Stephen Colbert and Bob Odenkirk Switch Places For Their Newest Project: Late Show: The Movie

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Despite the fact that Stephen Colbert and Bob Odenkirk may be two of the biggest names in comedy today, the two stage and screen vets each have their comedic origins firmly planted in sketch comedy. Colbert was a resident of the Second City Mainstage in Chicago before debuting on The Dana Carvey Show, while Odenkirk cut his teeth and rose to fame early on as half of the illustrious Mr. Show duo. So it should be no surprise to see Colbert and Odenkirk of Better Call Saul dig into their full-on sketch comedy backgrounds for a wackily heightened bit last night on The Late Show in the sort of segment we rarely see play out on late night comedy today. The two played off a desk segment where Odenkirk was promoting his latest project — titled “Late Show: The Movie” — where he plays host Stephen Colbert himself. The heightens as Colbert, it’s revealed, also cameos in the film as show guest Bob Odenkirk. In a Inception-like twist, the two world compound on top of one another, leaving Colbert and Odenkirk to wonder which reality is the real one. The conundrum is wonderfully solved by an ingenious suggestion by Odenkirk, which you can watch above via the CBS Late Show. — [image via screengrab]

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