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Berkeley Lecture Co-Sponsor: We Didn’t Abandon ‘Lying’ Ann Coulter, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/27, 12:19

No, ESPN’s Layoffs Aren’t A Result Of Its ‘Politicization’ Of Sports, Travis Waldron, 2017/04/27, 12:10

‘We Did Not Elect Ivanka’: Alex Jones Vlog Rants Against First Daughter, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/27, 11:54

‘Calm Down’: Spicer Says it Makes Sense Michael Flynn Wasn’t Vetted By Trump Administration, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/27, 11:39

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NBC News President on O’Reilly: ‘I Would Never Let A Culture Like That Exist’, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/04/27, 11:16

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The One Group That Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been Great For? Progressives, Dean Obeidallah, 2017/04/27, 10:58

Comedians Trick TV Show Into Booking Them As ‘Fitness Experts,’ Get Sued, David Moye, 2017/04/27, 10:21

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More Unwanted Media Attention for Fox News Co-President Bill Shine, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/27, 10:09

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‘American Crime’ Is A Fine Show, And We Have Absolutely, Positively No Idea Where It’s Going, David Hinckley, 2017/04/27, 09:28

Jesse Watters of Fox Announces Vacation After Ivanka Trump Comment, Daniel Victor, 2017/04/27, 09:24

‘We Are Part of a Far-Reaching Global Conspiracy’: BuzzFeed Trolls InfoWars, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/27, 09:22

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Ex-White House Official: Do-Nothing Gorka ‘Not Allowed to Sit in the Real Meetings’, Aidan McLaughlin, 2017/04/27, 08:46

This Report Outlines All Of Trump’s Efforts To Undermine Free Expression So Far, Maddie Crum, 2017/04/27, 08:45

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When It Comes To TED Talks, No One Rises To The Occasion Like Jesus, Andy McDonald, 2017/04/27, 08:41

Apparently Rob Schneider is Super Mad About Berkeley, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/27, 08:33

Trump’s Immigrant Crime Hotline Overrun With Calls About (Extraterrestrial) Aliens, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/27, 08:11

‘It’s Called Bullying’: Trump Surrogate Claims Liberal Media is Torturing Ivanka and Jared, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/27, 07:52

‘Anti-Fascists’ Act Like Fascists In Threatening GOP Marchers in Portland, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/27, 07:45

President Trump Reportedly Met With Matt Drudge at the White House, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/27, 07:33

Facebook could be used to find Madeleine McCann, expert says, Cara McGoogan, 2017/04/27, 07:29

United Promises Cops Won’t Drag You Off Plane In Full-Page Ad, Jenna Amatulli, 2017/04/27, 07:05

WATCH: Here’s the Bananas Video Led Local News Station to Sue Fake Strongman Duo ‘Chop & Steele’, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/27, 07:03

These national journalists are building a local site to bring a different kind of news to East Texas, Shan Wang, 2017/04/27, 06:42

Peter King Insists That, So Far, He Hasn’t Seen ‘Any Evidence’ of Trump/Russia Collusion, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/27, 06:38

‘Can’t Fox News Read It?’ The Simpsons Zing Trump’s First 100 Days, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/27, 06:28

WATCH: CNN’s Will Ripley Captures Eerie Morning Ritual in North Korea, Aidan McLaughlin, 2017/04/27, 06:16

Nintendo’s new Switch console to reverse eight consecutive years of falling sales, James Titcomb, 2017/04/27, 06:14

President Trump Says He’s Considering Proposal to Break Up ‘Outrageous’ 9th Circuit Court, Rachel Stockman, 2017/04/27, 06:12

With its Amazon-inspired pilot project, Panoply used listener feedback help decide its new shows, Ricardo Bilton, 2017/04/27, 06:10

Carter Page Tells Chris Cuomo That He’s the Real Victim on New Day, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/27, 06:03

‘Pigheaded’ and ‘Misogynistic’: CNN Tonight with Don Lemon Delights In Jesse Watters Fiasco, Aidan McLaughlin, 2017/04/27, 05:40

Oops: National Enquirer Cover Mistakes Russian Warship for U.S. Destroyer, Jon Levine, 2017/04/27, 05:27

