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Nicolle Wallace Rips Fox’s Jesse Watters for Saying Most Americans Don’t Care About Mueller Report, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/23, 07:44

Marine Corps General Slams Trump in Leaked Memos for Deploying Troops to Border, Emergency Declaration, Colin Kalmbacher, 2019/03/23, 07:29

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Barbra Streisand Claims Michael Jackson’s Alleged Sexual Abuse Victims Were were ‘Thrilled to be There’, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/22, 20:42

Bill Maher: ‘Did the Democrats Put Too Much Trust in the Mueller Report?’, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/22, 19:59

Maher: Chelsea Clinton Apologizing to Activists Shows ‘Everything That’s Wrong with the Left Today’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/22, 19:38

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Tucker Carlson: Trump Should Pardon Roger Stone ‘Very Soon’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/22, 18:39

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CNN: White House Is Celebrating a ‘Win’ With a ‘Fair Amount of Glee’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/22, 17:54

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Chris Wallace Shuts Down Pro-Trump Guest’s Talking Points on Mueller: ‘Height of Rushing to Judgment’, Aidan McLaughlin, 2019/03/22, 16:03

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DOJ Official: Mueller Not Recommending Any Further Indictments, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/22, 15:07

AT&T’s ‘5G E’ Is Actually Slower Than Verizon and T-Mobile 4G, Study Finds, John Gruber, 2019/03/22, 15:01

Schumer and Pelosi: Bill Barr Must Not Give Trump or His Team a ‘Sneak Preview’ of Mueller’s Findings, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/22, 14:55

Chuck Todd Panel Goes Off After Mueller Report Finally Submitted: ‘He Caught a Lot of Witches’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/22, 14:35

AG Barr Could Advise Congress on Mueller Report ‘As Soon as This Weekend’, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/22, 14:33

WATCH: Cable News Pundits Speculate Wildly About the Mueller Report Hours Before It’s Finally Submitted, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/22, 14:11

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Pinterest Is Rare ‘Unicorn’ Preparing an I.P.O. Without Hemorrhaging Cash, ERIN GRIFFITH, 2019/03/22, 13:54

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Mueller Speculation on TV Gives Way to Hard News. Then It’s Back to Speculation., JOHN KOBLIN, 2019/03/22, 13:33

U.S. Deserves A Leader As Good As New Zealand Prime Minister: NYT Editorial Board, Media, 2019/03/22, 13:23

Ret. Admiral John Kirby: Trump’s Abrupt North Korea Reversal is ‘Dangerous Way to Do Diplomacy’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/22, 13:22

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Fox’s Dagen McDowell Pummels Trump For His McCain Smears: ‘Petty, Mean, and Appalling’, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/22, 11:47

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Gloria Borger Left Utterly Perplexed By Trump’s North Korea Tweet: ‘New Level of Dysfunction’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/22, 11:47

Twitter Left Dumbfounded After Trump’s Sudden Nixing of North Korea-Related Sanctions: ‘This is a Clusterf*ck’, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/22, 11:43

Trump Declares the ISIS Caliphate Has Been Officially Defeated, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/22, 11:21

Sarah Sanders: Trump Reversed on North Korea Because He ‘Likes Chairman Kim,’ Thinks Sanctions Not ‘Necessary’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/22, 11:13

Trump REVERSES North Korea Sanctions Just Hours After His Own Government Announced Them, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/22, 11:05

Tomi Lahren Dishes Out Some Unlikely Praise: ‘Never Thought I’d Say This But Trevor Noah Has Been on Fire’, Joe DePaolo, 2019/03/22, 10:43

Roger Stone Is Still Doing Interviews, Takes the Opportunity to Call Another Investigation a ‘Fishing Expedition’, Matt Naham, 2019/03/22, 10:35

Uber gives Nasdaq cold shoulder as it chooses NYSE for 0bn listing, James Titcomb, 2019/03/22, 10:35

CBS News Won’t Speculate Over Future Of Gayle King’s Contract, Media, 2019/03/22, 10:27

Pompeo: It’s ‘Possible’ Trump Was Raised By God to ‘Save the Jewish People From the Iranian Menace’, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/22, 10:11

Birth of Trump Nation: Trump Launched Racist Birther Crusade 9 Years Ago on The View, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/22, 10:09

Mediaite is Hiring a Night Editor, Mediaite, 2019/03/22, 09:55

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Facebook stopped a Bangladeshi ad farm targeting Utah in the midterms, Ad Age – Digital, 2019/03/22, 09:35

White House Tried to Stop Fox’s Maria Bartiromo From Asking Trump About McCain, Aidan McLaughlin, 2019/03/22, 09:31

Three Former Chiefs of SDNY Office Investigating Hush Payment Say Sitting President Can Be Indicted, Matt Naham, 2019/03/22, 09:10

Rudy Giuliani Blasts ‘Phony’ Steele Dossier by Citing … Wikipedia?, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/22, 09:04

