Huckabee Doesn’t Know Why Mueller Called Him, But Expects it to be Leaked In ‘NY Slimes Or Wash Compost’

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43 Former Arkansas Governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee sent a tweet Thursday night saying that Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed by the Justice Department to investigate the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russian officials, called him to talk, but he isn’t sure why. The former Fox News host also took the opportunity to take a shot at the Trump administration’s apparent problem with leaking among their own ranks as well as hurling a few insults at the New York Times and Washington Post. “Yikes! Robert Mueller called me; wants to talk; Don’t know what it’s about, but it will be leaked in NY Slimes or Wash Compost tomorrow,” Huckabee tweeted. Earlier Thursday morning via Huckabee called on special counsel Mueller to “find who’s illegally leaking and prosecute them; if he doesn’t, I fear worst-that coziness w/ Comey means witch hunt.” It is still unknown whether Mr. Huckabee was serious about his claim as he has been known to use the social media site to tell jokes. [image via screengrab]

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