‘Sexual Predator’ and ‘Disgusting Human Being’: CNN Panel Erupts Over Trump’s Treatment of Women, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/27, 05:19

Uber to offer drivers sick pay after row over workers’ rights, Szu Ping Chan, 2017/04/27, 05:00

Coincidence? Joe and Mika MIA From Morning Joe After Nasty On-Air Spat, Jon Levine, 2017/04/27, 04:42

Street Artist Uses Awesome Spray Paint Skills To Unveil HuffPost’s New Logo, Lee Moran, 2017/04/27, 04:20

India bans social media in Kashmir for one month, Associated Press, 2017/04/27, 04:00

Google launches in Cuba as first foreign internet company , Cara McGoogan, 2017/04/27, 03:53

Ivanka Breaks With Dad: Says U.S. Accepting Refugees Must be ‘Part of the Discussion’, Jon Levine, 2017/04/27, 03:39

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Barnes & Noble Names Chief Executive, Its Fourth Since 2013, ALEXANDRA ALTER, 2017/04/26, 21:01

Coincidence? Jesse Watters Announces He’s Going On Vacation Following Ivanka Flap, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/26, 20:47

Ann Coulter: Berkeley Fracas Shows That Colleges Are ‘Really Outside the Mainstream’, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/26, 20:12

Tucker Carlson Mocks Louise Mensch, Democrats Over Speculative Trump-Russia ‘Rumors’, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/26, 19:02

Hackers exploited Word flaw for months while Microsoft investigated, Reuters, 2017/04/26, 18:56

Jesse Watters: UC Berkeley Offers a Safe Space for Everyone but Conservatives, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/26, 18:54

‘Dog and Pony Show’: Tammy Duckworth Slams Trump’s Senate Briefing on North Korea as Glorified Photo-Op, Joe DePaolo, 2017/04/26, 18:52

Ali Velshi Mocks Trump’s Self-Funding Tax Reform: ‘I Have a Better Chance of Growing a Full, Thick Afro’, Mediaite Staff, 2017/04/26, 18:45

Feds Say It’s Too Dangerous To Share Dakota Access Oil Spill Report, Michael McLaughlin, 2017/04/26, 18:21

‘I’m Sorry’: Scarborough Appears to Publicly (and Comically) Apologize to Mika on Twitter, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/26, 18:11

‘This is So Much Garbage’: O’Reilly Backs Coulter, Blasts ‘Snowflake Fascists’ in Podcast Tirade, Joe DePaolo, 2017/04/26, 18:00

Charmin Truck Dumps Load of TP on Tight End Jake Butt Ahead of Draft, Advertising Age – Digital, 2017/04/26, 17:35

Ouch! Watch Weatherman Get Struck By Lightning During Live Shot, Joe DePaolo, 2017/04/26, 16:59

Now Heineken Is Getting Into the Highly-Political Ad Game, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/04/26, 16:45

In Ann Coulter’s Speech Battle, Signs That Conservatives Are Emboldened, JEREMY W. PETERS, 2017/04/26, 16:41

ACLU Criticizes ‘Heckler’s Veto’ of Coulter at Berkeley: ‘We Must Protect Speech on Campus’, Josh Feldman, 2017/04/26, 16:36

Aretha Franklin Makes Totally Strange Claim (by Fax) that Dionne Warwick Libeled Her, Elura Nanos, 2017/04/26, 16:28

Scott Baio’s Not Happy With Fox Business’ Kennedy for Joke That He’s Not a ‘Working Actor’, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/04/26, 16:20

No, In Touch, Megyn Kelly is Not Replacing Matt Lauer on Today, Aidan McLaughlin, 2017/04/26, 16:02

‘Maybe You Should Be Next’: Lisa Bloom Calls Out Jesse Watters on Twitter Over Ivanka Comment, Joe DePaolo, 2017/04/26, 15:50

Spare Us Faux Neil Cavuto Outrage over Obama Giving Paid Wall Street Speeches, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/26, 15:27

Chuck Todd: Trump Tax Plan ‘Appears to Be Another Dramatic Departure’ from Campaign Rhetoric, Josh Feldman, 2017/04/26, 15:18

