Glenn Beck: Quit Whining! Scott Brown Never Promised You A Tea Party

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Meet the new post-CPAC Glenn Beck! Beck had hinted last week that he remained unconvinced that Scott Brown was quite the GOP savior (read: presidential material…”pardon me if I don’t get a thrill up my leg!”) that many on the right greeted him as after his surprise win in Massachusetts last month.

Today, in the aftermath of Brown’s vote for Harry Reid’s Democrat-backed job stimulus bill Beck is not necessarily full of ‘I told you so’s’ so much as ‘you should have seen it coming!’

Well he’s getting a lot of heat. But I have to ask myself ‘why?’ Too many people just assumed he was a small government conservative. I don’t believe he ever claimed to be a Tea Partier or a small government conservative…so why all the shock and the outrage after he votes for a spending bill?

It’s an extension of one of the theme’s of Beck’s CPAC speech, namely self-responsibility. I suspect we will be seeing it in various variations on the topic in the weeks to come. Video below.

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