Trump to Hold Call With Chinese President After Xi’s Secret Summit With North Korean’s Kim Jong Un

Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met in China on Tuesday in a surprise visit by the North Korean leader — and shortly after President Donald Trump tweeted that he would be holding a call with Xi Tuesday morning. Chinese officials confirmed that Xi and Kim met in the northeastern city of Dalian on Monday and Tuesday, for talks and a seaside stroll. The summit marks the third time Kim has left the hermit kingdom. Minutes after reports on the meeting hit the U.S. news, Trump tweeted that he would be holding a call with his “friend” Xi:

Trump: Chinese Prez Appreciates U.S. Handling North Korea Diplomatically Over ‘Ominous Alternative’

President Trump has once again hinted at “ominous” things in dealing with North Korea. In a tweet this morning about his call with Chinese President Xi Jinping (misspelled by Trump as “Xinping”), the President said Xi appreciates the U.S. taking the diplomatic route: UPDATE –– 11:17 am ET: The tweet was taken down and corrected with the corrected spelling: