WATCH: ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Has a Meltdown For the Ages After Knicks Lose Out on Zion Williamson

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“Cut the damn music, please! “CUT IT OFF!” With that, Stephen A. Smith was off to the races. In a wild monologue to open his radio show Wednesday, the ESPN host absolutely melted down — reacting to the news that his beloved New York Knicks struck out on an opportunity to land prized college superstar Zion Williamson in the NBA Draft. Williamson, almost certainly, will be the first player chosen in June’s Draft. The Knicks — much to the consternation of fans like Smith — will be picking third. “I am having a very bad day!” Smith said. “I am in no mood! THIS, TODAY, IS ONE OF THE WORST DAYS THAT I’VE HAD IN A LONG TIME!” Smith proceeded to rattle off a series of colleagues who seemed to take delight in his misery — and that of New York Knicks fans. “Walking around, having shows television in the morning, acting like this is just a good day to just laugh!” Smith said. “IT’S ALWAYS A LAUGH WITH THE NEW YORK KNICKS FOR NON-NEW YORK KNICKS FANS!” Smith added, “IF YOU ARE A KNICKS FAN, THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT OF BEING KIDNAPPED, STORED IN A BASEMENT, BEING TORTURED…and then they let you out when you’re of no use to anybody.” Watch this completely rational monologue above, via ESPNNews.

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