Hating In Plain Sight, WNYC Studios, 2019/03/22, 09:00

Brit Hume Rips Trump’s ‘Repellant’ Attacks On McCain: ‘Picked a Fight With a Dead Man and Lost’, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/22, 08:52

John Roberts Says Trump Not Happy with Fox Over McCain Questions: ‘Glared at Me Like Never I’ve Seen Him Glare’ Before, Caleb Howe, 2019/03/22, 08:42

Journalist Talia Lavin Calls Out Fox’s Ingraham For Labeling Her ‘Journo-Terrorist’: ‘Insane and Irresponsible’, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/22, 08:23

Wife of Ex-Trump Aide Rob Porter Blasts Husband: Hasn’t Done the Work to Earn Redemption After Abuse Scandal, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/22, 08:08

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The Saturday Profile: 5 Popes, 150 Papal Trips and One Stern Lecture for Bishops, ELISABETTA POVOLEDO, 2019/03/22, 07:39

Ex-Rupert Murdoch Executive Quit Over Fox News’ Racism And Islamophobia, Media, 2019/03/22, 07:22

Ex-Rupert Murdoch Executive Quit Over Fox News’ Racism And Islamophobia, editor, 2019/03/22, 07:22

George Conway Unleashes on ‘Those Who Shamelessly Defend’ Trump … One Day After Kellyanne Defends Trump, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/22, 07:10

Mark Levin: Democrats Would Build Sniper Towers If Immigrants Voted Republican, Media, 2019/03/22, 07:02

‘Kill or Be Killed’: Inside the Ad Boycotts and Power Transfers Shaping the New Fox News, Aidan McLaughlin, 2019/03/22, 06:46

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Says Right-Wing Media Is to Blame for the Violent Threats Against Her, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/22, 06:32

R. Kelly Reportedly Wants to See Alleged Sex Tapes of Him and Underage Girl, Ronn Blitzer, 2019/03/22, 06:25

Dan Rather Issues Chilling Warning About Fox News And Radio Moscow, Media, 2019/03/22, 06:06

Nokia launches probe into possible compliance issues which ‘could result in penalties’, Hannah Boland, 2019/03/22, 05:56

Facebook and Google are giving more lip service (and boot camps) to local news, Christine Schmidt, 2019/03/22, 05:51

Facebook and Google are giving more lip service (and boot camps) to local news, Christine Schmidt, 2019/03/22, 05:51

The “backfire effect” is mostly a myth, a broad look at the research suggests, Laura Hazard Owen, 2019/03/22, 05:48

Morning Joe Urges Trump Supporters to Reevaluate: Either Trump is ‘Lying or He’s Losing His Mind’, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/22, 05:04

Morning Joe Urges Trump Supporters to Reevaluate: Either Trump is ‘Lying or He’s Losing His Mind’, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/22, 05:04

After New Zealand, is it time for Facebook Live to be shut down?, Jennifer Grygiel, 2019/03/22, 05:00

WATCH: Trump Fumes and Calls Fox’s Maria Bartiromo ‘Fake News’ for Grilling Him on McCain Attacks, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/22, 04:49

Trump: ‘People Will Not Stand For It’ if Mueller’s Report is Against Me, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/22, 03:54

Trump: ‘People Will Not Stand For It’ if Mueller’s Report is Against Me, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/22, 03:54

Trump: ‘People Will Not Stand For It’ if Mueller’s Report is Against Me, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/22, 03:54

Jedediah Bila to Dems: ‘I Would Be Very Careful’ About Pulling Out of AIPAC, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/22, 03:51

Fever Pitch: Speculation Rampant That Mueller Report Will Drop At Any Minute, Media, 2019/03/22, 01:05

WATCH: Hundreds Link Arms to Symbolically Guard New Zealand Mosque During Friday Prayers, Caleb Howe, 2019/03/21, 23:02

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Mark Levin Visits Hannity, Goes Off Over 2020 Democrat Hopefuls: ‘This is a Sick Party! These are Sick People!’, Caleb Howe, 2019/03/21, 20:04

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Eric Bolling Films Confrontation With Man Who Smeared His Late Son, Caleb Howe, 2019/03/21, 18:23

Lou Dobbs Doubles Down: McCain Fair Game, Trump Attack Not an ‘Exhumation of His Body, For God Sake!’, Joe DePaolo, 2019/03/21, 17:53

Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text for Years, John Gruber, 2019/03/21, 17:49

MSNBC’s Ari Melber: It’s a ‘Huge Win’ For Trump if Mueller Doesn’t Conclude Criminal Conspiracy With Russia, Joe DePaolo, 2019/03/21, 17:03

Key Factors to Keep in Mind While Waiting for Robert Mueller’s Russia Report, Matt Naham, 2019/03/21, 15:35

The Five Wonders What George Conway is Trying to Get from Trump Feud: ‘Maybe he’s Angling for a CNN Contributorship’, Caleb Howe, 2019/03/21, 15:25

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Fuckjerry sued again, this time for stealing a meme, Kate Kaye, 2019/03/21, 14:25

