Does Eliot Spitzer Regret Quitting in a World Where Scandals Bounce Off Trump? Client No. 9 Reflects

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Eliot Spitzer on the Trump Era Ever wonder what Eliot Spitzer thinks of the current political environment? Mediaite founder Dan Abrams, on his SiriusXM show Thursday, asked the former governor of New York whether in the Trump era he has reconsidered his resignation, which came after a prostitution scandal. “Considering what Donald Trump has been accused of — all the sexual assault, sexual misconduct — do you even look back and say to yourself, ‘How the heck did I lose my job?'” Abrams asked the Democrat, who was governor of New York from 2007 to 2008. “You know, I try not to,” Spitzer said. “I don’t often talk about this. But I try not to just because there’s no particular purpose, either personally or at any other level, in kind of reliving that decision. My simple articulation of it is I did what I thought was right. First for my family, second for my .” “But is there anything you’ve seen since then,” Abrams pressed, noting the ways Trump and Anthony Weiner handled their own scandals. “Do you ever say to yourself, it’s unfair?” “Even if I said it I wouldn’t admit it on air,” Spitzer quipped. “I look back with wonder, I loved those years,” Spitzer said of his time in office. “Obviously, wish I’d had a bunch more years as governor.” “We’re making good progress in this state, in this nation, despite this spasm of Trump, which I think we will overcome. I’m an optimist about our politics.” “I know but if I were you, I would be frustrated,” Abrams said. “I would think, look at what these other people have been accused of, and gotten away with, or whatever the case is, and look what I did, and look what happened to me. I would have a little bit of self pity if I were you.” “I used to go an run a couple miles and burn it out, now my knee hurts to much,” Spitzer replied. Listen here, via SiriusXM’s POTUS Channel:

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