Trump Impersonator Drops In on ‘Failing’ New York Times in Homepage Ad for Comedy Central, Garett Sloane, 2017/04/26, 15:18

State Trooper Shot, Killed Outside a Delaware Wawa; Suspect in Standoff With Police, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/26, 14:49

How Hulu and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Revived 2 Careers, JOHN KOBLIN, 2017/04/26, 14:41

Donald Trump’s ‘Media Bashing’ Is Already Hurting America’s Press Freedom Ranking, Jesselyn Cook, 2017/04/26, 14:41

An Effort to Change Cosby ‘Optics’ as Trial Nears, GRAHAM BOWLEY, 2017/04/26, 14:21

Khloe Kardashian Sued for Posting a Picture of Herself on Instagram, Rachel Stockman, 2017/04/26, 14:11

This Video Showing SNL’s Visual Effects Department in Action is Mesmerizing to Watch, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/04/26, 13:53

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British Celebrity Under Fire for Using N-Word in Speaking Out Against Bullying, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/26, 13:08

Books of The Times: Elizabeth Strout’s Lovely New Novel Is a Requiem for Small-Town Pain, JENNIFER SENIOR, 2017/04/26, 13:04

Books of The Times: Elizabeth Strout’s Lovely New Novel Is a Requiem for Small-Town Pain, JENNIFER SENIOR, 2017/04/26, 13:04

Intolerant Far-Left Mob Wins Again Over Free Speech, This Time at Berkeley, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/26, 12:45

Cecilia Alvear, Trailblazing Latina Journalist at NBC, Dies at 77, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, 2017/04/26, 12:30

Mnuchin: Trump Has ‘No Intention’ of Releasing His Tax Returns, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/26, 12:27

Fox News Anchor: Employees Of Color Are Not Treated In ‘Fair And Balanced’ Way, Michael Calderone, 2017/04/26, 12:25

Jesse Watters of Fox Denies His Ivanka Trump Comment Was Lewd, Daniel Victor, 2017/04/26, 12:09

Coulter Thanks Bill Maher, Chris Matthews for Opposing Censorship from ‘Thuggish Institution Like Berkeley’, Josh Feldman, 2017/04/26, 12:07

There’s a Bidding War Underway for Tucker Carlson’s Upcoming Book, Aidan McLaughlin, 2017/04/26, 11:52

You May Hate Ann Coulter, But By Not Supporting Her at Berkeley, We All Just Lost, John Ziegler, 2017/04/26, 11:44

Party Coverage: Scene City: John Legend, Mia Farrow and Ryan Reynolds at Time 100 Gala, ALEX WILLIAMS, 2017/04/26, 11:43

White House Unveils Its Much-Awaited Tax Reform Plan, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/26, 11:08

Reddit’s ‘Red Pill’ Misogyny Swamp Was Reportedly Created by a GOP Lawmaker, The Mary Sue, 2017/04/26, 10:52

P&G Will Cut Billion in Marketing but Spend Some Back to Become ‘Irresistible’, Jack Neff, 2017/04/26, 10:45

Trump Admin Reportedly Considering an Executive Order to Withdraw the U.S. from NAFTA, Josh Feldman, 2017/04/26, 10:39

Why the Industry Needs a Gut-Check on Location Data Use, Kate Kaye, 2017/04/26, 10:22

‘Sad Day for Free Speech’: Ann Coulter Cancels Berkeley Speech After Threats of Violence, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/26, 10:17

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Amazon’s new Echo has a camera and sits in your bedroom, James Titcomb, 2017/04/26, 10:03

Julian Assange Decries CIA War on Julian Assange in WaPo Op-Ed, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/26, 10:01

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The View Knows How Trump Can Pay for the Wall: Cover It With Sponsored Ads for Breitbart!, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/26, 09:37

Samantha Bee Shares How Her ‘Not Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner’ Came to Be, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/04/26, 09:31

Judge Blocking Sanctuary City Order Apparently Still Thinks He’s Part of Obama Admin, Robert Barnes, 2017/04/26, 09:17

‘Donald Trump’ Crashed The Daily Show Last Night to Call Trevor Noah Fake News, Josh Feldman, 2017/04/26, 09:15