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‘Apex Legends’ boosts EA as gamers spend more on publishers, Ad Age – Digital, 2019/03/21, 14:18

Trump Battles With Maria Bartiromo Over McCain: ‘Mr. President, He’s Dead. He Can’t Punch Back’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/21, 14:14

John McCain Torpedoed Trump’s Attempt to Get Federal Aid For Luxury Housing in 1996, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/21, 13:41

Dem Congressman Accuses Media of Being ‘Agents of the Republican Party’ on Morning Joe, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/21, 13:26

Is Everyone Missing the Real Reason Trump is Outrageously Attacking John McCain?, John Ziegler, 2019/03/21, 13:17

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Stands Up to Trump: ‘Stop Talking About Senator McCain’, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/21, 13:03

Tech Fix: Facebook Did Not Securely Store Passwords. Here’s What You Need to Know., BRIAN X. CHEN, 2019/03/21, 12:57

MSNBC’s Katy Tur: Regardless of Collusion, Mueller Already Has ‘Quite a Bit’ on Trump, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/21, 12:50

Mediaite Interviews Trey Yingst, Fox News’ Foreign Correspondent in Israel, Evan Rosenfeld, 2019/03/21, 12:48

Report: NFL Paid Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid Less Than Million to Settle Collusion Grievance, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/21, 12:18

Pinterest poaches Walmart’s chief technology officer, Kate Kaye, 2019/03/21, 12:15

John Podhoretz Apologizes for Joke About Bombing Journalism Schools: ‘I Regret My Attacks’, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/21, 12:07

Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Fox & Friends Segment Calling Her ‘Manchurian Candidate’: I Pay Staff to Do Their Jobs, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/21, 11:53

Trump: It’s Time for United States to Recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli Territory, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/21, 11:31

Jewish Foundation Considers Legal Action Against NYTimes Over ‘Intentionally Defamatory Article’ About Philanthropist, Ronn Blitzer, 2019/03/21, 11:04

Jared Kushner Reportedly Used Encrypted Messaging Service WhatsApp For Official Government Business on Regular Basis, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/21, 10:59

CNN Panel Dings Hickenlooper For Saying He Doesn’t Care Whether His Running Mate is Female: ‘That’s Not the World We Live In’, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/21, 10:49

Meghan McCain Once Asked Trump For Campaign Job and Trump Said ‘I Love it!’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/21, 10:48

Lindsey Graham Makes Wishy-Washy Statement on Trump-McCain Feud: I Don’t Like When POTUS ‘Says These Things’, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/21, 10:30

Tech Fix: Facebook Did Not Securely Store Passwords. Here’s What You Need to Know., BRIAN X. CHEN, 2019/03/21, 10:15

Law&Crime is Now Available on Sony’s Playstation Vue Platform, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/21, 09:39

Gawker Names Dan Peres as Editor in Chief, Hoping to Breathe Life Back Into Site, JULIA JACOBS, 2019/03/21, 09:36

★ The New iPad Mini, John Gruber, 2019/03/21, 09:34

WATCH: Meghan McCain Torches Kellyanne Conway For ‘Gross’ Interview Amid Her Husband’s Feud With Trump, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/21, 09:04

The View Absolutely Destroys Trump For Newest McCain Attacks: ‘YOU PATHOLOGICAL PRESIDENT! LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!’, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/21, 08:50

Facebook stored ‘hundreds of millions’ of passwords in plain text for years, James Cook, 2019/03/21, 08:49

Beto O’Rourke Insists America Doesn’t ‘Need Any Walls’ Because They Solve ‘A Problem We Do Not Have’, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/21, 08:41

Beto O’Rourke Insists America Doesn’t ‘Need Any Walls’ Because They Solve ‘A Problem We Do Not Have’, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/21, 08:41

Why are digital newsrooms unionizing now? “This generation is tired of hearing that this industry requires martyrdom”, Steven Greenhouse, 2019/03/21, 08:26

Why are digital newsrooms unionizing now? “This generation is tired of hearing that this industry requires martyrdom”, Steven Greenhouse, 2019/03/21, 08:26

CNN Gets Savaged for Kellyanne Conway ‘Puff Piece’: Like Celebrating Goebbels as ‘Badass of Berlin’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/21, 08:22

Twitter Mocks Potential Biden-Abrams Ticket: Former Veep Trying to Show He Isn’t ‘Just Another Old White Guy’, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/21, 08:00

The New Humanitarian (no longer an acronymed UN agency) wants to move humanitarian crisis journalism beyond its wonky, depressing roots, Laura Hazard Owen, 2019/03/21, 07:45

Dana Loesch Bashes CNN’s Award-Winning Parkland Town Hall for Allowing Officials to Shift Blame: ‘They Ran Defense’, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/21, 07:36

Watch: Devin Nunes Justifies Protesters Using N-Word on Rep. John Lewis During 2010 Obamacare Fight, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/21, 07:10

