SNL Spoofs The View:’We’re Five Best Friends With Nothing in Common’

This post is by Tamar Auber from Mediaite

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Saturday Night Live‘s cold open was Trump-free, but it wasn’t long into the show until the president’s border policies were the butt of jokes — this time, by the ladies of SNL’s parody of  The View.  Kate McKinnon played Joy Behar. “I don’t like Trump. Trump, Trump, what a chump. Trump, Trump, what a dump. Ok, look, it’s my 2,000th show. At this point, I get paid by the word,” she said. Melissa Villaseñor as Ana Navarro chimed in: “Mr. Trump, what are you doing to families at the border? It is shameful. It is nasty. It is broccoli in the microwave.” Aidy Bryant as Meghan McCain declared herself “the princess of Arizona” before claiming that there is a crisis at the border. Then, at one point, McKinnon’s Behar seemed to be ready to lock in battle with Bryant’s McCain until Whoopi Goldberg — played by Leslie — sprayed water on the catfight and shut it down. “Stop it. We not going to do this,” she scolded.  “This is The View. We are five best friends with nothing in common.” Watch above, via NBC

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