Fox News Host Makes Seemingly Crass, Sexist Gesture While Talking About Ivanka Trump, Emily Peck, 2017/04/26, 09:11

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Tech We’re Using: The Difficulties of Reporting When China Limits Your Internet, JANE PERLEZ, 2017/04/26, 08:58

Inmate in Sheriff Clarke’s Jail Dies From Dehydration After Being Denied Water for a Week, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/26, 08:57

Desktop and Mobile Ad Revenue Surpasses TV for the First Time, Kate Kaye, 2017/04/26, 08:57

‘Demeaning Smuttiness’: Twitter Reacts to Jesse Watters, Aidan McLaughlin, 2017/04/26, 08:39

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A Struggling ESPN Lays Off Many On-Air Personalities, JOE DRAPE and BROOKS BARNES, 2017/04/26, 08:16

U.S. Navy Fires Warning Flare After Close Encounter With Iranian Ship in Persian Gulf, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/26, 07:57

Here’s Why You Don’t Ask NBA Star Chris Paul A Dumb Question, Ron Dicker, 2017/04/26, 07:54

‘We’re Not in That Game’: CNN Chief Says He Would Never Hire O’Reilly, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/26, 07:53

Carl Bernstein: Trump ‘Impeding’ Russia Investigations By Not Handing Over Flynn Docs, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/26, 07:40

Boar-ed: Wild Swine Kill ISIS Fighters in Iraq, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/26, 07:32

Former tech unicorn Ve Interactive rescued from administration, James Titcomb, 2017/04/26, 07:28

ESPN To Lay Off More Than 100 Employees — Many Of Them Familiar Names, Travis Waldron, 2017/04/26, 07:27

‘Seriously, right?’: Watch LA Clippers Star Chris Paul Blast Reporter in Post-Game Presser, Joe DePaolo, 2017/04/26, 07:23

Ex-NY Post Writer: Rupert Murdoch Killed Story On Patriots Owner Robert Kraft’s Gambling Ties, Joe DePaolo, 2017/04/26, 07:06

‘She Sounds Like a Smooth Jazz DJ!’ Jesse Watters Clarifies Alleged Ivanka Trump Penis Joke, Aidan McLaughlin, 2017/04/26, 07:05

Twitter’s revenue declines for first time, James Titcomb, 2017/04/26, 06:56

WATCH: Ashleigh Banfield Pauses Show to Wish Mom a Happy Birthday, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/26, 06:47

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Bill O’Reilly: There is an ‘Assault on Conservative Voices’, Joe DePaolo, 2017/04/26, 06:42

‘Court of Karma’: Democratic Rep. Takes in Some Michael Flynn Schadenfreude on New Day, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/26, 06:24

Poll: Nearly 4 in 10 Americans Think Trump and Russia Colluded on Campaign, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/26, 06:03

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Hannity Opens Show Slamming ‘Media Fascism’: ‘It’s About Silencing Every Single Conservative Voice’, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/25, 20:17

Fox News Anchor Among Group Alleging Racial Discrimination In Class-Action Suit, Nick Visser, 2017/04/25, 20:14

Indiana Man Kills Marine Veteran in Confrontation Over Horn-Honking at McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/25, 20:04

Mulvaney Tells Tapper Trump’s Willing to Sign a Spending Bill That Doesn’t Include Money for Wall, Josh Feldman, 2017/04/25, 19:25

‘I Think She Is an Idiot’: Fox’s Beckel Clashes With Co-Hosts Over ‘Irrelevant’ Ann Coulter, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/25, 19:17

Pamela Anderson Talks Politics, ‘Special Relationship’ With Julian Assange, in New Poem, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/04/25, 18:48

‘Make El Chapo Pay for It’: Ted Cruz Offers Up Proposal for Funding the Wall, Aidan McLaughlin, 2017/04/25, 18:32

‘We Need to Keep an Eye on Him’: Maxine Waters Speculates That Chaffetz May Have Kremlin Connections, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/25, 18:22

TMZ’s Harvey Levin Talks About the ‘Bullying in Traditional Media’ He Endured After Trump Meeting, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/25, 17:54

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Don’t Bother Asking Chris Pratt for a Selfie, It’s Not Happening, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/04/25, 15:53

