Bret Baier Asks Bernie Sanders to Cut Criticism of Fox News at Town Hall: Can We ‘Get Over the Fox Thing?’

This post is by Aidan McLaughlin from Mediaite

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Minutes into Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s town hall on Fox News, anchor Bret Baier asked the 2020 presidential candidate to cut out his criticism of the network. Sanders himself has taken heat for appearing on Fox News, a move he defended as necessary to getting his message out to the broader electorate. But the Vermont senator made his qualms with Fox News clear at the town hall, leading to contentious exchanges in the opening minutes between him and his moderators, Baier and Martha MacCallum. Early on, Sanders said that Fox News “doesn’t have a great deal of respect in my world.” A few minutes later, he criticized Fox News and the media overall for its fixation on personality over policy in presidential candidates. When Sanders was finished answering, Baier paused questioning to ask Sanders to “get over” his disagreements with Fox News for the sake of the town hall. very grateful that you’re here,” Baier said. “We are giving you an hour of substance and talk on our airwaves. So we can get over the Fox thing. If you’re alright with that?” Watch above, via Fox News.

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