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Ex-GOP Rep. David Jolly: ‘The Easiest Pathway Here For Republicans’ is for Kavanaugh to Withdraw, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, 2018/09/24, 22:45

Ex-GOP Rep. David Jolly: ‘The Easiest Pathway Here For Republicans’ is for Kavanaugh to Withdraw, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, 2018/09/24, 22:45

Ex-GOP Rep. David Jolly: ‘The Easiest Pathway Here For Republicans’ is for Kavanaugh to Withdraw, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, 2018/09/24, 22:45

Facebook moderator sues after developing PTSD from viewing disturbing content, Laurence Dodds, 2018/09/24, 22:30

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Trump Aide Mercedes Schlapp: ‘Why The Heck Are We Having a Hearing’ If Dems Already ‘Believe’ Ford?!?, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, 2018/09/24, 21:13

Trump Aide Mercedes Schlapp: ‘Why The Heck Are We Having a Hearing’ If Dems Already ‘Believe’ Ford?!?, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, 2018/09/24, 21:13

Supreme Court Fight Goes Prime Time With Kavanaugh’s Fox News Interview, MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM, 2018/09/24, 20:51

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Top Potentially Troublesome Moments For Kavanaugh During His FOX Interview, Aaron Keller, 2018/09/24, 18:11

Top Potentially Troublesome Moments For Kavanaugh During His FOX Interview, Aaron Keller, 2018/09/24, 18:11

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Jeanine Pirro Says She’s Changed Her Mind About Rod Rosenstein: ‘I Don’t Want Him Fired’, Caleb Howe, 2018/09/24, 15:22

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Trump Promotes Kavanaugh’s Fox News Interview, Stands Behind SCOTUS Nominee: ‘Must Be Treated Fairly!’, Joe DePaolo, 2018/09/24, 14:59

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Philadelphia Flyers Debut New ‘Gritty’ Mascot and Twitter is Disturbed: ‘Dream Haunter’, Caleb Ecarma, 2018/09/24, 13:03

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Snapchat, Amazon team up to form mobile-commerce power duo, Garett Sloane, 2018/09/24, 12:33

Christine Blasey Ford in Letter to Senate Committee: ‘My Fear Will Not Hold Me Back from Testifying’, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/24, 12:29

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Watch out, algorithms: Julia Angwin and Jeff Larson unveil The Markup, their plan for investigating tech’s societal impacts, Christine Schmidt, 2018/09/24, 11:55

FCA proposes £30m fine over 2016 cyber attack, Natasha Bernal, 2018/09/24, 11:45

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Kavanaugh Decries ‘Smears’ in Letter to Senate Committee: ‘I Will Not Be Intimidated Into Withdrawing’, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/24, 10:58

Fox’s Lisa Kennedy Suspects Rosenstein Chaos Orchestrated to Distract From Kavanaugh Allegations, Aidan McLaughlin, 2018/09/24, 10:46

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Avenatti Is Walking Murky Ethical Line with Kavanaugh ‘Gang Rape’ Claim, Matt Naham, 2018/09/24, 10:24

Company owned by John Malone pays .5bn for music streaming pioneer Pandora, James Titcomb, 2018/09/24, 10:15

Dallas Officer Amber Guyger Terminated Over Botham Jean Killing, Caleb Ecarma, 2018/09/24, 10:01

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Aiming to attract buyers who aren’t cryptocurrency nerds, Civil is offering a way to buy its tokens with regular old cash, Joshua Benton, 2018/09/24, 09:21

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Yale Law Students Refuse to Go to Class, Stage ‘Sit-in’ Over Brett Kavanaugh Assault Claims, Matt Naham, 2018/09/24, 07:51

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Kellyanne Questions Kavanaugh’s ‘So-Called Accuser’: Feels Like ‘Vast Left Wing Conspiracy’, Aidan McLaughlin, 2018/09/24, 05:01

Ronan Farrow: New Kavanaugh Accuser Came Forward Because Democrats ‘Came Looking’, Colby Hall, 2018/09/24, 04:41

White House Pushes Back on New Yorker’s Kavanaugh Report: ‘Significant Gaps’ In Accusers’ Memories, Colby Hall, 2018/09/24, 04:23

Universal Music Group signs a deal with AIM-listed 7digital, Natasha Bernal, 2018/09/24, 03:50

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Sen. Feinstein Calls for ‘Immediate Postponement’ of Kavanaugh Proceeding in Wake of New Allegation, Tamar Auber, 2018/09/23, 19:01

Kavanaugh Faces New Allegation in New Yorker: He ‘Thrust His Penis in Her Face’, Tamar Auber, 2018/09/23, 17:07

Michael Avenatti: ‘I Represent a Woman with Credible Information Regarding Judge Kavanaugh’, Tamar Auber, 2018/09/23, 16:53

