S.E. Cupp Says Trump Sees Impeachment as Way Out of Presidency: ‘He Sees An Exit Ramp’

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CNN host S.E. Cupp said she doesn’t believe President Donald Trump wants the job anymore, and the only thing keeping him in office is the fear of getting voted out. “Trump doesn’t want to be president anymore. I’m not sure he ever wanted it,” Cupp said in her opening monologue on Unfiltered Saturday. “The job of being president, that wasn’t ever what he was after and now that the Democrats in the House have some power and are using it, he really doesn’t want the job,” she continued on. Cupp speculated Trump actually wants to be impeached by congressional Democrats. “He sees an exit ramp. … He gets to go out the victim of a witch hunt, a conspiracy to oust an otherwise competent and successful leader,” Cupp said. “But that’s letting him off the hook too easy,” Cupp said. “He was elected to do a job and voters decide whether he’s doing it well or at all.” “The only thing he wants less than to keep having to do this job is for voters to take it away from him,” Cupp said. Watch above, via CNN

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