Dem Candidate Boosters Have Chant Battle as Joe Biden Presses the Flesh at Iowa July 4th Parade

This post is by Caleb Howe from Mediaite

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Former Vice President and wavering frontrunner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination Joe Biden mixed and mingled with the crowd this Fourth of July morning at a parade in Independence, Iowa. The throngs around him made their own voices heard, too, and it wasn’t all Biden for President fans. In the video streamed from the event, you can hear in the crowd two competing sets of 2020 hopefuls’ fans chanting at one another. It starts, in the clip, with a group of what CNN described as Kamala Harris supporters chanting “It’s time, It’s time, It’s time for a woman in the White House.” As they wrap, a different voice rings out saying “When I say Joe, you say Biden! When I say Joe, you say Biden!” After a short round of that peters out, and a few minutes pass, the same female voice can be heard shouting “Fire up” as the crowd responds “ready for Joe!” There are several other chants ringing out during the parade, including “be brave, fight hard” and, toward the end of the clip, just “Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe!” You can also see signs for the other Dem candidates, particularly the prominent Elizabeth Warren ones. Senator Warren has been gaining on Biden in the polls for several weeks, and Senator Harris shot up to within dead heat range with Biden following their confrontation at last week’s debate. Watch the clip above, via local ABC station WJLA.

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