Tech Fix: I Deleted Facebook Last Year. Here’s What Changed (and What Didn’t)., editor, 2019/03/21, 06:34

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Rips Trump’s McCain Attacks: ‘Makes Absolutely No Sense’, Media, 2019/03/21, 06:30

CNN’s Berman Grills GOP Rep. on Trump’s Attacks on McCain: ‘What Does That Have to Do With His Funeral?’, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/21, 06:26

Kellyanne Conway Bashes Her Husband on Fox: ‘You Air Your Grievances in Private’, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/21, 06:00

DNC Lawyers Dunk on Carter Page Over and Over Again for ‘Irrelevant’ Court Filings in Dossier Lawsuit, Ronn Blitzer, 2019/03/21, 05:59

Tencent records its sharpest ever profit decline after gaming freeze, Tom Hoggins, 2019/03/21, 05:57

Kilmeade Pans Trump’s Slam on McCain Funeral: ‘Makes Absolutely No Sense’, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/21, 05:02

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Scores Time Magazine Cover: ‘The Phenom’, Media, 2019/03/21, 04:46

Research from Canada suggests journalists’ creed can withstand government support, Heather Rollwagen and Ivor Shapiro, 2019/03/21, 03:00

Miller Lite gets medieval on Bud Light. And Europe punishes Google: Thursday Wake-Up Call, Kate Kaye, 2019/03/21, 03:00

Tech Fix: I Deleted Facebook Last Year. Here’s What Changed (and What Didn’t)., BRIAN X. CHEN, 2019/03/21, 02:00

Tech Fix: I Deleted Facebook Last Year. Here’s What Changed (and What Didn’t)., BRIAN X. CHEN, 2019/03/21, 02:00

Fox News Hosts Tear Into Donald Trump Over John McCain Attacks, Media, 2019/03/21, 01:40

David Letterman Reveals The One Question He’d Now Ask Donald Trump, Media, 2019/03/21, 01:00

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Colbert to Tucker Carlson: ‘Please Don’t Reproduce’, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/20, 21:26

Seth Meyers Scorches Trump: You’re ‘The Last Person Who Should Call Anyone the Husband from Hell’, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/20, 20:23

Ocasio-Cortez Lights Up Laura Ingraham, Fox News in Tweetstorm For Mocking Pronunciation of Her Name, Joe DePaolo, 2019/03/20, 19:33

John Podhoretz Pulls Plug on His Twitter After Backlash to Controversial Tweet, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/20, 19:15

Katie Couric Went On A Blind Date Once With Cory Booker: ‘We Didn’t Kiss’, Media, 2019/03/20, 18:29

Omarosa Rips ‘Not Stable’ Trump: McCain Attacks Show He Can Be ‘Triggered,’ He Shouldn’t Have the Nuclear Codes, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/20, 17:38

Trump Reportedly Wants Robert Kraft at WH Ceremony For Super Bowl-Winning Patriots, Aides Said to Be Freaked, Joe DePaolo, 2019/03/20, 17:26

Lou Dobbs Defends Trump: ‘Asinine’ for Republicans to Attack Him Over McCain Comments, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/20, 16:44

Ex-Fox News Journalist Diana Falzone Reportedly Hands Over Docs to Congress Related to Spiked Stormy Daniels Story, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/20, 16:35

Fmr Spa Owner Denies Selling Access to Trump: I’m Being Targeted Because I’m a Chinese Republican, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/20, 15:56

Chuck Todd on Trump Attacking McCain: His Base Loves This Stuff Because It Makes ‘Liberals Cry’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/20, 15:16

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Trump Hates That McCain is a ‘Hero’ and He Was a ‘Weasel’ During Vietnam, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/20, 15:14

Ex-GOP Rep. Blasts ‘Manchild’ Trump: ‘No Amount of Fred Trump’s Money’ Can Buy Him the Honor or Integrity of John McCain, Caleb Howe, 2019/03/20, 14:52

Fox’s Cavuto Blows Up at Trump 2016 Aide Over McCain: Doesn’t Bother You That He May Have Lied About a ‘Dead Man?!’, Joe DePaolo, 2019/03/20, 14:36

Maria Butina’s Legal Bills Are Being Paid by a Russian Who Has Supported Texas Independence, Colin Kalmbacher, 2019/03/20, 14:34

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New Paid Apple News Service Said to Feature Wall Street Journal, MIKE ISAAC, 2019/03/20, 14:03

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Trump Trashed for Invoking McCain’s Funeral in Latest Attacks on the Late Senator: ‘What the Actual F*ck?’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/20, 13:43

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CNN’s Gloria Borger: Trump Calling George Conway ‘Husband From Hell?’ Would We Say He’s Been the ‘Greatest Husband?’, Joe DePaolo, 2019/03/20, 13:08

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With vast records of police misconduct now public, California news outlets are collaborating instead of competing, Joshua Benton, 2019/03/20, 11:02

Tomi Lahren Says ‘Liberal Indoctrination’ Starts In Elementary School, Media, 2019/03/20, 10:18

