Introducing Stacks: a better way to Drupal

This post is by Todd Zeigler from Brick By Brick from The Brick Factory

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We love Drupal. It is flexible, feature-rich, cost effective and has a fantastic user community supporting it. It is the Content Management System we use most. However, we will be the first to admit that Drupal isn’t perfect. And perhaps the number one way it isn’t perfect is the page building experience it provides content managers. Drupal has awesome tools for highly structured and consistent content, like press releases. It is not so awesome if you are trying to build a one-off page whose structure you are defining on the fly. So something like this for example:
To help solve the problem we built an open source Drupal 8 module called Stacks that provides content managers with a great page building experience. Stacks breaks the design of a site up into reusable components called widgets. Using a drag and drop interface, content managers can add, remove, configure and reorder widgets
they see fit. Stacks gives content managers the ability to build rich, beautiful pages in Drupal on their own. Please visit our Stacks microsite to learn more. The module can be downloaded for free and we are also available to help you use it on your site.

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