Fox News Faces New Racial Discrimination Lawsuit, SYDNEY EMBER, 2017/04/25, 15:52

Shep Smith: White House Is ‘Giving the Appearance’ of a Cover-Up When It Comes to Flynn, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/25, 15:38

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From Peabody to Webby, CNN Cleaned Up Awards This Week Like No Other Cable Outlet, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/25, 15:14

Rick Perry: The Media’s ‘Not Particularly’ Fair to Trump, Some of It’s Fake News, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/25, 14:58

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Hannity Spars on Twitter with Fox Sports Host Who Called Him a ‘Literal F*cking Moron’, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/23, 16:16

Trump Tweets He’d ‘Still Beat Hillary’ in Popular Vote (Which He Lost), Ken Meyer, 2017/04/23, 15:14

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Nonfiction: Sheryl Sandberg Finds Comfort for Herself and Offers It to Others, CAITLIN FLANAGAN, 2017/04/23, 08:24

Nonfiction: Sheryl Sandberg Finds Comfort for Herself and Offers It to Others, CAITLIN FLANAGAN, 2017/04/23, 08:24

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New Polls Show Low Approval Numbers for Trump, But Almost No Regrets Among His Voters, Josh Feldman, 2017/04/23, 06:36

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‘Total Fake News Speculation’: Fox’s Hannity Rips NYT Over Report About His ‘Advising’ Trump, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/22, 17:32

WikiLeaks Reminds Trump of How Much He Loved Them Before Bringing Charges Against Assange, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/22, 17:29

Albert Freedman, Producer of Rigged 1950s Quiz Show, Dies at 95, RICHARD SANDOMIR, 2017/04/22, 17:09

Howard Dean Doesn’t Seem to Get That First Amendment Protects Ann Coulter’s ‘Hate Speech’, Alberto Luperon, 2017/04/22, 16:45

How to Watch New York Rangers vs. Montreal Canadiens NHL Playoffs: Game 6 Live Stream Online, Joe DePaolo, 2017/04/22, 15:53

President Trump Mistakenly ‘Congratulates’ Wounded Soldier for Earning a Purple Heart, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/22, 15:40

Forget United; American Airlines Flight Attendant Suspended After Filmed Confrontation With Flyer, Ken Meyer, 2017/04/22, 14:56

NY Times Appears to Forget Its Own Coverage As It Spotlights Comey’s Pre-Election Moves, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/22, 14:29

NY Times Appears to Forget Its Own Coverage As It Spotlights Comey’s Pre-Election Moves, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/22, 14:29

NY Times Appears to Forget Its Own Coverage As It Spotlights Comey’s Pre-Election Moves, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/22, 14:29

Trump Adds Fox’s Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters To Twitter Follows, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/22, 13:47

Trump Announces ‘Big’ Pennsylvania Rally For Night of White House Correspondents Dinner, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/22, 12:39

Trump Announces ‘Big’ Pennsylvania Rally For Night of White House Correspondents Dinner, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/22, 12:39

NY Times Concludes James Comey Gave Election to Trump, But What About The Times Itself?, John Ziegler, 2017/04/22, 11:42

Facebook to let users buy tickets directly with Eventbrite , James Titcomb, 2017/04/22, 11:30

Professor Arrested After Allegedly Making Up Anti-Muslim Threats and Assault, Alberto Luperon, 2017/04/22, 11:29

Bill Maher Snarks About O’Reilly’s Scandal: ‘Fox News Hired A Black Woman!?’, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/22, 11:25

Mastercard fingerprint scanner a £15m windfall for Neil Woodford, James Titcomb, 2017/04/22, 11:20

Fastly, John Gruber, 2017/04/22, 10:22

Happy Earth Day! CNN Guest Likens Paris Climate Accord To Appeasement of Hitler, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/22, 10:17

‘You’re Doing A Disservice’: Bill Nye Rips CNN For Having Climate Change Skeptic On, Matthew Balan, 2017/04/22, 09:31

In House of Murdoch, Sons Set About an Elaborate Overhaul, BROOKS BARNES and SYDNEY EMBER, 2017/04/22, 07:57

