Cliven Bundy’s Son Jailed for Resisting Arrest

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In what is no doubt a plot between Barack Obama and King George III, Cliven Bundy’s son Randy Bundy was jailed for resisting arrest in Nevada this week. Police in Iron County say Bundy was in court on an unrelated charge when deputies approached him about an outstanding warrant. “When told about the warrant Mr. Bundy both verbally and physically resisted the deputies’ attempts to take him into custody,” officials told KSTU. “Deputies were able to overcome his resistance and arrested Mr. Bundy.” The original charge was “interfering with an officer (animal),” which sure sounds like Randy got into a fight with a K-9. Cliven Bundy was the infamous rancher whose standoff with Bureau of Land Management officials last spring galvanized conservatives, until Bundy was quoted in the New York Times making racist remarks and a pair tangentially related to the ranch were involved in the fatal shootings of two police officers. Watch KTSU’s report below: [h/t Talking Points Memo] [Image via screengrab] ——
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