania Trump a ‘Hoebag’

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called on Twitter to ban a candidate running for Congress who referred to First lady Melania Trump as a “hoebag” in a tweet. The House candidate in question is Mark Roberts, an Independent running to represent Oregon. He has a very bizarre Twitter presence, where he refers to himself as a “superfan” of television personality Andy Cohen. “Did you know the First Lady works by the hour? #thinkdirty #hoebag,” Roberts wrote on Monday. He followed that up with a few more tweets disparaging Melania Trump, and others begging Andy Cohen to retweet him. McCarthy, who is running to replace Paul Ryan as House Speaker, called on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to ban Continue reading "Kevin McCarthy Demands Twitter Ban House Candidate Who Called Melania Trump a ‘Hoebag’"