Fox’s Juan Williams and Jesse Watters Clash Over Trump Comments on Foreign Dirt: ‘You’re Having a Fever Dream’

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On Fox News’ The Five Friday, Juan Williams and Jesse Watters tussled over President Donald Trump‘s comments about accepting foreign dirt in 2020 and whether the media’s being hypocritical in its coverage. Trump has since tried to clarify those remarks and say that he’d “report it to law enforcement absolutely.” Before getting into that issue, Watters brought up how Kim Kardashian was at the White House for an “excellent event.” Williams laughed a bit and Watters said, “If she was there at the Ibama White House, we’d be reading story after story about what an amazing event this was.” Williams responded by saying in that case, “I would tune in on the weekend to Watters World and he would mock Obama for having another reality show, being so superficial…” Williams went on to note Trump’s backpedaling on the foreign dirt issue. Watters countered, “You have still been able to answer the fact that Hillary paid for the foreign info…” “Oh, here we go,” Williams said. Trump never paid for anything, never got anything,” Watters said. “Hillary got it and paid for it.” “You know why I like sitting next to you?” Williams said. “Because whataboutism is so obvious to the audience.” Kennedy said Trump made a “foolish” comment and people shouldn’t be going out of their way to justify it, before saying “it’s not whataboutism” to bring up Clinton and that Americans should be concerned about all attempts at foreign influence. “I can’t believe the media can talk about this pseudoscandal with the hypothetical thing that Trump said or did say or he didn’t say or do,” Watters said at one point. “And you literally had Hillary Clinton moving $9 million to the DNC, to the law firm, to the foreign national from the U.K., who gets all of the dirt from Russian political operatives, Russian intelligence officials, and Russian government officials. That is literally paying for foreign dirt.” Watters asked why the media isn’t talking about that. Williams responded, “Because you’re having a fever dream.” You can watch the whole thing above, via Fox News.

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