Fox News Abruptly Cuts Away From Giffords Vigil As Mourner Says ‘And I Say to You, Sarah Palin’

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During a Fox News segment today, anchor Shep Smith tossed to a live shot of a vigil for critically wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and several seconds into it, as one mourner said “…and I say to you, Sarah Palin…” abruptly cut to a commercial. Sarah Palin, a Fox News contributor, has come under fire in the early aftermath of this mass shooting, as some are connecting it with her “crosshairs” ad from earlier this year.

With so little known at this time, cooler heads are resisting making political hay out of this shooting, but the coincidence of Giffords’ shooting, her placement on Palin’s “crosshairs” map, and Giffords’ own comments about that map have combined to make Palin an early scapegoat, particularly on the left. At best, though, it’s an eery, unfortunate confluence.

Here’s the video, from Fox News:

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