CNN Panel of Independent Voters Care More About Economy Than Mueller Report

This post is by Pardes Seleh from Mediaite

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CNN traveled to Pennsylvania this week to ask Independents what they thought about President Donald Trump after seeing the results of Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s Russia investigation. They answered that they care more about other issues. “In the wake of Attorney General Barr’s letter to Congress and what we have learned about the Mueller investigation, is there anyone here who feels more or less supportive of Donald Trump?” CNN’s Randi Kaye asked a group of 8 Independent panelists. The panelists, whether for or against Trump, said seeing the results of the Mueller report hadn’t changed their minds about him. The changed feeling they had after the report, they said, was a relief to move on to more pressing topics. “The economy is way more important to me,” said one woman. Another panelist said “health care and the environment” are other issues that are important to him. Kaye asked to think about the President’s lies, the government shutdown, and other investigations, and whether these things would make him think badly of him. They said that if anything would make them feel differently about Trump it would be the direction of the economy. Watch above via CNN.

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