Jerry Nadler Repeatedly Called Hope Hicks ‘Ms. Lewandowski’ in House Hearing

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Former White House communications director Hope Hicks leaves the hearing room during a break at a closed-door interview with the House Judiciary Committee June 19, 2019 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Former White House communications director Hope Hicks testified in a closed-door hearing this week before the House Judiciary committee, and the transcript of that meeting was released by the committee on Thursday. In that hearing, as CNN’s Abby Phillip discovered and shared on Twitter, Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler repeatedly referred to Hicks as “Ms. Lewandowski,” the last name of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, with whom Hicks has been romantically linked and about whom many of the committee’s questions inquired. Just to be clear, it wasn’t unclear that they were speaking with Hope Hicks. Here she is stating her name for the record in response to Rep. Nadler.
Hicks let it go the first time, but as you can see
the above tweet, she ultimately had to correct him. In the screenshots below, from the transcript, it’s clear that they pressed the subject of Lewandowski in addition to — accidentally — referring to Hicks as Ms. Lewandowski. On Fox News on Thursday morning, Rep. Devin Nunes criticized the hearing and the questions that were asked of Hicks, for their personal nature. “I think that’s very bizarre to have a bunch of old, pervy congressmen asking somebody who has no new information about her love life,” said Nunes. “I think the American people would be ashamed.” [Featured photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

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