Eric Holder: Trump Slamming Jeff Sessions ‘Betrays a Lack of Understanding’ of AG’s Role

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to Rachel Maddow on Monday night about his concerns regarding President Trump‘s unconventional relationship with his own Attorney General. Holder began by speaking about how Trump’s relationship with Jeff Sessions is different from the usual norm of attorney generals setting boundaries between themselves and the president. Holder eventually noted how Trump broke with precedent in a big way by slamming Sessions on multiple occasions:
“That actually worries me because I think it betrays a lack of understanding on the part of the president about what the role of the attorney general has to be. You can’t go at the AG in that way. If you truly understand the independent role that he should play within the administration. There are going to be things that an attorney general is going to do that the president doesn’t agree with, and a president is going suck it up and say that the AG has the responsibility to enforce the laws.”

Holder continued to say that a lack of separation between the president and the attorney general usually leads to scandal and various legal complications. Watch above, via MSNBC. [Image via screengrab] — —
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