Lawrence O’Donnell: Media Deserves Blame for Failing to Confront Trump’s ‘Foundational Lie’ of Birtherism

This post is by Tamar Auber from Mediaite

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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell sat down with Ari Melber on Friday to talk about Michelle Obama‘s revelation that she can never forgive President Donald Trump for his hurtful birtherism claims about her husband that hurt her family. “She should never forgive him,” O’Donnell said before noting that press should never forgive itself the way it allowed Trump’s lie to go on. “The second Donald Trump started talking about Barack Obama‘s birth certificate, on my program, I called him a liar and said what he was doing was lying. And that word––that word that I was using, ‘lie’ and ‘liar’––was not acceptable in the American news media.” He then pointed out that the New York Times and 99 percent of the news media never said he was lying about it. As a result,  he said: “Donald Trump learned the lesson. He could lie. He could get away with it and news media would not even call it a lie. They were afraid to call it a lie. So Barack Obama and his family were left to deal with this versus the crazy Trump machine and it was the lie that ignited the entire raging madness of Trumpism that we live with now.” “I blame the news media for failing to confront the foundational lie of Trumpism about that birth certificate,” he then concluded.

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