Howard Kurtz Scolds MSNBC, CNN For Not Covering Return of US Remains From North Korea: ‘The Wrong Call’

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On Fox News on Thursday, host of Media Buzz Howard Kurtz discussed the lack of coverage of the ceremony in Hawaii yesterday, held for the return of remains of American servicemembers from North Korea. The return of the remains was part of the negotiation between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un earlier this year. Fox News carried the ceremony in full on Wednesday night, and were the only network to do so. Kurtz said that this was a mistake on the part of the other networks, and another example of their failing to understand the heartland. “I understand the temptation to cover other, more controversial Trump news, he said. “But that was the wrong call and here’s why.” “One, you can’t overstate the emotional significance of these presumed remains of American fighting soldiers coming home 65 years after the Korean war ended,” he said. “And two, all of this
intricately tied to the nuclear negotiations, as was made clear by the– Sarah Sanders talking about Kim Jong-un sending a letter to Trump talking about perhaps next steps. It’s a chess move in a much more complex competition. For both of those reasons I think it was a mistake to either dip into it or completely blow it off.” Fox’s Sandra Smith introduced several graphics showing the airtime given to the service by the various cable and broadast networks. Below, in case you missed it on any of the networks, is the official White House video of the Vice President’s remarks, and the ceremony. It is, in fact, a beautiful and compelling ceremony. Watch the America’s Newsroom clip above, courtesy of Fox News. [Featured image via screengrab] — Follow Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) on Twitter

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