Twitter Erupts Over 280 Character Tweets: ‘140 Characters Closer to Armageddon’

This post is by Caleb Ecarma from Mediaite

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“It’s What’s Happening” will now be happening at twice the character-count, as the social media platform Twitter finally increased the length of tweets from the original 140-characters to a doubled 280. This afternoon, the official Twitter management account excitedly stated they are “expanding the character limit!” However, Twitter users — or, at least, a lot of them — did not sound off with the same level of enthusiasm when the news broke. Many prominent figures who use the platform blasted the new 280-character limit, citing concerns that the new length will take away from the speed and character of Twitter. Others just want an edit button already. See a number of reactions to 280-characters below: [featured image via Twitter/screengrab] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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