In Beating Disney for Sky, Comcast Remains in the Game, BROOKS BARNES and EDMUND LEE, 2018/09/23, 16:37

In Beating Disney for Sky, Comcast Remains in the Game, BROOKS BARNES and EDMUND LEE, 2018/09/23, 16:37

Drudge Says Ronan Farrow and Jane Meyer Set to Break Report on Kavanaugh: ‘Another Woman?’, Tamar Auber, 2018/09/23, 16:20

News Site to Investigate Big Tech, Helped by Craigslist Founder, NELLIE BOWLES, 2018/09/23, 16:00

News Site to Investigate Big Tech, Helped by Craigslist Founder, NELLIE BOWLES, 2018/09/23, 16:00

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Howard Kurtz Grills Katrina Pierson Over Trump’s Christine Ford Tweet: ‘I’m Not Going to Disagree With That’, Amy Russo, 2018/09/23, 10:04

Sen. Hirono Refuses to Say Kavanaugh Has Presumption of Innocence: Women ‘Need to Be Believed’, Caleb Howe, 2018/09/23, 09:04

‘That’s Absurd’: Nikki Haley Insists She Never Heard Talk About Invoking 25th Amendment, Alberto Luperon, 2018/09/23, 08:56

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Lindsey Graham Says Ford Testimony Won’t Change His Vote, Aidan McLaughlin, 2018/09/23, 07:29

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Jason Miller, Former Trump Aide Leaves CNN After Ex Claims He Gave Woman ‘Abortion Pill’, Media, 2018/09/22, 22:17

Jeanine Pirro Goes Off on Dems Calling for Kavanaugh Accuser to Be Believed: They’re ‘Being Disgraceful’, Tamar Auber, 2018/09/22, 19:25

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Jason Miller Steps Away from Role at CNN, Tamar Auber, 2018/09/22, 17:31

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Phil Mudd on Speculation McCabe Leaked Rosenstein Scoop to NY Times: ‘I Don’t Think Andy Leaked This’, Tamar Auber, 2018/09/22, 16:20

Paypal is No Longer Doing Business With Alex Jones, Tamar Auber, 2018/09/22, 15:43

WATCH: Pompeo Responds to NY Times Rosenstein Bombshell, Tamar Auber, 2018/09/22, 15:20

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Asks Whether Maybe Rosenstein Leaked to NYT to ‘Force’ Trump to Fire Him, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/22, 13:34

Blink and You May Have Missed it? Andrew McCabe’s Lawyer Is on Christine Ford’s Legal Team, Colin Kalmbacher, 2018/09/22, 13:06

Paul Gosar Responds to His Six Siblings Endorsing His Opponent: ‘Stalin Would Be Proud’, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/22, 12:50

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RNC Spox Kayleigh McEnany Defends Trump’s Tweet on Christine Ford: He Raised ‘A Very Real Question’, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/22, 12:29

BREAKING: Christine Ford Accepts Senate Judiciary Committee’s Invitation to Testify, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/22, 11:36

Hillary Clinton: I Don’t Understand What’s Happened to the GOP, ‘Why Are They So Intimidated?’, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/22, 11:11

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Pence: ‘The Way Some Democrats Have Conducted Themselves’ During Kavanaugh Process Is a ‘Disgrace’, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/22, 09:45

Ex-WH Official K.T. McFarland Reportedly ‘Revised’ Her Statement on Flynn Calls With Russian Ambassador, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/22, 09:08

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Alan Dershowitz: Rosenstein Shouldn’t Be Fired, He Should Answer Questions Under Oath, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/22, 08:28

Senate Judiciary Committee Adviser Resigns Amid Press Inquiries About Harassment Allegation, Josh Feldman, 2018/09/22, 07:50

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Kirsten Gillibrand Delivers Passionate Defense of Christine Ford: ‘She’s Asking for Basic Fairness’, Ken Meyer, 2018/09/20, 11:47

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Mediaite Q&A: Fox Business’s Charlie Gasparino on the 2008 Crash and Whether Trump’s Policies Could Spell a Repeat, Joe DePaolo, 2018/09/20, 11:46

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Chevy Chase Rips SNL: ‘Sh*theads’ Laughing at the ‘Worst F*cking Humor in the World’, Caleb Ecarma, 2018/09/19, 12:55

CNN’s Kirsten Powers Knocks Heads With Margaret Hoover: I’m Listening to You ‘Smear’ Christine Ford!, Joe DePaolo, 2018/09/19, 12:53

CNN’s Kirsten Powers Knocks Heads With Margaret Hoover: I’m Listening to You ‘Smear’ Christine Ford!, Joe DePaolo, 2018/09/19, 12:53

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Ford Classmate Claims Kavanaugh Incident Happened, Then Deletes Facebook Post, Caleb Ecarma, 2018/09/19, 12:02

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