Jake Phelps Dies at 56; as Thrasher Editor, a Skateboarding Guru, WILLY STALEY, 2019/03/20, 10:12

50,000 first-time donors? Here’s how four nonprofit organizations used NewsMatch to the fullest, Christine Schmidt, 2019/03/20, 08:49

Kidfluencers’ rampant YouTube marketing is a minefield for Google, Ad Age – Digital, 2019/03/20, 08:10

Apple unveils new AirPods with Siri access, 50pc longer talk time and wireless charging, James Cook, 2019/03/20, 06:36

Google slapped with .7 billion fine from European regulators, Kate Kaye, 2019/03/20, 06:30

Cindy McCain Shares Horrifying Message She Received After Trump Panned Her Husband, Mediaite, 2019/03/20, 05:23

CNN’s Toobin Rips GOP’s ‘Pathetic’ Silence on Trump’s McCain Attacks: ‘Unbelievable Cowards’ Afraid of Primaries, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/20, 05:15

‘Husband From Hell!’: Trump Tears Into ‘Mr. Kellyanne’, George Conway Fires Back, Aidan McLaughlin, 2019/03/20, 04:59

Joe Scarborough Slams GOP for Condoning Trump’s McCain Attacks: ‘A Sickness in the Republican Party’, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/20, 04:11

Tucker Carlson Forgets Own Remarks, Says U.S. Is ‘Not A Very Racist Country’, Media, 2019/03/20, 03:41

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Bernard Krisher, Free Press Champion in Cambodia, Dies at 87, SETH MYDANS, 2019/03/19, 23:23

Laura Ingraham and Guest Mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez For Using ‘Latina’ Pronunciation of Her Name, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/19, 22:08

Stephen Colbert Responds to Devin Nunes Lawsuit By Creating Another Nunes Parody Account, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/19, 21:36

Tucker Carlson Claims America Isn’t Racist Because ‘We’ve Had a Ton of Intermarriages’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/19, 21:02

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Ret. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Trump’s Attacks on McCain a ‘Classic Case of Male Fears of Inadequacy’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/19, 19:23

Anderson Cooper to Trump Defender’s ‘Punching Back’ Excuse for McCain Attacks: ‘He’s Punching a Person Who’s Dead’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/19, 18:58

CNN’s Toobin: ‘Absurd’ to Equate Rep. Omar’s ‘Silly Statement’ to Trump’s ‘Racist and Bigoted Tirades’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/19, 18:19

Liz Mair Speaks Out After Being Sued by Devin Nunes: ‘The First Amendment Is Incredibly Important’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/19, 18:00

Devin Nunes Defends Twitter Lawsuit From Fox News’ Napolitano Dismissing It, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/19, 17:29

Devin Nunes Defends Twitter Lawsuit From Fox News’ Napolitano Dismissing It, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/19, 17:29

Trump Shares Clip of Fox Host Saying POTUS Has Every Right to Call ‘Fake News’ the ‘Enemy of the American People’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/19, 17:15

Ted Koppel: Trump’s Perception That the ‘Establishment Press’ Is ‘Out to Get Him’ Is ‘Not Mistaken’, Caleb Howe, 2019/03/19, 16:25

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The New Zealand Attack Posed New Challenges for Journalists. Here Are the Decisions The Times Made., HANNA INGBER, 2019/03/19, 14:44

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Pringles has nearly doubled its investment in esports, Kate Kaye, 2019/03/19, 13:46

Pringles nearly doubles its investment in esports, Kate Kaye, 2019/03/19, 13:46

Beto O’Rourke Criticized ‘Extravagant’ Federal Government in 2012: ‘We Have To Look at Cutting’ Spending, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/19, 13:39

Facebook pays m after claims it allowed job adverts to block ethnic minorities, Margi Murphy, 2019/03/19, 12:57

Brother of Bezos Girlfriend Speaks Out: Admits to ‘Deal’ With Enquirer, Doesn’t Address Reported 0K Contract, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/19, 12:45

‘7 Rings’ Is a Hit for Ariana Grande, and a Knockout for Rodgers and Hammerstein, BEN SISARIO, 2019/03/19, 12:16

Wendy Williams Returns to Her Show, Reveals She Was in Rehab Recovering From Cocaine Addiction, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/19, 12:12

Facebook’s next big business? Instagram starts selling goods inside its app, Olivia Feld, 2019/03/19, 12:06

Rep. Steve Cohen Says Electoral College Was ‘Conceived in Sin’: Designed For Slave States to Keep Power, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/19, 12:05

Trump Applauds Brazilian President Bolsonaro for Comments About ‘Fake News’: ‘Very Proud’ to Hear, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/19, 11:58

Jim Acosta Incorrectly Mocks ‘Socialist’ Question Asked by Daily Caller Reporter: He ‘Served Up a Softball’, Colby Hall, 2019/03/19, 11:56

Trump Rails Against ‘Discrimination’ of Conservatives: Between Social Media Censorship and ‘Fake News’ it’s a ‘Stacked Deck’, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/19, 11:52

