Lara Logan on Fox News: Media Matters is the ‘Most Powerful Propaganda Organization in This Country’

This post is by Aidan McLaughlin from Mediaite

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Former CBS correspondent Lara Logan appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, where she called liberal watchdog group Media Matters “the most powerful propaganda organization in this country.” Logan was on to discuss the media’s coverage of the Russia investigation, which she described as “indicative of the organized propaganda that was behind all of this.” When the hosts of Fox & Friends read out a Vox interview with Matt Taibbi, who also criticized the Russia coverage, Logan replied: “that in itself is a form of propaganda.” Then, unprompted, Logan embarked on a tirade against Media Matters: Media Matters “is the most powerful propaganda organization in this country,” Logan said. “And they describe themselves as a propaganda organization, that’s what they do. They pretend they’re about good journalism, but there’s no propaganda operation that’s looking for good journalism. They’re pushing their agenda. And one of the main of their strategy is to make sure that Donald Trump is seen as the most unpopular president in history.” “What is the level of organization and funding behind this?” Logan asked. “And the level of collusion between journalists and propaganda groups?” Watch above, via Fox News.

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