Nicolle Wallace Knocks Trump’s Handling of Tough Interviews: He ‘Falls Apart’ When It’s Not Hannity or Ingraham

This post is by Josh Feldman from Mediaite

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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace knocked President Donald Trump today and said he does really badly in an interview with “real journalists” instead of his allies at Fox News. She said the Mueller investigation may have gone differently if Trump has spoken to the special counsel and said anything similar to what he did about Don McGahn to Stephanopoulos. Trump denied he was ever going to fire Mueller and said he “never said” he has to go. Wallace called the interview exemplary of Trump’s overall legal and media strategy:
“When seated with anyone other than Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham, Donald Trump seems to fall apart, he seems to lack the mental acuity and the truth-telling capacity to field real questions from real journalists… If Donald Trump had made those comments you just saw to Robert Mueller, they would have contradicted the testimony not just of McGahn but nearly half a dozen to testified to the president’s designs on firing special counsel Mueller.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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