Fox Contributor: Comic Book For Undocumented Kids Incites ‘Lawlessness’, Media, 2019/03/19, 11:48

George Conway Hits Back at Trump, Shares Details of Their Conversations: He ‘Went On and On’ About John Bolton’s Mustache, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/19, 11:34

MSNBC Panel Shreds Trump’s Attacks on McCain: ‘It is Beneath the Office of the President’, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/19, 11:06

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Fox News Katie Pavlich Defends America for Ending Slavery ‘Within 150 Years’, Colby Hall, 2019/03/19, 10:52

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WATCH LIVE: Trump Holds News Conference With Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/19, 10:26

Third of British voters would prefer AI to lead the country rather than a politician, Harry de Quetteville, 2019/03/19, 09:58

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis Rejoins Hoover Institution at Stanford University, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/19, 09:49

Huckabee ‘So Proud’ of Nunes Lawsuit Against Twitter: They’re a ‘Contributing Force to the Democratic Party’, Caleb Howe, 2019/03/19, 09:47

Trump Renews Attacks on ‘Disgraceful’ John McCain: I Was Never a Fan of His and ‘I Never Will Be’, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/19, 09:44

YouTube Terminates Account Hosting Alex Jones’ Infowars Content After Ban, Media, 2019/03/19, 09:10

Trump Says He Will Be ‘Looking Into’ Facebook Blocking His Social Media Chief: ‘#StopTheBias’, Joe DePaolo, 2019/03/19, 09:04

No Notoriety, WNYC Studios, 2019/03/19, 09:00

Cenk Uygur: Kellyanne Conway is Warning People About Trump Through Her Husband, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/19, 08:42

Paul Begala: The ‘Vestige’ Electoral College Didn’t Work Because Trump Won, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/19, 08:24

James Corden to Host Tony Awards for Second Time, MICHAEL PAULSON, 2019/03/19, 08:23

State Department Hosts Pompeo Briefing Exclusively for ‘Faith-Based Media’, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/19, 08:17

Look for the union label (it’s coming to a podcast company near you), Nicholas Quah, 2019/03/19, 08:02

Germany refuses to ‘simply exclude’ Huawei from 5G auction, Merkel says, Hannah Boland, 2019/03/19, 07:56

Trump 2020 Chief Downplays George Conway’s Ties to President: ‘POTUS Couldn’t Pick Him Out of a Lineup’, Joe DePaolo, 2019/03/19, 07:45

National Security Lawyer: ‘Trump Should Be Utterly Terrified’ by Newly Released Cohen Search Warrant Docs, Ronn Blitzer, 2019/03/19, 07:38

Two US Lawmakers Are Trying To Help Mexican Journalist Who Fears for His Life After Deportation, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/19, 07:28

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Psychic Mediums Are the New Wellness Coaches, LISA HELD, 2019/03/19, 07:23

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Pittsburgh local news site The Incline finds a new home at WhereBy.Us, Laura Hazard Owen, 2019/03/19, 07:00

Report: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Will Remain at DOJ Longer Than Expected, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/19, 06:59

Vladimir Putin Bans ‘Fake News’ and ‘Disrespect’ In New ‘Internet Insults’ Bills, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/19, 06:50

US to create world’s most powerful supercomputer capable of 1 quintillion calculations per second, Ellie Zolfagharifard, 2019/03/19, 06:41

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Cadbury has a marketing fail. And Snapchat redeems itself (somewhat) with creators: Tuesday Wake-Up Call, Kate Kaye, 2019/03/19, 03:00

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As C-Span Turns 40, a Top Executive Reflects on Bringing Cameras to Congress, JULIA JACOBS, 2019/03/19, 02:00

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New Zealand Is Loath to Use Suspect’s Name to Avoid Amplifying His Cause, DAMIEN CAVE and EMILY STEEL, 2019/03/19, 00:25

New Zealand Is Loath to Use Suspect’s Name to Avoid Amplifying His Cause, DAMIEN CAVE and EMILY STEEL, 2019/03/19, 00:25

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Colbert Explains Mainstream Media’s Devious Plot to Turn Jeanine Pirro into a Bigot: ‘They Pointed a Camera at Her’, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/18, 21:11

Seth Meyers Rips Trump for Defending ‘Bigoted’ Jeanine Pirro During ‘Deranged’ Weekend Twitter Bender, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/18, 20:40

Glenn Beck: If GOP Doesn’t Win Next Election, ‘We Are Officially at the End of the Country as We Know It’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/18, 20:01

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Devin Nunes’ Twitter Lawsuit Gets Mocked on Twitter: ‘A Crybaby and a Hack’, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/18, 18:31

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★ Apple Releases New A12-Based iPad Air and iPad Mini, John Gruber, 2019/03/18, 17:45

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Electric scooters should be allowed on Britain’s roads for the first time, minister says , Harry de Quetteville, 2019/03/18, 17:01

