Sen. Blumenthal: Trump’s ‘Vile’ Attack on Dr. Ford Disrespected Entire Survivor Community

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Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) tore into President Donald Trump for his comments Tuesday night mocking Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault accuser Christine Blasey Ford. Appearing on New Day Wednesday, the Connecticut Senator — who himself has been the target of attacks from Trump in the past few days for fabricating his service in Vietnam — ripped the president for comments he termed “vile,” and expressed fear for the impact Trump’s words might have on other survivors. “This vile, mocking attack on a credible, immensely, powerfully eloquent survivor of sexual assault is a mark of disrespect and disregard,” Blumenthal said. “Not only for Dr. Blasey Ford, but for the entire survivor community. It shows dramatically why sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes in the country. One-third of all women are survivors, but only a fraction come forward, because of the kind of public shaming and character assassination, and other of attacks that the president exemplified in this mocking of Dr. Blasey Ford.” Blumenthal went on to say that the similar tone of the Supreme Court nominee’s rhetoric before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week ought to have dealt a blow to his confirmation chances. “Frankly, it undercuts the Kavanaugh nomination because it reinforces the kind of vengeful, acrimonious, rancorous demeanor that he brought threatening members of the committee in a way that I think did his candidacy great harm,” Blumenthal said. Watch above, via CNN. [featured image via screengrab]

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