Old Trump Tweets About Attacking Syria Were a Prescient Message to His Future Self

This post is by Adam Pribila from Mediaite

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As bombs rained down in Syria Thursday evening, Twitter users took to the microblogging platform to drudge up old tweets on the subject from then-private citizen Donald Trump.

Look at this tweet from August 2013, claiming that the president must get congressional approval before waging any attack on Syria:

A few days later came this tweet that laments what could happen if the attack goes wrong, and notes that it could cause “worldwide hell”:

Four days later, on September 7, Trump would point-blank tell then-President Barack Obama to “not attack Syria,” while claiming there “is no upside”:

Almost four years later, Trump’s stance on the subject of Syria has obviously changed as Thursday night saw him ordering more than 50 tomahawk missiles aimed at the Shayrat air base. [image via screengrab] —— Adam: Twitter.

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