Donna Brazile Says Now Is ‘A Time For Civility,’ So She’s Joining Fox News, Media, 2019/03/18, 17:00

‘Replacement Theory,’ a Racist, Sexist Doctrine, Spreads in Far-Right Circles, NELLIE BOWLES, 2019/03/18, 16:44

Rep. Devin Nunes Files Lawsuit Against Twitter and Several Users (Including ‘Devin Nunes’ Mom’), Josh Feldman, 2019/03/18, 16:39

Toobin: 50 People Died in New Zealand and Trump’s Worked Up About ‘The Tragedy That Befell Jeanine Pirro’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/18, 16:08

Parkland Father Slams Fox’s Pete Hegseth For Telling People to Buy More AR-15s: ‘You Miserable Human Being’, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/18, 16:00

Fox News’ The Five Defends Chelsea Clinton Over Viral Confrontation: Will Any Democrat Stand Up and Say ‘Enough’?, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/18, 15:39

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[Sponsor] GravityView: Don’t Write Code. Blow Minds., Daring Fireball Department of Commerce, 2019/03/18, 15:05

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FEC Fines Ted Cruz for Misreporting the Source of Million Loans from Two Banks, Colin Kalmbacher, 2019/03/18, 12:46

Bill Kristol Warns Trump is ‘Unstable’: He Lacks ‘The Psychological State to Be Trusted as President’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/18, 12:35

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The View Goes After Beto O’Rourke Over Campaign Rollout: ‘The Epitome of a White Bro’, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/18, 10:01

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Seattle Times: ‘Flawed Analysis, Failed Oversight: How Boeing, FAA Certified the Suspect 737 Max Flight Control System’, John Gruber, 2019/03/18, 09:49

Fox Anchor Counters Allegations Trump is Islamophobic: ‘Thousands’ of Muslims Would Be Dead If Not For Him, Ken Meyer, 2019/03/18, 09:47

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If We Are All Going to Die Soon Due to Climate Change, Why Are Our Drought Levels at Near Record Lows?, John Ziegler, 2019/03/18, 09:00

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Joy Behar Rips Lindsey Graham’s Tepid Defense of John McCain: ‘He Needs to Find His Testicularity’, Colby Hall, 2019/03/18, 08:44

Feds Were Investigating Three Potential Crimes with Raid on Office of Former RNC Finance Chair, Matt Naham, 2019/03/18, 08:27

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Former Rep. Keith Ellison: NZ Shooter Citing Immigration ‘Signals’ Some Connection with Trump, Julio Rosas, 2019/03/18, 08:00

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Worldpay sold for £37bn in blockbuster deal with US rival, Natasha Bernal, 2019/03/18, 04:30

Morning Joe Slams Trump’s ‘Abhorrent’ Weekend Tweet Storm: ‘Wouldn’t Accept it from Our Children’, Colby Hall, 2019/03/18, 03:48

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Steve King Posts Violent Civil War Fantasy Meme Showing His Own State Getting Punched, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/17, 18:10

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‘Bitcoin billionaires’ Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss see no limits to how huge their business could become, Margi Murphy, 2019/03/17, 14:36

Trump Posts Tweet Telling Meghan McCain That He’s More Loved Than Her Dead Father, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/17, 14:34

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Amy Klobuchar on Reparations: Doesn’t Have to be ‘Direct Pay’ but Invest in Communities ‘Hurt by Racism’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/17, 12:09

GOP’s Saint Patrick’s Day Tweet of Beto’s Mugshot So Bad People Can’t Believe It: ‘No This Didn’t Happen’, Caleb Howe, 2019/03/17, 12:01

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Beto Cops to White Privilege, But Adds He’s ‘The Only Candidate From the US/Mexico Border’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/17, 10:55

Amazon wins incentive package for HQ2 amid protests in Virginia, Hasan Chowdhury, 2019/03/17, 09:35

Tlaib: Trump Must Be ‘Loud and Clear’ Against White Supremacy, Which is ‘Most Dangerous Element of Terrorism’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/17, 09:04

There’s No Way FEC and FCC Could Successfully Investigate SNL for Making Fun of Trump, Alberto Luperon, 2019/03/17, 09:00

Buzzfeed Gives Activists From Mosque Massacre Vigil a Guest Column to Smear Chelsea Clinton Again, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/17, 08:33

Trump Attacks McCain For 2nd Day Straight, Falsely Claims McCain Graduated ‘Last in His Class’, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/17, 07:36

After Mosque Shootings Chris Wallace Nails Mulvaney Over Trump’s Anti-Muslim Hate, Brings Receipts, Tommy Christopher, 2019/03/17, 07:21

Trump Demands Fox Save Jeanine Pirro from ‘Radical Left Democrats’: ‘Stop Working Soooo Hard on Being Politically Correct’, Caleb Howe, 2019/03/17, 07:05

Apple Watch can detect irregular heartbeat, study finds, Hasan Chowdhury, 2019/03/17, 07:00

