CNN Interview With Roy Moore Spox Janet Porter Goes Totally Off the Rails: ‘Are You Having Fun?’

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A few hours after going toe-to-toe with CNN’s Dana Bash and making the stupendous claim that there was only a one in 15 billion chance that election fraud didn’t happen in the Alabama Senate election, Roy Moore spokesperson Janet Porter appeared for Round two — this time with CNN anchor John Berman. Porter, who has quickly made a name for herself due to her bizarre and contentious interviews, made sure that Thursday night’s segment would rank among her most memorable by immediately mixing it up with Berman. After the CNN anchor noted that the Alabama Secretary of State certified the election results and that a judge tossed out the Moore campaign’s lawsuit, Berman wanted to know what due process has Moore been denied. When Porter pointed to the campaign’s 84-page complaint, this opened the door to an absolutely insane exchange. Berman wanted to get Porter to explain why of the election experts the campaign cited in its argument is a conspiracist who has previously said the Holocaust didn’t happen. A manic Porter, however, wasn’t hearing any of that at first. She claimed that it wasn’t true the expert, James Condit, was ever a Holocaust denier. The Roy Moore surrogate then inexplicably stated that she wanted to refer Berman to an “internet blog — Abraham Lincoln’s blog.” Berman tried to keep things on track by getting Porter to answer for Condit’s comments by reading them off to her, causing an agitated Porter to sarcastically ask the CNN host: “Are you having fun?” She would go on to chastise Berman for not letting her talk before defending Condit’s record, leading Berman to continuously point out the remarks he had made in the past and asking whether it concerned her that they relied on a man “who said there’s an evil shadow government.” For the next few minutes, Porter refused to believe Condit said any of that, even though Berman said he’d point her to a video. Eventually, Berman got Porter to say it did bother her that Condit had those views after showing her an anti-Semitic tweet, but she claimed that she had no prior knowledge of his views. The CNN anchor countered that he had done speeches and that all it would have taken was a “Google search.”
Porter, though, wouldn’t go down so easy regarding her defense of Condit. She attempted to lecture Berman for using “character assassination” and “labels” when somebody says “something off the cuff.” “You keep saying that as if I didn’t like his hair that day,” the CNN host exclaimed. “He said the Holocaust didn’t happen.” “That’s a bad thing,” Porter conceded, adding that they can “throw out 40 years of expertise in election machines and look at the other three experts” when it came to the campaign’s legal complaint. Watch the clips above, via CNN. [image via screengrab] — Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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