Fox News Anchor Martha MacCallum on Poor Polling Numbers: Trump Campaign Should Be Worried

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Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum believes President Donald Trump’s campaign should be worried about polls showing Trump would be crushed by Joe Biden in a general election. During a Wednesday morning segment, Sandra Smith — on America’s Newsroom — brought up polling from Quinnipiac that showed Trump polling well behind multiple candidates, with Biden ahead by 13 points. “It has all of those 2020 Democratic contenders, Martha, beating the president if it were held today,” Smith noted. MacCallum referred to an Axios piece, saying, “the president isn’t wanting to focus on the numbers right now and perhaps it’s wise to some extent.” “But you have to look at that if you’re on the Trump team and say there are some messages here,” MacCallum said. “Anybody on the Trump campaign would be wrong not to take notice of these numbers and asks what’s going on,” she said. MacCallum also it will likely be a steep battle to beat Trump in a general election. “He is an incumbent, the economy is going gangbusters. He has a good story to tell on a number of fronts. Shaking it up on foreign policy whether you like the tactics or not,” MacCallum said. Watch above, via Fox News

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