Jeanine Pirro’s A No-Show On Fox News After Dig At Ilhan Omar’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Hijab, Media, 2019/03/16, 21:54

Jeanine Pirro’s Show Is Bumped by Fox, to the President’s Chagrin, MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM, 2019/03/16, 19:08

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Jeanine Pirro Off the Air a Week After Fox News Condemned Comments About Ilhan Omar, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/16, 16:50

Trump Lambasted on Twitter After Attacking John McCain: ‘Only Cowards Attack Dead People’, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/16, 15:30

Meghan McCain to Trump: ‘No One Will Ever Love You the Way They Loved My Father’, Tamar Auber, 2019/03/16, 14:46

Connecticut School District Official Resigns After Racist Tirade, Colin Kalmbacher, 2019/03/16, 14:43

Trump Accuses Google of ‘Helping China and their Military’ But Not the U.S., Tamar Auber, 2019/03/16, 14:28

Trump Bashes John McCain: There Are ‘Far Worse Stains’ Against Him Than Dossier Reports, Aidan McLaughlin, 2019/03/16, 14:05

Potential Trump Primary Challenger Bill Weld: Trumpism in the GOP Will Eventually Fade, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/16, 13:54

De Blasio Defends Chelsea Clinton: Showed Dignity and Compassion in the Face of ‘Irresponsible Accusations’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/16, 13:07

Jeb Bush: Trump’s Done Some Good Things, But I’m Concerned About ‘Really Dangerous’ Foreign Policy, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/16, 12:22

Beto O’Rourke Apologizes for Past Writings and Campaign Joke About His Wife, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/16, 11:46

NY AG: President Trump Must Personally Pay .4 Million to Settle Lawsuit Against Trump Foundation, Colin Kalmbacher, 2019/03/16, 11:37

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Gallup Poll Numbers, Says Fox News Has Turned Into ‘AOC TMZ’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/16, 11:08

SCOTUS Just Handed NY a New Way to Win the Census Citizenship Question Case Against Wilbur Ross, Elura Nanos, 2019/03/16, 10:36

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CNN Panel Blows Up Over Trump Emergency Declaration: ‘Don’t You Dare Patronize Me!’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/16, 09:59

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#EggBoy Takes Over Twitter: ‘Australia Has a New Hero’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/16, 08:39

Florida Kindergarten Teacher Allegedly Recorded Herself Sexually Abusing a Child, Colin Kalmbacher, 2019/03/16, 08:31

Mass Shooters Have Exploited The Internet For Years. New Zealand Took It To A New Level., Media, 2019/03/16, 07:52

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Bill Maher: There’s a ‘Real Liberal Face’ on College Admissions Scandal, This Is Why People Voted for Trump, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/15, 19:45

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★ On Spotify’s Complaints About the App Store, John Gruber, 2019/03/15, 16:02

W.S. Merwin, Poet of Life’s Evanescence, Dies at 91, MARGALIT FOX, 2019/03/15, 15:57

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James Gunn Is Hired Back to Helm ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’, BROOKS BARNES, 2019/03/15, 14:24

New Zealand Prime Minister Promises ‘Our Gun Laws Will Change’ in Response to Mosque Shooting, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/15, 14:21

Al Silverman, Writer Behind ‘Brian’s Song,’ Is Dead at 92, RICHARD SANDOMIR, 2019/03/15, 14:15

Trump: ‘I Don’t Really’ See White Nationalism as a Rising Threat, It’s a ‘Small Group of People’, Josh Feldman, 2019/03/15, 13:53

Trump Warns of ‘Invasion’ on U.S. Border After Condemning New Zealand Mosque Shooting, Aidan McLaughlin, 2019/03/15, 13:29

Judge Tosses Lawsuit that Accused Trump Campaign of Conspiring with Russia and WikiLeaks, Ronn Blitzer, 2019/03/15, 13:28

Black Editor Who Took Over Alabama Newspaper That Called for K.K.K. to ‘Ride Again’ Steps Down, SARAH MERVOSH, 2019/03/15, 13:28

Shepard Smith Delivers Harrowing Opener Recounting the Timeline of New Zealand Mosque Shooting, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/15, 13:24

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Google faces another fine from the EU next week , James Cook, 2019/03/15, 10:24

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Australian Senator Responds to Tragic Mosque Shooting By Condemning… Muslims?, Pardes Seleh, 2019/03/15, 07:58

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A European movement encourages Facebook and Twitter to contact every person who has seen fake news, Laura Hazard Owen, 2019/03/15, 07:25

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Bill de Blasio Gets Called Out for ‘Clearly Suggesting’ Amazon Bailed on NYC Because of Jeff Bezos Affair, Joe DePaolo, 2019/03/15, 06:59

One year in, Facebook’s big algorithm change has spurred an angry, Fox News-dominated — and very engaged! — News Feed, Laura Hazard Owen, 2019/03/15, 06:54

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Facebook, YouTube blindsided by mosque shooter’s live video, Ad Age – Digital, 2019/03/15, 06:25

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