An Emotional Ed Henry Announces on Fox & Friends He is Donating Part of His Liver to His Sister

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With a burst of emotion, Fox News Channel Chief National Correspondent Ed Henry told the Fox & Friends audience on Sunday morning that he’ll be taking some time off. He’s donating part of his liver to his sister on Tuesday. “So, I’m going to donate part of my liver on Tuesday,” he said as the show came back from commercial, his voice immediately breaking with emotion. Henry worked through a few moments of being overwhelmed as he talked to his colleagues about what it means to donate a part of one’s liver, how it is an organ that regenerates and grows back, and how doctors have evaluated him for the surgery and prepared him for it over a period of a few months already. Without going into any private details, he said his sister’s condition is hereditary and that although she was on the list for a donor kidney, he compatible and did not inherit the same issue, and knew he could help and speed up her return to health by undergoing the surgery and making the donation himself. Later in the show, they interview a doctor, who is not working on or specifically familiar with the particulars of Ed Henry’s sister’s case, to talk in general about organ donation and the liver itself. It was an illuminating discussion.

There is a GoFundMe for Ed Henry’s sister, to offset some of the enormous costs of her medical care and recovery, that can be found here. Watch the clips above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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