Watch; Former AG Holder Goes in on Trump, the GOP, and Russian Hackers

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imageedit_173_4611207291-650x441Former Attorney General Eric Holder appeared on Real Time tonight to chat with Bill Maher about living in a “post-fact” world. While discussing the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but not the presidency, he called for America to abolish the electoral college. Maher pointed out that that would require a constitutional amendment, which is heavy lifting, so Holder said it’s simply time to “lift heavy.” They got around to talking about Donald Trump‘s right-hand man, Chris Christie. Maher wondered if he could be the new Attorney General and Holder joked that he has too many problems that are “a bridge too far” for him to be considered for the job. Get it? “I don’t think they’re constrained by anything,” Maher sighed. Holder agreed that Trump and his version of the GOP don’t feel constrained by “conscience or the thing that have always defined us as nation.”
They moved on to ripping into Russia and the FBI for “[working] together” to elect Trump and “weaponizing the American media.” Holder was careful to say that Russia and the FBI weren’t linked in his view but that James Comey did handle Clinton’s email scandal incorrectly. Watch above to see the two crack jokes and reference that time Trump equated hackers with 400-pound people who weren’t necessarily Russian. [image: screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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