‘That’s What Mammals Do!’: Alex Jones’ Comments Supporting Trump Pussy Video Rear Head in Court, Rachel Stockman, 2017/04/22, 07:16

Twitter Is Going Nuts Over This Concept for a Rihanna-Lupita Nyong’o Team-Up Movie, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/04/22, 07:01

Carter Page Remains Defiant: ‘Bigger Meddling In the Election is What Has Been Done Against Me’, Colby Hall, 2017/04/22, 06:38

The Lasting Power Of O’Reilley’s Anger And Arrogance, Joe Seldner, 2017/04/22, 06:23

DOJ Pushes Against Sanctuary Cities With Letters Threatening to Withhold Federal Money, Ronn Blitzer, 2017/04/22, 06:08

Carl Bernstein: FBI Has ‘Serious Belief’ of ‘Active Coverup’ to Hide Trump Campaign-Russia Connection, Colby Hall, 2017/04/22, 05:59

Local News Station to Deliver Touching 16-Minute Documentary on Holocaust Photographer, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/22, 05:44

Bill O’Reilly Once Wrote a Novel About a TV Newsman Who Killed People After Being Fired, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/21, 21:04

Federal ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Trump Critic On Twitter Sparks Investigation, Mary S Papenfuss, 2017/04/21, 20:52

Ex-Obama Aide Says He’s ‘Probably Still the Leader of the Democratic Party’, Josh Feldman, 2017/04/21, 20:43

‘The Liberals’ Version of Book Burning’: Maher Goes Off on Berkeley Over Coulter Backlash, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/21, 20:23

Second Doctor Has Been Arrested in Female Genital Mutilation Case, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/21, 19:30

How Apple Won Silicon: Why Galaxy S8 Can’t Go Core-to-Core With iPhone 7, John Gruber, 2017/04/21, 19:29

New Apple Watch NikeLab, John Gruber, 2017/04/21, 19:12

‘Just Don’t Go!’: Chris Matthews Hits Berkeley Students Over Canceled Ann Coulter Speech, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/21, 19:11

‘Just Don’t Go!’: Chris Matthews Hits Berkeley Students Over Canceled Ann Coulter Speech, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/21, 19:11

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Thanks ‘Our Loyal Viewers’ on the Final Factor, Josh Feldman, 2017/04/21, 18:37

Anonymous Harassment Hotlines Are Hard to Find and Harder to Trust, NOAM SCHEIBER, 2017/04/21, 18:05

OMB Director Mulvaney Offers Democrats Obamacare Subsidy Payments in Exchange for Border Wall Funding, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/21, 17:21

OMB Director Mulvaney Offers Democrats Obamacare Subsidy Payments in Exchange for Border Wall Funding, Justin Baragona, 2017/04/21, 17:21

Apple’s New Earth Day Videos, John Gruber, 2017/04/21, 17:19

‘At the Epicenter of Douchedom is a Kobe Slider’: Anthony Bourdain Skewers Food Trends, Dana Eisenberg, 2017/04/21, 17:10

Rick Perry on Past Spats with Trump: He’s a ‘Very Forgiving Man’, Josh Feldman, 2017/04/21, 16:55

American Poets, Refusing to Go Gentle, Rage Against the Right, ALEXANDRA ALTER, 2017/04/21, 16:27

American Poets, Refusing to Go Gentle, Rage Against the Right, ALEXANDRA ALTER, 2017/04/21, 16:27

Police Arrest Six at Flint Water Crisis Town Hall, Joe DePaolo, 2017/04/21, 16:09

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Lena Dunham Takes Shot at O’Reilly While Praising Gretchen Carlson, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/21, 15:10

Lena Dunham Takes Shot at O’Reilly While Praising Gretchen Carlson, Lindsey Ellefson, 2017/04/21, 15:10

GOP Lawmaker Who Used N-Word in Front of Black Colleagues Forced to Resign, Ronn Blitzer, 2017/04/21, 15:08

GOP Lawmaker Who Used N-Word in Front of Black Colleagues Forced to Resign, Ronn Blitzer, 2017/04/21, 15:08

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Speed Test Between iPhone 7 Plus and Top Android Phones, John Gruber, 2017/04/21, 14:34

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