Bernie Sanders at Rally: Trump Trying to Turn U.S. Into ‘Authoritarian Form of Government’

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Bernie Sanders held a campaign rally in Vermont today and blasted President Donald Trump ,whom he referred to as one of his “least favorite subjects.” He called Trump a “pathological liar” who doesn’t care about the truth and doesn’t respect the Constitution:
“You know that we have a president who has no understanding or respect for the Constitution of the United States, and the separation of powers, and is attempting to move every single day this country into an authoritarian form of government. Think for a moment, who would have ever believed that we could have a President of the United States who considers the media in this country as an enemy of the people, who lavishes praise on despotic and anti-democratic leaders all over the world, who storms out of meetings, after berating and insulting congressional leaders, and who refuses to obey congressional subpoenas?”

He went on say that Trump repeatedly lied to the American people when he campaigned in 2016. As he laid out his vision minutes later Sanders again emphasized that “we believe in democracy, not authoritarianism.” You can watch above, via C-SPAN. [image via screengrab]

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