Pictures and Links Will No Longer Infringe on Your Right to a Full 140 Characters Per Tweet

This post is by Lindsey Ellefson from Mediaite

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Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.07.53 PMMaybe this isn’t going to be as big to you as it is to me, but Twitter is no longer counting links and photos toward the 140-character limit imposed on tweets! Yay! I post a lot of photos and I link to a lot of articles, so to me, this is huge! Certainly, I’m not the only selfie- and documentation-obsessed Millennial or digital reporter on Twitter, either, so I know I’m not alone in this excitement. In fact, when I was talking about this story to my colleagues, Mediaite’s own Ken Meyer summed it up with an enthusiastic, “Yes, please, Twitter!” You see, the microblogging site already automatically shortens links, but those still take up 23 characters. Blessedly, those days are over, my friends. Here’s what Bloomberg is saying:
It’s one step in a larger plan to give users more flexibility on the site. Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey in January that the company was looking for new ways to display text on Twitter, and would experiment based on how the people use the service. For example, some people tweet screenshots of longer text in articles, or send many tweets one after the other to tell a story.

There you have it! Soon, you will have 23 more characters with which to describe the link you are posting. Your photo captions will be longer. Your life will simply be better. [image via screengrab] For more from Lindsey, follow her on Twitter (!) or Facebook.

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