Procter & Gamble takes Secret in house as brand team replaces Wieden

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After parting with Wieden & Kennedy and trying WPP’s Berlin Cameron, Procter & Gamble Co. has landed on doing most of its work for Secret deodorant in house—saving a lot of money in the process.

Speaking at a Deutsche Bank investor conference in Paris on Thursday, P&G Vice Chairman-Chief Financial Officer Jon Moeller said Secret “no longer has an agency of record. The brand team has become its own agency, bringing in nearly all advertising creation and media planning.” P&G reviewed the creative account earlier this year after parting ways with Wieden, and Berlin Cameron has handled some recent brand work on a project basis. New ads are “being created in as little as a tenth of the cost of traditional executions,” Moeller said. “The time from idea to execution has significantly reduced, producing content in under a month,” compared to an average production time of three to five months using an agency. Taking over media planning also gives Secret “complete control and flexibility to react in real time to current events,” or consumer feedback, he said. Moeller showed two in-house ads: one from January and one for Mother’s Day last month. Both were shot in Cincinnati "by P&G employees with P&G talent—their families,” Moeller said. (The January ad also featured employees of Cincinnati-based Kroger and other companies.)   So is Cincinnati the new Portland? Both do have streetcars. To compare results of Wieden's and P&G's ads, below is the last ad Wieden created for Secret in November, followed by the two in-house ads Moeller showed in Paris.

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