CNN’s New Day Openly Mocks Trump’s Distancing from Michael Cohen: ‘Barely Knew the Guy!’

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This morning the cable news world has a lot to work with given Fox & Friends exclusive interview with President Donald Trump taped just a day after his former campaign manager Paul Manafort was found guilty for bank and tax fraud, and his former lawyer Michael Cohen pled guilty to breaking campaign finance laws and directly implicating Trump. CNN’s New Day, which can fairly be described as a morning show that, while occasionally featuring pro-Trump voices, presents a consistently skeptical approach to the Trump administration. A good example of that skepticism is their reaction to a clip from the aforementioned Fox News interview, in which President Trump seemed to dismiss the role that Cohen played in the Trump Org. The deeply cynical ploy to belittle Cohen’s standing with Trump (now that he’s pled guilty) drew open mockery and doubled over laughing by hosts Alysin Camerota, John Berman, Toobin and Margaret Tarlev. Earlier in the Trump interview, the Commander-in-Chief admitted that he gets “a lot of good information” from watching shows before claiming that Cohen didn’t even commit a crime. One might advise that President Trump might be better served by watching cable news programming that wasn’t solely designed to prop him up? Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.

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