Trump Supporter Interrupts Fiddler on the Roof Performance Shouting ‘“Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’

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One of President Donald Trump’s supporters interrupted a play on Wednesday night by shouting “Heil Hitler,” which caused audience members to panic and flee from the scene over concerns that he was another far-right gunman. The Trump supporter’s neo-Nazi outburst happened during a Baltimore, Maryland performance of Fiddler on the Roof, a play about Jewish oppression in Eastern Europe, per the Baltimore Sun. “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump,” the man shouted while in the balcony sitting area. “People started running,” said Rich Scherr, a sports writer for the Baltimore Sun who attended the play. “I’ll be honest, I was waiting to hear a gunshot. I thought, ‘Here we go.’” Luckily, the man was forced to leave the venue without a reported incident. “My heart was just racing. I didn’t even really pay attention to the second act,” Scherr added. The Baltimore incident last night occurred a couple weeks after 11 were gunned down by a white supremacist in a Pittsburgh synagogue. This week, authorities also discovered two Washington, D.C. area men were planning for a race war and stockpiling weapons, ammunition, and tactical gear. One of these men committed suicide before the authorities found him, while the other has been taken into police custody. Watch a clip of some of the incident here. [image via screengrab] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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