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Roger Stone Slams House Intelligence Committee ‘Pussies’, Jon Levine, 2017/03/22, 11:28

Pelvic floor exercise device maker Elvie receives £6m funding to launch more products, Cara McGoogan, 2017/03/22, 11:28

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Women Are Dropping Domestic Abuse Cases Out of Fear They’ll Be Deported, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/03/22, 08:43

Plans for London-Paris electric flight in ‘next decade’ unveiled , Mark Molloy, 2017/03/22, 08:41

Paul Manafort Reportedly Advanced Pro-Putin Agenda, Contradicting Claims He Never Worked For Russia, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/03/22, 08:30

Quarterly Ad Revenues Jump 45% at Chinese Internet Giant Tencent, Kate Kaye, 2017/03/22, 08:30

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Toobin Defends Trump’s Attacks on Judges: ‘I Do it All the Time’, Jon Levine, 2017/03/22, 08:01

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‘Keep My Kids’ Name Out of Your Mouth’: LeBron James Goes Off on LaVar Ball, Joe DePaolo, 2017/03/22, 07:06

‘Keep My Kids’ Name Out of Your Mouth’: LeBron James Goes Off on LaVar Ball, Joe DePaolo, 2017/03/22, 07:06

Nobody Can Believe Sarah Palin Is Mad at Colin Kaepernick For Donating to Meals on Wheels, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/03/22, 07:05

Nobody Can Believe Sarah Palin Is Mad at Colin Kaepernick For Donating to Meals on Wheels, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/03/22, 07:05

Dan Abrams to Wyclef Jean on His Run In With Police: Cops ‘Not Necessarily Wrong’, Jon Levine, 2017/03/22, 07:02

Dan Abrams to Wyclef Jean on His Run In With Police: Cops ‘Not Necessarily Wrong’, Jon Levine, 2017/03/22, 07:02

Facebook Just Changed the Mobile Web Landscape With Header Bidding, Kate Kaye, 2017/03/22, 07:00

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When do the clocks go forward? What time does British summer begin in 2017 and why do we have Daylight Saving Time?, Cameron Macphail, 2017/03/22, 03:07

When do the clocks go forward? What time does British summer begin in 2017 and why do we have Daylight Saving Time?, Cameron Macphail, 2017/03/22, 03:07

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Chris Matthews: Senate Democrats Should Reject Gorsuch, ‘It’s Not His Turn, It’s Merrick Garland’s’, Josh Feldman, 2017/03/21, 17:42

GOP Sen. Mike Lee: House Should Cancel Health Care Bill Vote ‘Because They Don’t Have the Votes’, Josh Feldman, 2017/03/21, 17:02

Tech sector growing faster than UK economy with 72pc of investment outside London, report says, Cara McGoogan, 2017/03/21, 17:01

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Charlie Warzel Profiles Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera, John Gruber, 2017/03/20, 18:38

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Street Style: SXSW, The New York Times, 2017/03/20, 14:50

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Sean Spicer Scolds ABC’s Jon Karl After Interrupting Another Reporter, Matthew Balan, 2017/03/20, 11:25

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CNN’s Brian Stelter Slams Donald Trump For Being A ‘Fox News Presidency’, Carla Herreria, 2017/03/18, 18:49

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Chris Pratt’s ‘What’s My Snack’ Videos Are the Food TV You Didn’t Know You Needed, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/03/17, 14:34

Chris Pratt’s ‘What’s My Snack’ Videos Are the Food TV You Didn’t Know You Needed, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/03/17, 14:34

Chris Pratt’s ‘What’s My Snack’ Videos Are the Food TV You Didn’t Know You Needed, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/03/17, 14:34

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Google Doodle Pays Tribute To Star Wars Filming Site on St. Patrick’s Day, Matthew Balan, 2017/03/17, 14:30

Google Doodle Pays Tribute To Star Wars Filming Site on St. Patrick’s Day, Matthew Balan, 2017/03/17, 14:30

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‘I Will Forever Regret’: Donna Brazile Admits She Gave Debate Questions to Clinton Campaign, Ken Meyer, 2017/03/17, 13:41

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Readers Sent The Washington Post Pizza Yesterday…, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/03/17, 13:39

Watch the Controversial Call in the Arkansas-Seton Hall Game That Has Twitter Screaming, Joe DePaolo, 2017/03/17, 13:29

Watch the Controversial Call in the Arkansas-Seton Hall Game That Has Twitter Screaming, Joe DePaolo, 2017/03/17, 13:29

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