Hannity Hits ‘Jimmy’ Acosta Again, On Air and On Twitter: ‘Some Book, I Don’t Even Know What It’s Called’

This post is by Caleb Howe from Mediaite

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“Mah dearest Twittuh: The beef continues with no end in sight. As I put my quill to virtual parchment, our ruthless foe is encamped at the Kimmel, in preparation for yet another assault on your beleaguered beloved. Though his fail is epic, his taunts do haunt. The battle between Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity and CNN’s Jim Acosta continued apace Thursday night, with Hannity and his guest Mark Levin, currently also promoting a book, trashing Acosta on air and then Hannity doing so again on Twitter. He fired twice, in fact. On air, Levin laid into Acosta, calling him a clown and saying he basically wrote a book “about himself.” Hannity brought up the sales figures, and called it an “epic fail.” Acosta was on with Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night, so wasn’t around for round two million right away. But judging by his behavior so far, the reporter is certain to have a meantweet at Hannity about being “fauxmacho” as soon as he can get to whatever device he’s using to send them.

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