YouTube Tweets ‘Open Letter’ In Response To Logan Paul Video: ‘Suicide is Not a Joke’

YouTube is finally commenting on Logan Paul‘s controversial video released last month.

On New Year’s Eve, social media celebrity Logan Paul uploaded a vlog to his popular YouTube channel containing the recently-deceased corpse of a man who had committed suicide by hanging in the “suicide forest” in Japan.

The video received intense backlash and was quickly taken down. It’s been over a week since the video was removed from the site and YouTube is finally releasing their statement saying, “suicide is not a joke:”

Bonjour! Watch This Incredible Performer Sing Every Part of ‘Belle’ From Beauty and the Beast

If you’re not familiar with the opening number from the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, it involves an entire village welcoming viewers to the “poor provincial town” while at the same time introducing us to the “peculiar” heroine Belle. And if you’ve seen Beauty and the Beast either on-screen or on Broadway, then you’d know the song literally involves dozens of performers, many of whom have solos. Now imagine taking on the entire song all by yourself. Well, you don’t have to imagine it at all… because someone already did it. Earlier this month, Brian Esposito took it upon himself to perform every single role in “Belle,” from the baker, Gaston, LeFou, and even Belle herself during a live performance in a NYC diner. Esposito, a self-desribed “actor, singer, and waiter extraordinaire” works as a server at Ellen’s Stardust Diner and has apparently given numerous live performances. But his recent Continue reading "Bonjour! Watch This Incredible Performer Sing Every Part of ‘Belle’ From Beauty and the Beast"

Top 10 Media Stories of 2017: #MeToo, Pivot to Reality, Election Meddling on Social Media

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We thought 2016 was a crazy year for the media industry, but somehow 2017 proved to be even more so. From President Donald Trump threatening members of the press to the tech platforms revealing they’d sold advertising to Russian operatives trying to sway the electorate, there was never a slow news day. Below are 10 of the biggest media stories from a year of very big stories.

1. #MeToo Sexual Harassment Stories in Media, Digital Media, Tech

In early October, two stories in the New York Times and the New Yorker detailed allegations that Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein had sexually harassed and assaulted women for decades. The number of accusers continued to grow, and now more than 80 women allege that he harassed them. Days later, BuzzFeed published a story about the “Shitty Men in Media” list, a Google spreadsheet that
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‘Harlem Shake’ Creators Threaten Legal Action Against FCC Chief Over Anti-Net Neutrality Video

If you’re one of those people who are really concerned about the end of Net Neutrality, you might’ve seen Ajit Pai‘s really weird, meme-packed video about why the Internet is not actually going to die. If you haven’t seen it yet, however, you might care to do so before it gets hit by copyright strikes. DJ Harry Rodrigues (better known as Baauer) announced on Twitter yesterday that he does not approve of how Pai’s video featured his 2012 viral sensation “Harlem Shake.” Baauer announced that he would take legal action. His threat was repeated by Mad Decent, the record label that worked with him on the song:

Roy Moore STILL Won’t Concede AL Senate Race: ‘The Battle Rages On’

Roy Moore apparently still thinks he has a chance. The GOP candidate released a video statement late Wednesday declaring that he has not conceded the election that was called for Democratic candidate Doug Jones. “And the battle rages on,” Moore said. “In this race, we have not received the final count the final count​ to include ​military and provisional ballots. This has been a very close race and we are awaiting certification by the Secretary of State.” He went on to say that the country’s “heart and soul is at stake” and that he was “concerned about the future of our country. Both financially and morally.” According to the latest results, Jones leads Moore 49.9% to 48.4%, a margin of more than 20,000 voters. Watch the clip above, via Judge Roy Moore.

Publishers’ Secret Weapon Against Facebook & Google: Brand Safety

By now, you know about the recent brand safety crises surrounding Facebook and YouTube, where brand ads were displayed alongside controversial or inappropriate content. There’s been no shortage of backlash. In fact, the anger among marketers was so great that YouTube lost five percent of its top advertisers before its most recent NewFronts course-correct instilled enough confidence in marketers to rethink abandoning the platform altogether. In the wake of this controversy, publishers are presented with a unique opportunity to capitalize on the increasing importance of brand safety and credibility. They’re now in prime position to attract advertisers over many powerful competitors. Publishers can lean on promises of brand safety to calm the nerves of buyers, and win business over the biggest social platforms. But what does marketing brand safety look like, exactly? What tactics and approaches can be emphasized? Here are the top ways that publishers can present themselves as
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MediaShift Podcast #247: Tech Giants Under Scrutiny in DC; Amazon an Ad Powerhouse; Politico’s Cally Baute on Subscription Biz

In the news this week, executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter faced the angry music in Washington, with senators upset at the tech platforms for their slow response to Russian ads that sowed discord during the election. The execs promised to do better, but lawmakers might regulate them instead. Amazon passed an important milestone, selling more than $1 billion in online ads in the last quarter. And as more media men are caught up in sexual harassment charges, Nick Denton points out how his old site Gawker had gossip on many of the miscreants ahead of the deeper reporting. Our Metric of the Week is Flyby Readers, and Politico’s Cally Baute talks tough competition for political news online, and their high-priced subscription products. Don’t have a lot of time to spare, but still want to get a roundup of the week’s top news? Then check out our Digital Media Brief
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