Andrew McCabe and Nicolle Wallace Share Their Glee Over Sarah Sanders Departure: ‘I Have to Say I Will Not Miss Her’

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The news broke on Thursday, via a Tweet from President Donald Trump, that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is moving on from the job and moving home. MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace was interviewing ousted former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe at the time, and the two discussed Sanders’ “legacy”, particularly with regard to the FBI, James Comey, and McCabe. Wallace said that the President tweeted it but didn’t read the full statement, saying that if you’re “curious” that you can “Google Donald Trump on Twitter.” “I want to ask you about Sarah Huckabee’s legacy,” said Wallace, using Sanders’ maiden name as many Democrats often do. “Because something that was revealed in the Mueller report was that she admitted, when she was interrogated by, or interviewed by Robert Mueller‘s investigators, that she just made up from Whole cloth hearse mirrors against Jim Comey the idea that–and I you were asked these questions based on her comments in front of Congress–that he had lost the support of the building, and that morale was at historic lows. And I remember when she said it from the podium, she said that ‘I talked to lots of FBI agents’– there’s no reason why any political appointee in the White House would have occasion to talk to lots of FBI agents, so I remember hearing it at the time and thinking it sounded bizarre having served in a press function in a White House — but part of her Legacy will always be that she lied from that White House Podium about the reputation of Jim Comey and had to confess to those lies in the Mueller report.” “You know, I knew at the time it was completely false,” said McCabe. “It was also obvious that it was very important to the president and to his staff that we all adopt that false narrative that the FBI was happy about the fact that Jim Comey was fired, and that gleeful agents and employees were calling oer to the White House to express that.” “Never happened, completely false from the beginning, so to see that admission in the Mueller report was enormously satisfying,” said McCabe. “I have to say I will not miss her after she departs the White House.” Wallace gleefully laughed at the comment, and replied that her show “was the first hour” on MSNBC to “ban her tape.” “So I literally and figuratively will not miss her, either,” said Wallace. The two discussed the Mueller report and the administration further but not much more about Sanders or her legacy. Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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